A. The product

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What a better approach to the fatigue heat than the usual cold shake….. Not just some other shake yet Zagu Pearl Shake………

M. Name in the product

Zagu Pearl Shake is a food stall business that offers great flavored drink.

C. Houses of the product

The Zagu franchise is committed to providing the perfect customized combination of support and marketing to meet the needs of its franchise family. Authorized dealership features the opportunity to take the established Zagu trade tag and logo.

By this, all of the Zagu products to be sold are already part of the authorized car dealership. Since the accomplishment of every organization lies within the quality of the product it produced you will see a amazing recipes, elements, and methods to be provided by the business owner. All will probably be held since confidential so as to promote the loyalty on the business also to maintain its brand uniqueness between other drinks. Zagu isn’t just a desire quencher nevertheless also gives your daily Calcium requirement depending on the flavor which you can buy.

Deb. Target Market

Commonly, Zagu business caters consumers in different department stores. We presumed that Zagu is an ideal drink for customers who had been having their very own shopping, settling important affairs with other people inside the shopping center or any different matter that might vanish right now there boredom whilst they are inside the mall. Since we discovered that there is just four existing competitor in Gaisano Danao, we are excited and confident enough that this business will enhance its sales. Thus, the target market is a customers or shoppers in Gaisano Danao.

E. Physical Area of Dispersion

The institution aims to accommodate the shoppers in Gaisano Danao. As to the comfort and accessibility of the buyers, the recommended location of our business is usually inside Gaisano Danao. The positioning is easy to find for it is near the primary entrance door of the nearby mall where biggest number of buyers often passed by.

Farreneheit. Market Description

Danao city is one of the fast evolving metropolitan areas in Cebu. Having a total population of 117, 732 for the season 2012 this grow efficiently maximizing their particular total cash flow yearly. Together with the advent of the neighborhood government device, Danao City was able to attain its objectives. Our certain target market with this business is usually ages 13-45 years old. The proponents select this array of ages according to basis of the survey there were conducted within our target site. Moreover, all of us believed these ages are excellent consumers with this kind of item. When it comes to the revenues of your consumers, a careful and systematic concern must be done in this is the essential factor towards the continuity with the business.


1 . Do you pick the cool drink pearl wring “ZAGU”?

Yes 88 Simply no 12

The information shows that out of 100 respondents, 88 purchased Zagu equivalent to 88% while 12 % stated no .

2 . How often do you purchase ZAGU?

Everyday 12-15 Every month thirty-three Every week twenty four others sixteen

The data shows that out of 88 respondents who knew Zagu, 12-15 purchased every day equivalent to 17. 05%, twenty-four purchased weekly equivalent to 27. 27%, 33 purchased monthly equal to 37. 5% and 16 for others equivalent to 18. 18%.

3. How many cups of Zagu do you really consume a day?

1 cup fifty nine 3 glasses 8

2 cups twenty-one

The data demonstrates out of 88 participants who bought Zagu, fifty nine said that that they consume a single cup a day corresponding to 67. 05%, 21 stated that they consume 2 mugs equivalent to 3. 86%, eight said that they consume 3 cups similar to 9. 09%.

4. Do you like its selection of flavors?

Certainly 80 Not any 8

The data shows that out of 88 respondents whom knew Zagu, 80 appreciated its variety of flavors equal to 90. 91% and 8 disliked, equivalent to 9. 09%.

5. Which will of the next flavors would you like most?

Chocolates 56 Sweet 14 Espresso & Tea 8 Luxury 6 All-natural 4

The data shows that away of 88 respondents, whom knew zagu, 56 desired chocolate flavour equivalent to 63. 64%, almost eight preferred caffeine & tea flavor which can be equivalent to 9. 09%, some for natural flavor corresponding to 4. 54%, 14 intended for dessert flavour equivalent to 12-15. 91%, and 6 recommended indulgence taste equivalent to 6th. 81%..

six. Which with the following sizes you generally consume?

baby z 18 regular sixty four grande almost eight

The data implies that out of 88 participants who understood and acquired Zagu, of sixteen consumed baby z size equivalent to 18. 18%, sixty four consumed frequent size similar to 72. 73% and almost 8 consumed importante size equivalent to 9. 09%.

