Movie Summary, Teenage Love

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Simon Spier is the 17 year old gay protagonist who has yet to end up and is in an online romance with a youngster named “Blue”. Simon adores oreos and has a enthusiasm for Elliott Smith. Green is the young man Simon emails for five months. He’s jewish, features divorced parents, likes superheroes, has good grammar, and is also a very personal person.

Nick Eisner is Simon’s male closest friend. He is jewish and takes on soccer. Often times, he gets into randomly philosophical feelings, rambling existential monologues regarding his dreams and such. nick’s crush about Abby. Leah Burke is Simon’s woman best friend. She is described as very “deadpan” and sarcastic and is also shown to container up her feelings. She’s very inferior about her looks, generally hiding her things. She actually is in love with Computer chip and is quite hostile to Abby.

Abby Suso is Simon’s other girl best friend, who moved coming from Washington POWER at the beginning of the season. Abby is definitely shown to be very pretty and intensely perky and intensely well-liked, very much to Leah’s displeasure. She’s the love interest of Matn. Marin Addison is the course clown. He has floppy brown hair, has a gay and lesbian brother, and plays Fagin in the college production of Oliver. He can shown to be a nerdy, entertaining, well-liked person. Cal Price are the stage manager of the school creation. Simon had a crush in him. He’s described as an extremely cute homosexual, with “awesome bangs” and blue-green eye and a Southern accentuate.

Bram Greenfeld is a quiet youngster who rests at Simon’s lunch stand. He performs soccer which is very clever Nora Spier is Simon’s younger sibling. She is a freshman. The girl with described to get “under the radar cool”. Alice Spier is Simon’s older sister. She is a freshman. Alice has a key boyfriend known as Theo. Mr. Spier is usually Simon’s dad. He attempts to be a “cool, hipster dad”. He’s also “obsessed” with Simon’s lifestyle. Mrs. Spier is Simon’s mother. The girl with a child psychiatrist and appears to be very involved in Simon’s life. Ms. Albright is Simon’s theater instructor. She has electric red hair. Garrett is known as a soccer player who also sits at Simon’s lunch break table. He can best friends with Bram and has a smash on Leah. Anna is Simon’s former girlfriend. She is a bassist in emoji. Morgan is Anna’s best friend. She is the pianist in emoji.

Peter is a university guy Claire picks up within a bar. This individual has extremely white teeth. Maddie is a pupil council lady. Mr. Sensible is Simon’s English educator. Theo is usually Alice’s boyfriend. Carter Addison is Matn Addison’s homosexual brother Merely could alter one thing through the book may be the part the place that the dad is fun of gay people. We don’t like when folks laugh at gay people.

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