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“Beautiful! inch – Perfumed makeup by Estee Lauder

Scented cosmetic is not a new concept. Many little girls love wearing scented lipstick and high gloss in the flavours of bubblegum and peanut butter and jelly. However , enjoying perfumed lipstick is usually a delight girl consumers go without when they turn into adults, other than a guilty sniff with their daughter’s Tinkerbell or Bonne Bell make-up drawer. The brand new product might enable mature consumers to acquire that same pleasure, simply with top quality Estee Lauder makeup. The product will also address an increased desire consumers have got for ‘customized’ beauty products stuffed with a sense of children and vitality (5 spring makeup color trends, 2011, Refinery 29). As well as cosmetic that matches the customer’s skin tone, the selected scent from the makeup will also speak volumes about the wearer.

Although the economic climate still remains to be on unstable ground, demand for luxury goods like Estee Lauder cosmetic has been thriving. Customers who also traditionally store in the luxurious market are generally not dependent upon paychecks as their principal source of income, plus the stock market shows greater signs of a continual recovery than employment numbers. According to the New York Times, sophisticated businesses, specifically in the fashion industry, possess even had the opportunity to increase their particular prices. As one former Saks executive stated, no one realises if a artist product goes up from hundreds of dollars to $860 (Clifford 2010).

This product will be marketed to this sort of high-end customers, a strategy which was working for Estee Lauder through the entire recession. In 2008, if the rest of the economic climate was floundering, the plastic company broadened its points of distribution to over 25, 000 venues and entered approximately five fresh markets, for a total of over 140. Its number of single-brand free of charge standing shops increased by 14% as well (No economic depression for Estee Lauder, 2008, Business Insider. )



The brand new makeup collection ‘Beautiful’ might feature a variety of shades of base, lipstick, and eye makeup and eye line that smelled like the the majority of popular Estee Lauder perfumes (Marketing blend, 2011, doze Manage).


The price of the product would be inside the usual variety of Estee Lauder products, even though priced a little bit higher to support the price of parfum ingredients in the makeup. Additionally , a slightly bigger price point will be necessary to express the fact that this was not a ‘cheap’ drugstore scented parfum, like a infant’s scent, but a luxurious merchandise that a sophisticated Estee Lauder consumer may wish to buy.


Promoting new items with ‘free gift bags’ is a common practice in the cosmetic industry. Yet , this would definitely not be a approach that a typical high-end buyer would react to, given how common

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