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Experienced I better defined the problem early on in the call, I could have minimize the disappointment on both our parts by heading directly to the purpose of requesting a meeting via a message for frosty signs and symptoms. Getting more decisive would have led me to generate as many potential solutions as it can be. I could have got then been presented them clearly for the patient and allowed the individual to choose home advice, cell phone treatment, or perhaps message to her physician for a call back (Hesketh 1997).

Acknowledgement of the ethnic aspects of the person is necessary if nurses are to provide healthy care towards the recipients of health-care services (Slusher and Newell-Withrow (1996). And, experience of and personal connections with people of diverse cultures foster a great acceptance of multiculturalism that can be beneficial (Thobaben and Mattingly, 1993). Yet , I believe my knowledge regarding the cultural belief of a medical doctor being the only person to assist her got in my way of truly and objectively helping her.

Further, my personal frustration with the lengthier than usual call was increased by the large volume of patients on hold to get help by a registered nurse. At the same time, I realize that most reasons behind inadequate phone management consists of inadequate record taking and closing the consultation ahead of time before all the issues have already been thoroughly discovered (Crouch and Dale, 1998). Errors can cause costly negligence lawsuits and damage my personal professional status. Thus, My spouse and i am frequently struggling with controlling the time it requires to sufficiently resolve a call while using wait times during the clients whom may need aufstrebend care.

About further representation regarding my own experience coping with the Vietnamese caller, I understand that I have got plenty of room for improvement as a Phone Triage Health professional. Good sales and marketing communications skills and patience are skills that imperative to being a good initiator and I need to work on developing these types of areas. Nursing in neighborhoods, the environmental circumstance of customers’ everyday lives, requires focus on social, ethnic, economic, and political instances that affect both health status and access to medical care (Osaka and Nanakorn, 1998). While I go along with the assessments of Osaka and Nanakorn and various other healthcare advisors, I’ve also learned that there is also a fine collection between staying sensitive to these factors plus the possibility of using them to provide biased responses which may not necessarily become appropriate.

Finally, handling pressure in an natural part of the Phone Triage Nurse’s duties. Featuring adequate tests in a sensible amount of time can be challenging provided that there’s always one more caller waiting who may have more serious health issues than the current person on the phone. This issue is compounded by ethnic and dialect barriers, with little assistance available to help overcome these types of obstacles in a timely manner.

Still, I like being a Mobile phone Triage Nurse and find the task both worthwhile and demanding. Despite my shortcomings reviewed in this paper, I believe that my dedication to the breastfeeding profession and my good desire to support others let me continually develop new skills to deal with everyday tests. And, We also be aware that as soon as I actually learn how to deal with a certain circumstance, there will always be a new challenge to adopt its place. However , Now i am prepared to regularly learn and evolve so in retrospect I believe that I’m a fantastic Telephone Choix Nurse in spite of my weak points.


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