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12 different kids. Twelve faithful yet mindset children. Children who stripped-off the coating of clothes for all of us to see the undressed truth. The painting was portrayed by different kind of children via different account of lifestyle with Jesus as their centre. Which of those children are you? If non-e, you happen to be lucky.

Joey Velasco, is the person behind this wonderful creation, both equally painting plus the video. His passion inside the arts went him in something that everyone of us will probably be amazed. He shared his talent and tried to really make a difference in the contemporary society through his artworks. My spouse and i believed which the people who already watched this kind of did absolutely nothing and just watched it since someone asked him for this or, it had been just a component to their class. But based on what I observed, it was really an eye-opener for every one among us. That depicted the storyline of an incredible number of children moving into the without color world. This creations made us cherish all the occasions we had with the family. That they touched all of us and advised us being thankful for all of the blessings that we have had. The artworks whispered us to get sensitive enough to our world. And, i want to see how this world really is. I felt like I was hit by rock of truth, the belief that no one genuinely saw arriving. We were blinded-off by the issues we presumed were authentic. The positive figure results that our government flushed on the screen. The vibrant pictures that media printed for us to view. The completely happy story the fact that radio wished us to hear yet we all merely see. We were cursed, we let our eyes closed by the industrialization. That for us a peso was nothing, nevertheless for some it absolutely was their almost everything.

We could not rich but still, we splurge cash for some rubbish things, while others dont can locate bills. All of us throw food in the garbage can however a beggar searches a food as possible as he can. We were not told the true value involving nor we have not thought how hard it absolutely was to make it, and it was proven as this clip was playing. As we students, had been send into a university to get a brighter future, other kids were obliged to work for them to live. I never know how performed they do that. How much pressure did a lot of them went. I felt burden as I eat a chicken convinced that some act as a breadwinner at these kinds of a young era. But as it continues, we could still see the smiles prove faces as if they avoid cry out of battling. We can see the hope in their eyes, and that is what made me feel the fighting heart in them. Their laughs and their sight made me feel better for the guilt within me. The guilt i cannot do something for them who have are less fortunate than myself.

Individuals children made me feel more secure for all the problems, they made me see the authentic beauty of my life. They will made me have confidence in the concept of hope and the most crucial thing is they made me sensitive enough especially to folks who were like them. They were doing not decide to live in a life they have now. It is not necessarily their fault either. What they just do is always to make the best out of their lives, work hard since problems never end right now there. We do not really know what lies prior to us. What matter is definitely they know how to have faith in God and trust him as they continue all their lives.

The video “Kambas ng Lipunan” by Joey Velasco struck me hard and made myself realize the facts in the world and the fact in which we all live in. It made me ask myself about Who is Vonseiten in the world?, What is my personal purpose and also have I done anything to match it? Following watching this video, I am aware who am i not really away of huge amounts of people, I understand the answer, and that is to be all of them. Despite all of the hardships, the obstacles and everything the adverse forces which try to draw them straight down, they still manage to stand and continue their lives. I may have got money in my own purse, my loved ones that facilitates me, educators who guidebook me and true good friend who are there beside me but I terribly lack the lesson in life the children inside the story got. Everyone of us has a purpose, we protest about almost everything but remember each of the less fortunate than us. Understand that God is a center of all things, don’t give, don’t grumble and check the culture because it is certainly not too late to know the purpose of you, as a person in today’s world.

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