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Off their union came to be Areion, a divine horse (Hansen 267). Neptune was also relatively known for his generosity and justness yet , as is confirmed by his contribution to develop Urion pertaining to the character, in one story, and in his judgment of King Laomedon for his refusal to pay his workers, in another legend (Hansen 268).

Definitely, Neptune was obviously a very interesting character in Both roman (and Greek) mythology, as well as, if he were to stay in today’s lifestyle, he would not be able to fit into anybody stereotype. Being a god, he’d of course stay in some form of estate or castle, located anywhere very much associated with the sea and possibly a little linked to horses, for example , Chincoteague Area, or most likely somewhere more exotic. Yet , it seems also as though he may need to locate himself in a more metropolitan location, surrounded by the ocean, perhaps known for its doing some fishing industry, because he would should be situated in the best area easy for him in order to maintain his adulterous hobbies. On an island like Chincoteague, he would not likely be able to locate many themes for his lust, except if he populated the island himself with girls transformed into lagune which this individual could go after.

Considering Neptune would reside in a metropolitan area and continue to keep his adulterous relationships, he might fit into the category of a dem playboy. In this case, he would likely regular many upscale gentleman’s clubs, night clubs, and strip joint parts, and possibly have got a little dark-colored book of ladies (and men) who he could call up at his leisure anytime he sensed lonely. It might not always be surprising, either, if Neptune actually possessed several of the clubs he frequented. He’d probably keep up with the appearance of being completely heterosexual, but cover the fact that he is calmly engaging in homosexual acts. He’d likely include loud, lusty parties in his multi-million buck home a couple of times a week. It might not be out of the ordinary both if Neptune were to attend a displaying of the enjoy Equus, in which a young son has sex encounters with a horse. By virtue of the fact that Neptune was also known as hazardous, violent, and temperamental, it is also possible that he could also keep a position like a drug master, with his use of multiple harmful organizations and those who would get rid of anyone when paid enough money, and with his entry to as much sexual satisfaction as he could possibly dream of.

Besides his sex pursuits, this individual could incredibly possibly spend time during the day relaxing on one of several yachts, saying that he’s out angling for big video game while adjacent himself with cocktails and beautiful girls. And inspite of his propensity to defraud on his wife, he would continue to care for her and his kids. He would be very safety of his family and eyelash out for anyone that insecure them or perhaps gave these people a hard time. Once in a while he would spend time with his really wealthy friends and, just like good business men, they can stop by all their various companies to ensure that issues were working smoothly and that they had the ideal people utilized in the right areas.

As far as praise is concerned, Neptune in today’s society would be a sort of intimidating and untouchable icon, in some ways like a mob manager. He would end up being worshipped by men who have aspired to achieve his riches, power, and attractiveness to women, and he would always be worshipped by simply women also, as they would be attracted to his power and wealth. His circle could possibly include wanna-be drug lords, small-time medication dealers, and gold-diggers.

He would be respected, but dreaded, by all society.

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