Functionalism is seen as a macro-scale approach to society; that sees society as a whole instead of looking at parts of it. Just for this, functionalism sees society being a body (organic analogy), all of the institutions interact to make society. This is specifically useful the moment observing world in order to be familiar with way in which this functions as well as the way in which each of the institutions (organic analogy: bodily organs within the body) work together to sustain world as a whole.

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Functionalism like a macro-scale procedure is for that reason seen as a strength as it enables functionalist sociologists to observe society, and its corporations, as a whole. Functionalism is also seen as an consensus theory, it perceives society while fair and, and that acknowledges that many societies, such as the majority of european ones, have got democracy and individuals in a particular contemporary society share precisely the same or similar norms and values. This could therefore be observed as a power as it acknowledges that democracy does can be found in many societies.

However , because functionalism is known as a macro-scale strategy and sees society as a whole, it could miss crucial factors/ groups which usually contribute to the functioning of world; these include small groups and tribes, including gipsies. Not acknowledging these kinds of minority groups within world could lead to functionalist sociologists deficient crucial details about how world functions and how minority groupings live within a large society. This could consequently be seen as being a weakness of functionalism mainly because it fails to accept that there are community groups inside society.

Also, as functionalism is a general opinion theory wherever all people within a particular society share the same or perhaps similar best practice rules and beliefs and recognizes society as being fair and; however , it fails to recognize that there are inequalities within world, these inequalities could be present amounts cultural class, gender or racial. However , additional approaches, such as Marxism and Feminism recognize that there are inequalities within society which increases the question whether or not functionalism is among the most appropriate approach to use once studying world.

This is therefore seen as a weakness of functionalism as culture does have many inequalities which will functionalism fails to acknowledge. Talcott Parsons, a functionalist sociologist who elaborated on Durkheim’s work about society as well as functions, said that culture is like an organism, in particular, the human body. This individual argued that institutions, including the family and the education system, within just society function together to take care of society in the same way the internal organs within a body work together to take care of life.

Particularly, Parsons discovered three commonalities between the human body and world; he believed that they had been both systems within themselves ” every one of the parts of a body and the institutions within just society aligned in fixed ways. This individual also recognized that these ‘systems’ have requires ” the body needs nourishment to help it sustain life, whereas society needs sufficient socialisation in order for society to stay functioning in the manner that it does.

Parsons likewise stated that both the human body and world have functions ” the functions of the systems inside the human body ensure that the body’s demands are meet thus retaining life; while, in contemporary society, the economy features to maintain the social program. As parsons’ analogy will help sociologists to better understand the method by which institutions in society come together to maintain a ‘healthy’ society, it can be seen as an strength of functionalism since it helps to composition sociologists’ perceptions about how contemporary society functions.

Parsons also determined four needs of society and how they may be met. This individual claimed that society demands adaptation, this is how the material needs of culture are met; for example , people within contemporary society work in in an attempt to gain their very own wages which provides for their particular material demands. He likewise argued that society requires goal achievement ” world needs to set goals and accomplish them; this kind of need is achieved via the politics ” political leaders create goals for world to achieve and these goals help to improve contemporary society.

Integration is another need which usually Parsons determined, this is where combination between the distinct institutions, including the family and education system, is definitely promoted; this is certainly done to prevent chaos and conflict. Dormancy is also needed by world, this identifies the way in which individuals cope with complications in society ” they could turn to religious beliefs to reduce any risk of strain which has been put them under by contemporary society. These requirements which Parsons identified is visible as a strength of contemporary society as they support sociologists to know what society needs to be able to function sufficiently.

However , functionalist sociologist, Merton disagreed with the needs which in turn Parsons recognized. Merton promises that Parsons ignored the truth that there are corporations within culture that can be dysfunctional, for example , religious beliefs can form cohesion but may also cause categories within culture. According to Merton, Parsons failed to acknowledge this. Merton also argues that Parsons fails to differentiate between intended (manifest) and unintended (latent) functions within society and thus, Parsons’ idea about the needs and functions of society are very simplistic.

Merton also criticises Parsons’ thought about indispensability, he assumes that every thing is necessary in the way that it is; for instance , children can simply be socialised adequately in a two parent, nuclear family members, however , Merton rejects this kind of claim as he argues that adequate socialisation can occur actually within a solitary parent relatives. Due to Merton’s arguments, several aspects of functionalism, such as the requirements and capabilities of contemporary society, are seen like a weakness of society.

In addition there are other criticisms of functionalism; it’s contended that functionalism explains the consequences before the causes. For example , functionalism claims that children have to socialised (this is the effect) and therefore the relatives exists (this is the cause). Due to this, might sociologists argue that the functionalism approach is definitely not one that can be used to explain society correctly. Also, Marxist sociologists argue that functionalism is unsucssesful to explain issue and change within just society; the approach says that world is unified and built on opinion.

However , Marxist and Feminist sociologists argue that exploitation and inequality can be found in many varieties, such as social class and gender inequality; however , functionalism has failed to acknowledge this kind of and is for that reason considered to be a technique which has traditional ideology which can be outdated. This therefore shows flaws for the functionalist way and therefore points out the weaknesses within the functionalist approach.

Total, in conclusion, the functionalist procedure has many abilities and failings about how society capabilities and the requires it requires. That strengths are seen in the way by which it explains the basic requirements and function of society, these kinds of explanations works extremely well by different sociologists to boost and maintain an adequate society. Yet , other approaches, such as Marxism and Feminism have criticised functionalism due to the lack of thank you of exploitation and inequality which arises within world. However , overall, it is a well-balanced argument.


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