Friendship, Short Story

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The story resolve around Julien and Sophie who attained each other after they were fresh. Their camaraderie revolves around with the game that they invented after they were small. It’s an odd game in which is all about intense dares. Inside their game which rule that they have to follow. That may be if whoever is the 1 who’s having the slide carousel box should do the care to without fail.

Let me discuss the things that I recently came across in this video. First may be the movement with the jib motorised hoist which stresses the place the industry construction web page. Then the jib crane movements change the focus into the carousel container that is laying there which the construction staff doing their particular jobs. At that time you can declare there is a emotional value with that carousel container. The next views you will notice the color grading that they utilized are nice color which sometimes appears colorful and expressive. Another scene is definitely the fast ahead editing I actually don’t know the word but you can start to see the bus new driver is running towards follow the moving bus. You can view that his shoes had been left behind in the left side yet he acted as if he leave his shoes that in his right side a mistake. Mainly because in the next field where that they explains the happenings ahead of, you can see that the shoes that I’m speaking about was left behind at the correct side in the bus new driver not in his left side.

The animations are understandable because the film was made around 2004. In the classroom scene you may notice that they may be using slider glide camera while using close-up shots. Speaking of shots you can notice that whenever they trying to highlight the carousel box they always employing extreme close up shots.

Let me discuss the continuity in the film. One of the continuity that I noticed in the movie the scene wherever Julien proceeded to go home the he observed his mom doing a thing then this individual hug her mom chances are they fell in the bed. I love the enhancing which makes the continuity perfect. And the things i also seen in the same landscape is the untidy place wherever symbolized the stress that Julien’s mother experienced at that moment. But when Julien show up she acted like almost everything is fine. When they the two fell in your bed you’ll see that there’s a images and letter lying down inside the bed. Which maybe she actually is looking at them reminiscing her things.

In the animation part wherever Julien and Sophie enjoyed as Adan and Eve, you will notice that we now have many symbolisms that are used. In the scene exactly where Julien plays in the checkered floor you can see the motion of the Jib crane. The crane movements from the low angle that focuses in Julien shoes or boots then moves upward when focusing to Julien to make emphasize the movements that his producing.

In the scene wherever they burying the mother of Julien, as for Sophie sings intended for Julien to make him cheerful not mainly because she just want to play around. The jib blessure moves by low angle right then simply moves to excessive angle side to let the viewer find out where she’s standing at that time. Also at that time little performed we know the song that Sophie can be singing will have a emotional value with them and throughout the motion picture.

They used slip glide camera for their young to adult transition. Because they grow old the colour grading continue to kept, a warm and vibrant color even though the account in the halfway becomes darker and grim.

While the game of truth or perhaps dare centers in their lives it manufactured them feel alive as well as did not observe that this custom also starts to ruin all their lives. The production team did a good job for the conversions of the heroes appearance, particularly in the scene where they distinct and they endures their own. It’s a same place scene you could tell enough time difference from the clips.

What amaze me one of the most is the field where they went in the restaurant, it’s the scene exactly where Julien recommended to Sophie. The close-up shots plus the Bokeh makes it as if these are the only persons there. Also the listenings were very good and the turn of the event exactly where you’ll noticed that Julien offer was imitation and he did it intended for revenge likewise was good for me. Even at that point the slide carousel box was there.

In the wedding scene the slider slip camera movement in the passageway is not that easy as it must be. In the field where Sophie was browsing the rails you will pointed out that the camera shot was slightly point while Julien is a bit blurred as well as the focus was into Sophie. I think they will purposely made it happen to emphasize Julien feeling about the happenings. I really like the change of the editing where Sophie is almost struck by the educate for me it really is good. Then they did set a cut of the carousel box to emphasize that it’s presently there.

Inside the bed field where Sophie is with his future husband, the camera moves were moving towards these people while a bit tilting before the shot become close-up taken to emphasize their particular moment. Following ten years, you can see that Julien already have his children. The camera activity was going together with the movements of the kids and there was no slice in this picture it was a continuation shot until Julien ride on his car. After riding his car you will find clips that shown while Julien producing a summarization to what happened to his life. There are symbolism videos and some will be literal clips to what he’s saying.

In the cemetery scene in which he is think about he is finding his mom, they animated that his mom can be flying also as Julien was picture laying down inside the gravestone you will observe an shadow in his body system as if is it doesn’t shadow of his mom. As his mom flies away the next scene you will see that the camera movement where also shifting away to Julien. Not merely the camera movement improvements but likewise the color grading also improved. As the camera shifting away to Julien colour grading was also changing. From friendliness color this changed into great color grading.

The scene in which he met his clients plus the material that he was exhibiting of was blew away by a wind you can translate it while how his life was miserable intended for him though he get it all. In that case in the next scenes you will notice that Julien and Sophie won’t be able to move on like they were chained with each other.

The landscape were Sofie and Julien finally attained again you can observe that they focuses on the close-up shots that is slightly lean to emphasize the craziness situation that the two were in. Also the movement of the hands of the clock makes it more extreme. The situation becomes more powerful when they modified the car chasing scene while using transition from the game play of Sofie’s partner together. Inside the raining field as Julien fell in the ground the slide carousel box also fell in to the ground together with him and then followed by the insane and unpredictable previous scene.

For my conclusion or should I claim what the movie made me realized is be honest. Even though you aren’t together with you like ones every day, you still have to be show and tell your genuine feelings to them. The miscommunication and misunderstanding will be an atmosphere flying around us. They may be there which may destroy our relationship with any person. There is absolutely nothing bad to being honest with your feelings especially if is actually about love. I don’t want to be just like them even though of misunderstanding that they started to fight for unclear factors which is very clear that the reason where the battle start is really because that they’re fond of each other. They can be so crazy about each other, without noticing that they become obsess with the video game. They know that the carousel field and the game is the previous connection that they can had and so they won’t let it go. And this game ruins their particular both lives.

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