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Data largely suggests that the subject involved would have received a well-researched pain-management technique otherwise lacking had marijuana been readily available. Unfortunately, this plentiful, successful, easy-to-grow and highly attainable substance continues to be demonized and victimized by hostile propaganda even as risky and lethal substances including tobacco, alcoholic beverages and antidepressants remain extremely proliferated.

Through the combination of my own experience and my benefit system, I have to implore you to reconsider your situation on the subject. You needn’t you need to my work on the matter. Please conduct some actual research through peer-reviewed medical magazines and I was confident you will see overwhelming important evidence to back up my location. Further, you should consider, while will be thorough in the fact bed sheet hereafter, which the your political concerns above the position are unfounded. General public support to get the legalization of pot has never been bigger, and is typically a product from the view that it has the two beneficial restorative properties and that its unfavorable health effects have been either greatly overstated or simply conjured to support a reigning political perspective.

Quite frankly, we are past this as a citizenry. The draconian policies which have arbitrarily identified this kind of as a substance so dangerous as to warrant governmental babysitting of the open public are influenced as much by simply economic reasons as whatever else. It is time to end harassing marijuana users; to avoid using prison and penalties in order to transfer individual prosperity to says and metropolitan areas; time for the us government to will no longer stand among suffering people and their treatment. Once again, I must close with a focus on your characterization of marijuana as being a ‘dangerous drug. ‘ Visible colleagues of yours, which include Frank and Senators Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have taken this bold stance. This is the opportunity to get more info and make the right decision. If you desire any further education on the subject, tend not to hesitate to contact me. I actually am equally part of the constituency and professionally education in such a way regarding relieve you of your false pretenses.

Extremely Truly Yours

Talking Points:

The state of Florida has recently demonstrated on its own to be statistically in support of the decriminalization of Marijuana. In accordance to MPP (2010), “in 1997, 63% of listed Florida arrêters said they will favor approving an variation to the California Constitution legalizing ‘medicinal’ marijuana, according into a poll by Miami Herald. ” (MPP, 1)

The usa has proven itself on the whole to be progressively more receptive to decriminalization over a state by state basis. To date, 13 states have joined an expanding list of individuals in which medical marijuana can be legal. Florida is, in this regard, behind the more progressive international locations in the Union. (MPP, 1)

Research suggests that marijuana is definitely anatamocially beneficial as a healing substance for a wide array of health maladies. According to Ogborn ainsi que al. (2000), “There will be indications that marijuana may also be used to minimize pain via cancer, to lower nausea coming from chemotherapy, to mitigate the wasting symptoms of HELPS, and for the treating glaucoma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and a variety of other disorders. 1, two A few research have advised that the medical use of pot is common when it comes to with HIV / AIDS3, 4 and the ones with selected psychiatric conditions. ” (p. 1)

Evidence suggests that one of the health hazards that happen to be currently linked to marijuana make use of

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