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People wanting to make a significant change in the way they transport themselves will likely need a great deal of details, some of which might provide increased clarity while some may present confusion and resort in them searching for another alternative product. The buyer may then look for information that will support their inquiry to a commitment into a Hydrogen Gas Cell Car as opposed to among the list of alternatives.

a. Choosing a cheaper option, or in this case an option that best suits into their personal budget;

w. Choosing another solution with greater support and greater obtainable review data, i. elizabeth. something that has already been tried and embraced by consumers;

c. Choosing a item that offers the very least resistance in the way of lifestyle transform, where to gasoline, how to gasoline, easier to travel, and/or assistance.

2 . Asking an expert, such as the lease agent, dealer producer or a specialist in the technology from a scientific perspective.

a. This may result in possibly additional conflicting information or perhaps resolution, depending on source material and perspectives of the two insider and outsider experts.

b. Persons often have a particular level of mistrust for anyone who seeks to gain off their decision and individuals with outdoors (unbiased) knowledge are not probably be easy to find at this time.

c. At this point the consumer may possibly seek out a test drive in the product, as unlike a number of other products consumers are able to utilize product for the short personal review of it. This may be difficult to achieve, and the most important part with this aspect of the marketing is making the info about where to go to try the product completely accessible to the public the press as well as rental/leaser brokers.

3. The person might after that look to their social network for advice.

a. The individual might seek out close friends, family or perhaps acquaintances who may have some knowledge and/or experience of alternative fuel vehicles, and the manufacturer involved with regard to support, ease of use of experts and intervention as needed and also the functionality of the merchandise in question.

n. Again as a result of pioneering nature of this item there may be several difficulty getting such info specific for the Hydrogen Gas Cell Car, but buyers will search for it non-etheless. They will in that case likely rely again in “expert” information where it is usually had.

Clearly the process is definitely not likely as a rapid 1, and the numerous sources of information could be missing, possibly pushing the individual to get an alternative that offers more experiential evidence but plainly in the event the price point is acceptable as well as the terms of the rental/lease are created in such a way to make sure long-term and rapid support for demands the individual may possibly still choose the Hydrogen Gas Cell Motor vehicle and may nevertheless be willing to put up with some of the working out of kinks in the process. In addition , the above consumer information search process is definitely not likely to offer discrete and separate activities as it will likely be a cumulative process wherever expert judgment is sought from multiple sources again and again again providing many points of information and communication chances for the marketer, and opportunities intended for ongoing analysis on the part of the buyer.


Each all this study, including both valid and questionable details will culminate to help the customer who has come to this end, setting aside the various alternatives to seriously consider the Hydrogen Energy Cell Motor vehicle as a principal choice on a short list of alternatives must make a decision. The choice will not be made lightly as much thought and work has already absent into the procedure. The decision to select an innovative technology like the Hydrogen Fuel Cellular Vehicle will probably be made with great care, probably an additional test drive and then the person may have to move through some sort of availability process, i. elizabeth. waiting for their particular “own” motor vehicle to become available as the first navy allocations will likely be very small and the delivery of such automobiles (for buyer use) can be limited and delivered with an as bought or required basis. Not, unlike the first turns out of the cross vehicles, there can be a significant hang on period as well as the need to support the customer throughout the commitment procedure is essential to the decision stage being successful (Katzanek, 2005). It is essential at this stage that once the person has made the choice to rent/lease that they are not lost in the logistics of waiting for postponed gratification and that once they perform receive their vehicle they are really fully reinforced and followup communications are widespread and ideal for the first few several weeks and months. For those consumers that are still not really convinced and are still looking at alternatives the issue may become one of evaluating the alternatives yet again, right up until they experience satisfied the fact that Hydrogen Fuel Cell Automobile will offer them everything they are looking for (in a vehicle; size, cargo space, comfort, facilities, drivability, handling etc . ), with limited lifestyle dysfunction, at the greatest budget price. Though, again it has been proven in previous industry scenarios with alternative vehicles that these consumers are willing to hold out and desire provable technology but have a willingness to become pioneers in making changes that they can see benefiting the environment plus the future (Katzanek, 2005). Buyers may also be by a very high standard of curiosity about lots of issues adjacent the vehicle which includes but not limited to hidden costs like bigger registration fees used by states to counter revenue loss from gasoline taxes, how a hydrogen is made, stored and transported (as if the hydrogen is developed via traditional electricity chances are they may believe that the technology needs to advance to a better level just before commitment), expense per complete, miles per fill, as well as the list continues on and marketing agents need to have these answers and more available to them readily, as this could be a deal breaker to get a decision.

Main marketing research is still needing completion and development nevertheless the consumer uses all the classic aspects adjacent the getting a vehicle and also a whole host of concerns associated with the ground breaking nature from the product including but not restricted to:

Traditional car purchase factors


Price (real and hidden)


Passenger space

Cargo Space

Decision aspects specific to Hydrogen Gas Cell Automobile

Are other substitute vehicles better or the same

Consumer level review data specific to technology

Balance technology issues like accessibility to fuel

Fuel manufacture/sourcing/distribution and safety issues

Availability, timetable and cost of services and protection

Endorsement by industry experts

Wait times intended for delivery

The availability of the information and the ease of its gain access to will weigh heavily in the decision making process. Additional support study specific to the individual motor vehicle must also be accessible with the consumer level and go live prior to the introduction of the vehicle to the industry.


Attitudes consist of values, affect, and behavioral intentions. The latter category involves strategies to both forego obtaining in this product category, shopping for our company with or without a free one, shopping for only a competing product, or pursuing further search. Affect is important here seeing that use of the product is encouraged by a desire on the part of customers to utilize and support technology that is better for the environment than what happens to be available, i actually. e. whether traditional burning engine car or one of many alternatives. There are several competing brands associated with the Hydrogen Fuel Cellular Vehicle and it would be basically unwise to produce such a car without manufacturer recognition from a single of the significant auto producers. This is a top involvement item as consumers will be likely to seek out as much information as possible prior to a decision is done. Consumer belief regarding the ought to make a change is excessive, currently and can likely support such a venture but the conflicting info and diverse ideation about alternative technology will also probably cloud the decisions production process and require mitigation on the part of stakeholders. Behavioral intentions will be therefore influenced by values and can be supported toward the Hydrogen Gas Cell Automobile decision in the event that appropriate marketing and sales communications and details is given to the consumer on the right time periods of the process. Managerial implications for this merchandise are many and broad, most of all more market research data must be collected and analyzed to determine the efficacy and cost effectiveness of this technology. Grants, rebates and also other government support may need to end up being sought to develop the system needed to support the product and support the consumer in his or her bid to use this. The counteract costs might ultimately associated with project a budget success, with all the appropriate things to consider for loss and additional r and d taken into consideration. It is a good choice to help make the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle available by simply rental/lease only as it mitigates and conveniences the

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