At present, the Internet and other technology are well-developed and keep improving. People employ those new tools to perform everything, and try hard for making human your life easier and more perfect. From business to finances; industry to entertainment; services to education, the use of the Internet has increased and become even more mainstream. A lot of people believe that the web and other electronic technology can replace most kind of jobs that human beings do, which includes teaching students with displays and input keys instead of books.

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They stress that the Internet can help persons interact to each other beyond the barrier of distance, therefore books will be somehow not required in human being lives. Yet , in my opinion, this kind of idea may not be more ridiculous.

Books are irreplaceable for people to read, to find out and to believe, whereas websites and electric database provide limited and misleading info. Moreover, the Internet may well bring potential risks of health and learning hindering, aside from to help people to master.

There are three main reasons why the Internet and other new-technology should not change the book as the primary tool of learning: catalogs are more credible, valuable and meaningful; using the Internet for learning limits developing social expertise; the use of the Internet brings unfavorable results such as wasted cash, wasted time and health hazard. Firstly, books cannot be replaced by simply technology including the Internet for the reason that book offers its worth, credit and meaning. Although the Internet has become more popular plus more widely used, this cannot entirely replace catalogs and become the primary way that human get literacy. According to Ursula K. Votre Guin, this article, “Staying alert: notes for the alleged decrease of browsing,  claims that browsing book is a challenge and significant activity. When people read, they need to use their particular hands to show pages, employ their own eyes to method language, and use their own brains to believe; instead of just pressing the keys (2008, 2). Furthermore, a book offers value alone.

“The book itself can be described as curious artifact,  Votre Guin had written, “not jazzy in its technology but complex and extremely effective: a really cool little guidance, compact, often very nice to look at and handle, which could last many years, even decades…. all it takes is mild, a human eyesight, and a person mind (2008, 2). On the other hand, in most cases, the submitting process pertaining to the publication is more rigid and reliable than online resources. As people realize the simple fact that the Internet is so available and cost-free that everyone can write whatever onthe internet, a great amount of misleading information have already been circulated to get perusal around the network. This is the challenge to tell apart which of them holds true or reliable; however , data from ebooks is basically, generally believable. A primary reason for this is that people may easily find out who the author and publisher happen to be of a publication. In contrast, an article from a web page might have problems to prove its trustworthiness.

In short, the net cannot always provide valuable message and information that respects to intellectual property rights. Therefore , people should keep using book as the chief device of learning. Another important good reason that the Internet and other technology probably should not replace the book would be that the use of the net and other technology may be a travers of developing cultural skills. It is confirmed simply by sociologists and anthropologists which the face-to-face communication between people is too essential to be disregarded in the contemporary society. To be honest, it truly is doubtless that technology such as the Internet and wireless interaction system is great for people who have to interact throughout distances. However , these solutions cannot fully substitute face-to-face interaction seeing that human technology has not been developed completely and perfectly. Network video technology probably can easily roughly replicate face-to-face conversation, but are unable to support physical communication and focus people’s attention well. If instructors teach college students only through online classes, they do not be able to maintain all students in all aspects any longer, including students’ attendance overall performance and learning circumstances.

As well, students will forfeit chances to rehearse social skills because they are learning at home on a regular basis. According to Steven Johnson, in the content “Everything poor is good for you,  the web and other technology have brought irreversible becomes the world, which is believed the particular technologies changes the way persons read, master and reside in the future years; yet, it is not necessarily the time right now. “Television and automobile contemporary society locked people up in all their living rooms, away from clash and vitality of public space…. After a half-century of technical isolation, we are going to finally learning new ways to connect….  published Johnson (2005, 4). Although the Net will probably be the next powerful instrument that end up being wildly used in education, you will still find too many uncertainness and controversy to say this. As a bottom line, the Internet must not replace the book since the main materials of learning because usingthe Internet pertaining to learning limits the development of cultural skills. This is a fact in least for now. The most important good reason that people probably should not learn entirely by the Net or different technology is usually that the Internet can simply damage learning quality, getting negative effects towards the student.

Chang-Hoan Cho and Hongsik John Cheon suggest that “One of the very most serious problems regarding children’s social expansion involves the proliferation and straightforward accessibility of negative content on the Net, such as porn material, violence, hate speech, betting, sexual solicitation, and so forth. It is possible to see how these kinds of negative content harm kids and damage their development (2005, s. 396). The three of those poor influences that most common happen to be wasted funds, wasted some health hazard. Firstly, Internet porn material has been a serious problem of the Internet for a long time. Lots of people addicted to that and squander their money and time into it. Most of the pupils are teenagers or even young, which means the majority of them has not been mature enough to obtain appropriate self-control. Besides, you will find more things can distract students that cause wasted period. For example , prior to students begin learning by the Internet, they could go on Facebook . com or MSN to chat with friends or play games only for fun. Just few of them will be able to spend enough time to studying.

Generally speaking, people are very easily distracted simply by wild selection of things around the Internet that significantly decrease the studying efficiency. Last but not least, very long period that sitting in front of the pc poses potential hazards for human body including myopia and arthralgia. In conclusion, it is not ideal for students to work with the Internet since the main instrument to learn also to study because of the risk of bad influences of learning. All in all, because literature are more credible and beneficial; the Internet restrictions developing interpersonal skills; creating an online business brings unfavorable affect, the world wide web and other technology should not exchange the publication as the main tool of learning. Curiously, human technology will keep improving, and the interpersonal structure is changing little by little. The difficulties will always be right now there and problems will carry on and arise when new technology is definitely coming up. Therefore , why don’t people just keep their unique, traditional, yet precious method ” browsing the book to learn?

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