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” To deny people their legal rights is to obstacle their extremely humanity” said Nelson Mandela, perhaps, as being a sigh of caution to any or all humankind, waking their feelings against elegance. The human race is so special a creation, that, it possesses exclusive powers to both make and damage things, like nothing else can easily do. So do we reveal a larger amount of responsibility in conserving this world via tearing separate.

Incredibly hot Earth, famished stomachs, begging hands and craving souls- better establish where we all stand today! The business- as usual model followed today depicts additional signs of damage. Its time, we get up to this reality.

The sole saviour we could rely upon may be the ‘path of sustainability’ because, no life on either Mars or perhaps Mercury could be as diverse and fantabulous while the one that this kind of blue world holds. Almost all we need to carry out is to instill environmental awareness and amazing advantages towards beings, in all that people do and speak. The hardest part can be, to drive this kind of initiative internationally and not in a polarised fashion. Swathes of sub-Saharan The african continent, Central Asia and regions of Indo-Malayan region already face the brunts of nourishing ever-increasing populations with used up resources and revenues. Quiet alarming an undeniable fact is that, these agricultural parts are also these unlucky types, which are first to face the disaatrous outcomes of the most haunted events inside the history of mankind- the Global local climate change! While there are no quick fixes to reverse this kind of, we can make some wise moves to reduce its speed. Hence, adjusting our life styles to make themselves more adaptive and resilent to this ongoing change is the primary stage. Every single drop of enhancements made on us can easily contribute to refill the shed ocean of peaceful co-existence(man-nature). Perhaps, we have already taken those baby steps, even as see today, lot more NGO’S, trusts and foundations work with promoting organic, green and peaceful lifestyles than ever before. Also, we do see many start-ups focusing on inventing modern technologies just to save our water, energy, fertility and not the least, our upcoming. While this makes us think little cozy, the fact that, these little drives can only have small-scale, slow-paced and region-specific effects, holds us aback. A great intriguing query can be, the right way to transform this change over a larger level, as significant as this kind of whole planet? And the answer is, united as we action, broader develops the ball of influence. Let’s anticipate that all governments of the day stand to this wonderful cause for human welfare, that is certainly, those hefty defence and nuclear finances must be reduce to little, while transferring more initiatives and funds in satisfying the universal obligations by means of Sustainable development goals(SDG’s from the UN). The most important is the role of Research, while it can only a luxury that we make future strategies to relocate on the moon, it’s an impending necessity that we extend our pursuit of survival about this planet. Hence, I, since an individual would take take great pride in when my people inhale clean air, beverage pure drinking water, live in better standards, for which, I shall make me stand being a responsible individual first and a citizen afterwards.

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