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Excerpt from Composition:

Network Design



A Comprehensive Proposal and Design pertaining to ABC Inc. Network Requirements

Network Proposal Overview

Telecommunication Overview

Telecommunication Proposal

Network Configuration Managing Plan

To be able to meet the needs of absolutely free themes, ABC Inc. must make sure that productivity is not hindered by the growth of the company. The employees for ABC Incorporation. must have a strong network in order that customer service is usually not sacrificed. The accounting firm is growing from five to 60 employees while using acquisition of a sizable account. Presently, each staff has their personal standalone computer system which includes Windows six, Office 2010 and QuickBooks accounting software program. The company has no network in position. Currently info is distributed by duplicating data into a flash travel and each workstation has a stand-alone printer. The goal of this pitch is to give a centralized option for all of ABC’s network requires.

Given the highly mobile aspects of you’re able to send workforce, it is recommended that between the selection of Dynamic Sponsor Configuration Process (DHCP) applying Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) or IPSec, that the previous is much more in-line to their business strategies today and foreseeable future growth. The intent of the recommendations is always to provide assistance with how to finest implement DHCP over a SSL so that Voice over ip (VoIP) could also be used. Category six cabling enables future expansion because of its extendable of available band width of two hundred MHz rather than 100 MHz for category 5e. Also a Category six cable offers for any improves in the velocity of additional internet equipment as technology progresses.

Additionally it is highly recommended by simply Cisco that for businesses who have a really mobile labor force and strong upside prospect of greater development in terms of headcount in the future, that DHCP energetic addressing above an SSL configured network protected simply by VPN contacts is the most cost- and performance-effective architecture. The proposed remote control access technology needs to be depending on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) able to support the Guaranteed Sockets Coating (SSL) and IPSec protocols at a minimum. The strategic THIS plan with the network construction management documents will ensure that goals, objectives and frameworks are intact.

Network Proposal Summary

In order to meet the needs of the customers, HURUF Inc. must insure that productivity is definitely not hindered by the regarding the company. The employees at DASAR Inc. need to have a robust network so that customer satisfaction is not jeopardized. With all the increase in development, there will end up being a rise inside the number of transactions processed by the company. Therefore , an internal hardware must possess processing rates to accommodate the influx of more data and solid protection measures has to be intact in order to avoid loss of info and program vulnerabilities.

With the expansion to multiple floors in the building, ABC Inc. must evaluate the current infrastructure to determine the way the current solutions can be leveraged. In fact , which has a single converged network, “with an more advanced step of a single converged interface in the server to the access switch” will consequence “in fewer adapters, cords, and nodes, resulting in more efficient network operations” (Enterasys, 2013). By utilizing this kind of technology, ABC Inc. can restructure the hardware products of the program by providing a far more plausible environment without decrementing the quality and speed in the network. An estimated increase in personnel from 2 hundred to three hundred and fifty is approximately a 60% increase. Growth as of this rate within the next year will demand ABC Incorporation. To put into practice methods to improve processes.

The network must focus on providing “scalability and agility” with the “flexibility to compliment various services” for this kind of increase in personnel (Enterasys, 2013). The HURUF Inc. must abandon the traditional architecture and gravitate on the more impressive approach. The organization needs a network structure with “dynamic software provisioning and resource allocation” (Enterasys, 2013). A three tiered network as opposed to a two tiered network should be employed at the FONEM Inc. Mainly because it allows for the adoption of new technology, the integration of methods and fits the rising of specifications.

This type of network structure targets “virtualizing the routing and switching features into a single tier” (Enterasys, 2013). With this kind of structure, the hardware is optimized as a result of integrated pieces of the change. According to the research, “virtualized course-plotting provides for increased resiliency and fewer fuses dedicated to merely connecting switches” by lowering the levels uplinks need to pass through within the data structure and so improves the performances of applications being utilized by the staff (Enterasys, 2013, p 4).

In regards to utilizing VoIP by ABC Inc., the benefits must be identified. An important benefit of VoIP is that is usually cost effective. ABC Inc. may take advantage of employing their existing products while paying out lower month to month fees, cheaper long length and international rates. This is certainly crucial because the company keeps growing at an instant rate. Essentially, “the most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-saving potential” (Park, 2009). To allow the addition of multiple floors for ABC Incorporation., VoIP is actually a more practical solution because of its portability and manageability. Voice over internet protocol is easy to install and transitioning from the traditional phone lines to Voice over ip phones is known as a smooth transition that does not need a steep learning curve.

Voice over ip also gives “rich media service” which usually “not simply provides multiple options of mass media to users” (Park, 2009, p 1). Despite the advantages of VoIP, there are several disadvantages. Seeing that VoIP depends on the broadband, whether it is down then your internet as well as the phones would not available. Likewise, if VoIP is being shared with other info and communication requirements for ABC Inc. such as downloads available, server on-line, chat and email, the call quality of VoIP may deteriorate since it competes to get a connection during peak times. The benefits of using VoIP by ABC Inc. definitely surpass the down sides and might be a feasible answer.

Network Proposal Requirements

Category 5+, 5e or 6th cables will meet the requirements for connections with you Gbps speeds. However , Category 6 enables future progress because of its file format of available bandwidth of two hundred MHz as opposed to 100 Megahertz for category 5e. As well, because of the Category 6 better transmission performance and excellent immunity from external noise, systems functioning over category 6 cabling will have fewer errors rather than category 5e (Mitchell, 2013). Looking towards the future, it would be more practical to set up the best cabling available to steer clear of pulling out aged cable and re-installing new cable later on. This would require down time and coordination.

Also a Category six cable provides for any raises in the speed of other internet gadgets as technology progresses. As stated previously, the three suggested cables would meet the requirement however it would be far better install Category 6 cable television. If this is done, it is extremely not likely that any kind of re-cabling would have to occur to get the foreseeable future (Lowe, 2002). In assessing the costs of the Category 6 cable, the price big difference ranged from $15. 00 to $20. 00 more than the Category 5e cable for the 100-150 foot length. Once again, this price difference is definitely trivial compared to the benefits.

In regards to the other gadgets, that are connected to the network like the workstations, and the cabling, this kind of equipment needs to be able to accommodate 1 Gbps speeds. Motherboards and network interface credit cards (NIC) will need to be replaced in those work stations that do not really meet the requirements. Replacing these components will be more cost effective than replacing the workstation. It could not be beneficial to mount high capacity cable if the system are unable to take advantage of rate. Therefore , you Gbps NIC would be required. PCI or perhaps PCI-E expansions cards may be used to upgrade those workstations in which the motherboards do not have 1 Gbps. These greeting cards are pretty cheap and simple to install.

Network security is a essential element to insure that ABC Inc. information and files can not be compromised simply by others whom pick up signs from the network. Wireless encryption is needed to shield the company’s data against unauthorized access. Wireless Protected Get (WPA and WPA2) is a common wireless security that requires users to provide a security key to connect. Once the important has been validated, all info sent between your computer/device plus the access level is protected (Mitchell, 2013). Companies just like TJX had been victims to this type of illegal access for their usage of a great encryption normal that was easily violated by a third party. In short, until it has to be done easily or it will be counter-productive to require it, all data activity will be wired in nature and the data movement that may be wireless will be done with very good encryption and the difficulty of the accounts behind that encryption will be top-notch (Horowitz, 2007).

Finally, ABC Inc. will need to make sure that the data can be sent at 1 Gbps rates of speed by purchasing the necessary bandwidth in order that the workstations in the office can take full advantage

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