Two of the most influential and powerful postclassical Mesoamerican empires belonged to the Inca and Aztec people. While equally civilizations had different geographic locations and government structures, these two civilizations have related methods of living standards and belief systems. The Incan and Aztec empires been around at about the same time period in history. The first emperor of the Incan empire, Sinistro Capac, founded the Incan civilization in the early 13th century and in the end the disposition stretched coming from modern day Republic of chile to present day Columbia.

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Founded inside the 14th hundred years, the Aztec Empire was created from the connections of 3 city-states (The Tepanecs, Acolhuas and Texcoco) in contemporary Central Mexico. The composition of governments differed between your Incas and Aztecs. The Incas had a sole emperor, the “Sapa Inca, whom ruled above the entire civilization. At the level of their power, the Incan disposition also had four provincial governments and a central government, which was run simply by nobles.

Aztec civilization federal government was a variety of city-states (7 areas with individual rulers who allocated everything) in whose people chatted a common language.

The two Incas and Aztecs got seats of central authorities. The Incan Empire was based in Cuzco, while Tenochtitlan was the Aztec capital. Both the Aztecs and Incas adored and had their own god-like model of the sun. The Incas were receptive of various other belief systems, but also acted as being a theocracy seeing that all users of the Incan Empire were required to worship direct sunlight god, Inti.

Also, the Sapa Inca was perceived to be a rejeton of Inti. The name of the Aztec’s sun the almighty, Huitzilopochtli, was also the god of war. Incas and Aztecs were also notorious for rehearsing human sacrifices to their gods. The Incas primarily lived in mountainous settings, which did not make for very good agricultural argument. To solve this problem, Incas designed flat balconies by carving mountain slopes; farmers grew crops within the terraces such as potatoes, that has been the main meals source pertaining to the Incas.

Aztecs as well used terrace farming, but also acquired flatlands readily available for farming. Irrigation was used pertaining to flatland farming. In Aztec culture, maize was the primary crop. The Incan and Aztec Autorité collapsed as a result of the The spanish language conquistadors inside the mid-16th 100 years. Francisco Pizarro led the Spanish plan against the Incas. Pizarro trapped the Incas in the middle of detrimental war and took good thing about the situation. Italy defeated the Aztecs underneath Hernando Educado with the aid of the Aztecs’ adversary, the Tlaxcala people.

Yet , the bashing blow for both the Incas and Aztecs was smallpox, a condition of Euro origin. Smallpox was damaging, since they got no remedy or defenses for the illness. The Aztec and Incan peoples thrived on the same country under different political systems. However , inspite of the many comparison socially, economically, militarily and religiously ” foreign invaders caught both cultures unprepared to defend and immunize their political devices and their persons from annihilation.


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