The picture depicts a man who also jumped away a aircraft. The man can be slightly off center and is also framed by the scene under him. That shows the man’s rear, his hands are pass on open, his back is definitely straight and his legs are straight and therefore are close together. The man has contraptions strapped to his body, presumably gadgets that are attached to his parachute. It also displays the panorama below, a curved avenue with what looks like side walks or going for walks paths strongly following the larger curved highway.

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The roads framework what appears like fields where a big white-colored truck elevates enough interest as well. Near the big white truck are two striped tents and further beyond which can be other constructions, as well as people who are barely noticed because of the distance from which the style are taken. The people are most often having a gathering in the larger parcel of field beneath probably waiting for the skydiver’s landing. Probably his skydiving act can be a focus on of the explained gathering or event; we can only suppose.

There are also other tracts of land framed by the highway which show up clear and empty, without the demands of the tract of area where the gathering is going on. Also, around the upper right palm of the photo, one can notice what might be a part of the parachute that the man is definitely using. Two small cheville on one part of the gadget are seen inside the picture but the strings that attach this kind of to the person is not really apparent. It was developed in black and white colored, which instead of making it lifeless and without life added even more elegance and drama towards the entire make up of the picture.

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It really is believed that having the picture in color would be a little “heavy on the eyes in the people looking at the picture. This might be particularly accurate because color may take away the focus on the man who also jumped from the place, which can be the center point of the picture, but may possibly focus on the other components in the same picture. The black and white colored tone of the photograph also lends hushed tones of grays apart from black and white-colored.

Black is definitely marked by the shadows and several figures for the landscape, in addition to the clothes with the man around the picture. The trees and a few shrubs happen to be dark grays, while other elements happen to be of a less heavy shade of gray. Light, on the other hand, is viewed in the impacting white vehicle, the part of the parachute within the upper right section of the picture, along with other elements including some of the components below like the big composition on the field where the gathering is taking place.

The hazy smoke is additionally in an nearly translucent light. Black and light is drastically contrasted in the tents also available below. Depending on the shadows that are ensemble as captured in the photo, one can admit the picture was taken if the sun is usually high on the horizon. This is assumed due to tall dark areas cast by the trees and other forms wear the landscape below. The sun’s rays are also upon the skydiver, casting this on his head and human body.


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