7. Which will of the following prices are you willing to pay?

Baby z (all flavors) P33 43 Grande (all flavors except natural) P45 seventeen Regular (all flavors apart from Grande (natural flavors) P53 10 natural) P40 twenty eight Regular (natural flavor) P48 2

The info shows that out of 100 respondents, 43 are willing to pay the amount of P33 equivalent to 43%, 28 are able to pay the amount of P40 corresponding to 28%, 17 are willing to spend the amount of P45, 2 are going to pay the quantity of P48 and 10 are going to pay the amount of P53 similar to 10%.

almost eight. Are you content with the existing booth offering amazing drinks or shakes?

Yes 62 No 26

The info shows that away of 88 respondents, sixty two said that they are satisfied with the current stall offering cool beverages and shakes equivalent to seventy. 45% and 26 declared that they are not satisfied with the existing stall offering cool refreshments or shakes equivalent to 29. 55%.

9. Have you came across some difficulties with the awesome drink institutions here?

Yes up to 29 No fifty nine

The data shows that out of 88 respondents, 29 said that they have encountered problems with the present cool beverage establishments similar to 32. 95% and 59 said that they were doing not encountered problems equivalent to 67. 05%.

10. Precisely what are the common challenges you have experienced with these types of establishments?

Their products are not in good style 20 All their establishment are generally not inviting 7 Offered only limited flavors 22 Their customer service is poor 15 Their particular product preferences common 26 others 10

The data shows that out of 35 respondents who have came across problems, 12 said that their particular problem is these products are not in good taste equivalent to 34. 29%, 7 said that their particular problem is the establishment provided only limited flavors corresponding to 20%, 4 said that all their problem is the item tastes prevalent equivalent to 14. 43%, on the lookout for said that their very own problem is the establishment is definitely not appealing equivalent to 25. 71%, a couple of said that their problem is the consumer service is definitely poor corresponding to 5. 71% and 1 said individuals equivalent to 2 . 86%.

14. If we can put a shop offering ZAGU, will you patronize our products?

Yes ninety two No almost eight

The data implies that out of 100 respondents, 92 declared that they will patronize our goods if we will certainly establish a Zagu store equal to 92% and 8 explained no similar to 8%.

doze. If we is going to establish a ZAGU store, which in turn location might you prefer?

Inside Gaisano Danao 74 Other folks 12 Exterior Gaisano Danao 14

The information shows that out of 90 respondents, seventy four said that the place they wished is inside gaisano danao equivalent to 74% while 18 said that outside the house gaisano danao is the ideal area equivalent to 14% and 12 said individuals equivalent to 12%.

(The computation of the Famous demand is dependent on the total range of shoppers increased by the percentage of age groups 13 – 45 years old and then multiplied by the percentage of the respondents who acquired Zagu. We assumed which the customers can consume at least a single cup a day based on the survey. )

J. Breakdown of Historical Require by Taste and Sizes

a. Chocolate Taste

To. Price Analyze

There are several factors to consider in establishing the price of the product or assistance. This could be competition, quality of the product or serviced proposal, product costs, government rules, etc . These factors should be properly consider to arrive at an affordable price that might complement to the quality of a certain product or service.

Aside from that, the demand and provide of the product in the market must also be consider to manage it is changes so as to determine whether the set price is appropriate for the demand in the consumers or a hint to the suppliers the specified number to make.

Since we are engage in the business of franchising, setting prices to our products is already made by the owner of the company. And the costs are whatever we had employed in our review questionnaire. It could be easy for us to market this system for it is established it is brand reputation. And thus, the amount paid for our products will be P33, P40, P45, P48 and P53. According to the response to our survey, majority of the respondents happen to be in favor of P40.

P. Program

A marketing technique is a drafted plan that combines application, promotion, circulation and prices approach, determines the organizations marketing desired goals and talks about how they will probably be achieved in a stated timeframe. It can determine the choices with the target market segment, positioning, marketing mix and allocated methods.

Having a very good marketing strategy means qualifying to just one of the significant requirements in reaching success within the intricate environment in the business world. It truly is through a one of a kind and successful marketing strategy that a business will successfully capture its target customers and also compete resistant to the other companies operating an enterprise of the same kind.

Zagu introduces the “Pearl Drink” to the Philippine market. The drink’s uniqueness as well as the variety of flavours it offers broaden its appeal to the customers and keep all of them interested. Style and flavour is the vital component, keeping customers coming back for more.


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