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Development at 24-Hour Fitness

Development is important for any business in just about any industry, but it is easy to turn into complacent and to forget about the needs of advancement as long as the amount of money keeps coming in. If a business continues to generate sales, spend its workers, and turn a profit for shareholders, investing time, energy, and resources into effective advancement can be tough. In a remarkably competitive market like that of health and fitness golf clubs, however , forgetting about creativity can mean shedding market share, losing revenue, and finally closing up shop (Carlson Wilmot, 2006). The following sentences briefly summarize some ground breaking strategies and processes utilized at 24-Hour Fitness, a well-known national brand of health and fitness clubs/gyms, clearly demonstrating the impact on the bottom line and on overall company success that innovation provides (and the damage that steering clear of innovation can easily cause).

One of the major innovations that 24-Hour Health has recently applied is a change in their nationwide telecommunications system, making it less costly, more efficient, and more effective than it recently was (Ecova, 2012). By simply hiring an outdoor auditor and consultant to examine their telecommunications architecture and processes, 24-Hour Fitness could save more than one and a half , 000, 000 dollars in annual operating expenses – fifty percent more than the company’s primary goal intended for the telecoms overhaul, that was targeted at a one million dollar gross annual operational personal savings – by cutting much more than two 1000 lines that have been no longer required (Ecova, 2012). In addition , the innovative restructuring of these lines and other telecommunications components involves ensuring that information is disseminated through a prevalent system, producing the checking and maintenance of communications along with system efficiency much easier and more efficient than it previously was (Ecova, 2012). This demonstrates how effective innovation can be even if it is hidden from the buyers; though the telecommunications changes 24-Hour Fitness used did not have an effect on the member experience in any way, the cost savings it generated for the corporation and the increased communications happen to be major benefits. This likewise illustrates how much waste the business carried before the innovations were put into place, and exactly how much waste materials would have continuing if the advancement never occurred.

Innovation can be seen in the branding and marketing

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