This year the Citizens Cinema, which is a specialist theatre, performed the well-known pantomime “Scrooge”. I have been to the Citizens Movie theater many times before seeing “Scrooge”. The People Theatre is usually internationally known theatre with a proscenium mid-foot stage and shows numerous various plays, very traditional plus some very contemporary. As a child I had been always excited by the arranged and attires used in the Citz’s pantomimes, it seamed that zero corners were cut.

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Together with this in mind I expected, not so much of your panto, yet more of a theatrical performance with great visuals and I will say I had been correct to say this.

I actually am fairly familiar with the pantomime “Scrooge” adapted through the Charles Dickens’ book “A Christmas Carol” as I have observed it consist of theatres prior to this year at the Citz. The Citz’s, I think was might be not as classic as the other editions but it was equally, if not more so , interesting.

We went to the pantomime twice whilst it absolutely was on, 1st with my own peers and then with young children. IT was really interesting to see the way they both reacted.

The Story of “Scrooge” is all about a man known as Ebenezer Scrooge, a rich business gentleman full of greed counting just about every penny getting into and separating his bank. On Christmas Eve he is visited by the ghost of his deceased business spouse Jacob Marley, who has come to notify Scrooge of what is justa round the corner him in the event that he persists with his greediness. That night Scrooge shall be visited by three ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Firstly the ghost of Christmas earlier comes to display him from the happy instances before his self-inflicted loneliness caused by his greed, since a child and as a man.

Then the ghost Christmas present shows Scrooge the Cratchit family. The Cratchit family is very poor and consists of Frank Cratchit, Scrooge’s employee, his wife and their four kids including all their son Little Tim who may be extremely unwell. Scrooge is forced to realize that all the people around his great it difficult of talking well of him. The ghost of Christmas future tells scrooge nothing but reveals him of his fatality burdening every one of the people about him while using greed this individual left behind because they celebrate his death.

Viewing this dreadful future that he him self could be creating, Scrooge makes a decision to change for the better, rewarding employees with a pay out rise and giving money to charity he had recently changed and donating a rich Christmas feast for the Cratchit family members. The quality of the set was amazing as it was very grand and the size of the level meant that the set could be quite big without being pretentious. All around the level is colored Scrooges preferred phrase “Bah Humbug” in italic producing.

At first there was just an business office set up having a window by which you could observe all the Heroes entering the scene, I believed that this produced the action more genuine and was quite interesting. The window was also intended for carol singers and the viewers could only faintly notice then which made it seem like you were actually in the office. When Scrooge goes home the office wall structure is elevated to reveal a whole new collection which is more spectacular. Some stone stairs lead up to Scrooge’s room, luxuriously embellished compared to his office that is on a 15 foot tall platform.

The most exciting portion of the set was when Christmas gift arrives along with his set, a whole new place painted crimson into which he is camouflaged, just rolling on moving Scrooge’s room away. This room is usually decorated with lots of Christmas adornments. The one brace used by Scrooge a lot was a light bulb which usually showed just how grudging he was because he will remove it with such attention whenever departing the room. Certainly the main figure in the perform was Ebenezer scrooge. Having been an old, self-centered, grumpy, nasty old man. We could tell this kind of by his facial expressions that were always very twisted.

Although dressed up in a suite his long scraggly hair and unshaven deal with showed that he had not been all that interested in his appearance. This robust look mentioned his grow older as well as his movement which has been hunched as well as slow. At the end however we come across a very different scrooge that stands up tall with his mind in the air showing his self confidence has been received and he can proud of his changes. I do believe this could’ve been shown by making a greater compare as I didn’t think the change in Scrooge was extremely dramatic.

At the conclusion of the enjoy we are made aware that Scrooge does value the people around him. He may have realized in a selfish fashion, but this individual changed prior to it was inside its final stages which is what matters, leaving us with a story book ending. I believe one of the most remarkable characters in the play should have been Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s deceased business partner. He appears from the floor once Scrooge’s lumination suddenly reduces. His costume is amazing with a fatality gown disposed with bloodstream smeared across it to signify that he is useless and continues to be tortured for his guilty life.

Even though impressive, Jacob Marley’s access was quite alarming and younger children located it quite scary, especially along with the stores on his wrists and ankles acting while the chains binding him to terrible. Compared the quietness in the room prior to, this big explosion of noise is beneficial. He relates to warn scrooge and is desperate to get the meaning to him, we can notify this in addition in which this individual attempts to get nearer to him however the chains quit him, there is wind blowing against him stopping him making connection with Scrooge.


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