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Followership, Types and the Workplace

Leaders in organizations in the past used to hold all the forces and staff performed stringent and regimen functions and obeyed instructions like equipment (Curphy Roellig, 2008). Although changes and developments in the last 40 years led organizations to anticipate more coming from employees. Other factors contributed significantly to a enhancements made on the nature of pursuing. These are new and successive waves of workers, increasing levels of education and experience, globalization, the flattening of organizations and frequent within careers and transfers between organizations. There exists a new variety of followers today that agencies must contend with. But the primary contentions are that everybody is a follower and that enthusiasts make things happen in an organization (Curphy Roellig).

Science assumes coming from evidence that many people tend to follow because it is more profitable or convenient to do so than to do things alone or easier than to deal with to become the leader. Followers stay where they may be until it has ceased to be profitable or perhaps when they go on to other agencies. In the workplace, enthusiasts and commanders have different motives. A leader aims at maximizing the group’s economical performance and shape. The follower, on the other, focuses on task security (Curphy Roellig).


Robert Kelley (2003 because qtd in Heremuru, 2011) enumerates different types of followers while conformists, pragmatists, passivists, and exemplary. Each type seems to develop out of your unmet want and mistrust of a leader’s style. Conformist followers will never challenge company standards and expectations intended for fear of punishment. They cannot function well in a changing organizational climate. Pragmatic followers are masterpieces of an volatile organization. They choose to follow and continue to be subservient so that their jobs. Passive followers do not have a feeling of autonomy, that makes them feel comfortable in getting led. And exemplary followers are those who find themselves proactive and creative and creative. That they innovate and use their very own talents to get the good of the organization (Heremuru).

I believe I am a great exemplary fans. I make suggestions to our section head or perhaps manager on how to improve each of our work or perhaps systems. My personal suggestions happen to be evaluated simply by our manager and sometimes integrated.

The Curphy-Roellig Model

It is made up of two dimensions, namely critical pondering and engagement (Curphy Roellig, 2008). Important thinking consists of the follower’s ability to challenge accepted methods and values; distinguish precisely what is important and what is not really; ask beneficial questions; see problems; and suggest sensible solutions. Engagement refers to the degree of effort placed into work. It uses four categories of followers, specifically, criticizers, self-starters, slackers and brown-nosers. Self-starters are portion of the high-performing crew. They are usually thinking and characteristically intolerant. Brown-nosers happen to be loyal staff who will perform whatever their leader explains to them, tend not to question his decisions and are also highly determined by him because of their own accomplishment. Slackers happen to be un-motivated staff who do not exert much effort to accomplish. They, in fact , avoid responsibilities as far as feasible. They are also referred to as stealth staff. And criticizers are personnel who happen to be strongly determined to find mistake in whatever their head does. They are sensitive to anything wrong that happens in the organization (Curphy Roellig).


A leader must be able to detect fans and their different kinds as the corporation passes through different stages ((Heremuru, 2011). The leader can adjust his leadership style to help followers or employees contribute to the success from the

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