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Mrs. Dalloway by Va Wolfe and Love Medicine by Louise Erdrick. The characters in both stories are similar in that the women happen to be independent and are tied to men that they are not really married to. Clarissa and Lulu include very similar personalities.


Like Medicine and Mrs. Dalloway are totally different stories, but their women are alike in several ways. Both Clarissa and Lulu are associated with men that they can be not committed to. They would like to be identified for who they actually are. Both females are impartial and rule their guys. Clarissa and Lulu happen to be strong characters; yet, they are really weak sometimes. Both reports are about women who take pleasure in and endure in a hard world. The characters found in both reports could be described as similar.

Both reports seem to revolve around one central character. “At the same time, the points-of-view will be unified about the subject of just one family. This accentuates the theme of the breakdown of relationships, while showing the initial tie the family and reservation life include for these people” (Studyworld 1). This is true to get Mrs. Dalloway. Clarissa is the main character that everything is centered about. From the beginning of Mrs. Dalloway, Clarissa is seen and to the conclusion of the history. Both tales have good emphasis on the ladies as main characters. Equally women know very well what they want and eventually get it.

At the start Clarissa is not sure of herself. “Clarissa knew not to determine or packaging anyone since she sensed at one particular with the universe, both old and young, and omnipresent” (Classic Records 1). Precisely the same is true of Lulu. She is extremely unsure of herself until later inside the story. Equally authors in Love Medicine and Mrs. Dalloway show the women since weak initially, then the females become stronger and more sure of their selves.

Both ladies experience tremendous grief. In the story of Mrs. Dalloway, Clarissa “realizes that his fatality is a sacrifice for her, and then for the others for her get together and all over the place, to allow them to continue living” (ClassicNotes 23). Va Wolf uses Septimus as a way for Clarissa to die, but is not literally. “Wolfe originally organized for Clarissa to make suicide, or perhaps die, at the conclusion of the new. Instead, your woman decided that a part of Clarissa, constructed as a man ruined by war and society, would take his individual life in order for the rest of Clarissa to appreciate the life your woman had” (Classic Notes 23). The same are visible the story of Love Medicine, “The novel is clearly feminist in its depiction of two strong women who raise people in unfavorable situations and, in the end, connection with each other after their children are raised and the man they both had loved offers died. Marie and Lulu not only endure, but appearance back on their lives with satisfaction, having endured without the support of the strong men figure or maybe the help of God or the government” (Studyworld 2). It is like they just begin to live when they shed someone essential to them. Grief gives the women character that they can might not have acquired if they had certainly not loved and come to appreciate their own existence after the men has died. “According to Erdrich’s alternative vision, endurance and continuity depend upon a character’s ability to internalize both masculine and the feminine, earlier times and the present” (Studyworld 2). This is feminist and the two “Love Medicine” and “Mrs. Dalloway” show the importance of just how death basically changes their life by simply bringing great appreciation forever after fatality.

Lulu is within love with Nector Kashpaw, while he could be engaged with Marie Lazarre. During the story the history of his passion with Lulu is told. In the story of Mrs. Dalloway, Clarissa still enjoys Peter though she got refused to marry him. “Clarissa asked him in the event he kept in mind Bourton. He did nonetheless it pained him to remember since it reminded him of her refusal to marry him” (ClassicNotes 5). Peter was obviously deeply in love with Clarissa. “Peter realized his new like, Daisy, will pale following to Clarissa. He would not want to share with her about Daisy because Clarissa would think him a failure” (Classic Notes 5). Regrettably, in the two stories the women do not get to appreciate the men that they can actually

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