Ethnography, Holistic, Scientific Approach

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In other words, speculate if this trade the advantage of offering for both equally an objective and even more interpretive and subjective approach to the research.

However , one must take into account that both equally methods have got certain disadvantages that must be taken cognizance of in picking to combine the two of these methodological tactics in any specific research. Which means that in effect the benefit of combining those two methods relies on the kind of research that is intended and required. One would not for illustration apply a mixed or combined approach to a study of patient’s views and feelings, as this may be more suitable into a qualitative technique. In other words, the central drawback in by using a combined approach lies in the possibly that such as strategy would not end up being appropriate to the type of exploration being done. In essence therefore a combined methodology can be not always the best research approach to take.

Furthermore, in deciding on a combined strategy one must also be fully aware of the benefits and disadvantages of each and every particular technique before using it to a certain study aim. As an example, qualitative research has been shown to be disadvantageous with regards to certain research objectives; for example , fewer individuals are usually researched in this form of research and for that reason wider and even more generalized answers are difficult to uncover. A disadvantage of quantitative research is that while the desired info is verifiable and is displayed in statistical charts and desks, these effects may be superficial and fail to discern the depth or perhaps true character of the subject or issue under investigation.

In conclusion, a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods can provide a wide and intensive methodology that takes advantage of the positive aspects of the two methods. However , what has to be in the mind in mind are definitely the research aims and info sample becoming studied. The methodology that may be chosen should be the one that is the most appropriate and effective in terms of the meant research outcomes.


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