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Meaning of life – Human Essay

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We all walk around in the world and we as human beings look to find satisfaction and joy in many things like sports, good friends, and boy/girlfriends and as the younger generation when we receive rejected by simply these things we all act like we all can’t continue on with life.. Yet i problem you to consider the meaning of “LIFE”. Very well Life is a present of Our god, Abundance of receiving things. In Steve 4 its speaks upon living drinking water and how Christ uses the two physical and spiritual meaning of drinking water when he talks to the Samaritan Woman, He refers to the spiritual part as living water.

Persons in the world tend to you committing suicide or injuring themselves as a method out of situations but God gave us everlasting life to ensure that we may end up being humble maids unto him.. God by no means puts even more on us than we could bear.. Life is important so we really need to know the meaning of computer because it seems to be lost in today’s world..

I used to be bitter and sad prior to i had gotten saved.. I had fashioned a huge emptiness that must be filled certainly nothing truly may fill it.. Except GOODNESS.

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