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Exec Summary

Homely Care gives assisted living solutions intended for aged individuals and older adults. Comfortable Care is definitely devoted to rendering superlative as well as the highest quality attention level to California senior citizens who require or desire an assisted living service. Homely Care is situated within an ideal environment in the community of Roseville in California. The residents experience enjoyable circumstances of a blend of both seaside and inland climates. These kinds of weather can be deemed well suited for seniors who may be experiencing illnesses such as arthritis, discomfort in different important joints in the body, or are vulnerable to cold weather. This is considered to become a prime site for the business enterprise owing to the significantly increasing number of seniors individuals in california.

The legal form of possession of Homely Care will take up a small Liability Organization (LLC) composition. The main reason for selecting this legal form is the fact there is protection from personal the liability and therefore, exclusively the amount of money set by the investors into the organization will be at risk. Homely Treatment has a exclusive advantage as compared with other typically major and fewer personal mature assisted living facilities and specifically concentrates in the capacity of providing an exceedingly dangerous of attention in a relatively smaller environment that is more personalized and lays focus on the citizens. Homely Proper care provides assistance to the citizens with their everyday activities that comprise of aiding in taking medication , meals, reminders, physical therapy and also personal grooming. Additionally , Homely Attention provides the occupants with a transform for going through entertainment, subsisting with people of the same bracket, companionship and activities that enable such senior visitors to enjoy and attain self-actualization. An objective of Homely Care is to present residents with aspects, which are a privatized facility which has a home-like sense amalgamated with the companionship and activities that the major facility provides.

The management and organizational crew within the corporation will include the CEO, assisted living administrator, potential manager, fund and accounting manager and cleaners and home assists. Residents of Homely proper care will have accessibility to the facilitys swimming pool and spa, both of which are fitted out with an People in america with Afflictions Act (ADA) amenable lift up for those seniors experiencing difficulties whilst trying to enter the pool area or day spa area. Homely Care can provide residents with three dishes and two snacks on an everyday basis. Those not able to take medicine on their own will be assisted by staff based on the slated times to look at medicine.

Month-to-month pricing for Homely Attention will be $3, 000 each month, with extra monthly expenses for particular products and services while outlined below. Furthermore, the facility charge the citizens a one time pre-admission fee of $1, 500. In terms of the income to be generated by Comfortable Care, just about every resident within the facility will probably pay $3, 500 per month. As a whole, there will be twenty-five residents within the facility, which in turn implies that the annual income is $1, 050, 500. The total expenses will be $596, 000, $641, 000, and $663, 500 for three years correspondingly. In terms of development and growth, Homely Attention purposes to spread out a second service in the third year of operation. Especially, this second facility will give you residents together with the similar top quality services and make certain that there is a quality lifestyle away from their homes. In addition , the company ideas to broaden the current service from twenty-five residents to 50 residents through building new set ups that will be capable of cater for this kind of increased numbers

General Organization Description

Homely Care can be an organization that is set on offering assisted living or house care providers to the aged in the state of California. At this time, there is a greater number of old individuals in need of assisted living services and Homely Proper care is interested in ensuring that this kind of needs are met with the very best quality level possible.

Vision Statement

Our eye-sight is to be the very best and most suitable option in the market with regard to aided living in the whole of A bunch of states and to become ranked between the top 10 aided living facility service present in the entire nation over the following decade.

Mission Statement

Comfortable Care with the business of building and improving a excellent assisted living facility support that will give exceptional care at an cost effective price, carrying out industry best practices to augment the caliber of life pertaining to the facilitys residents.

Companys Goals and Objectives

1 . To provide a safe environment for senior and elderly individuals

2 . To advertise both mental and physical health

a few. To provide a quality level of attention that exceeds our peers

4. To generate profit through the quality of care we render

Organization Philosophy

To provide senior and elderly persons with a affordable alternative to investing in assistance in the home or living in a greater, significantly less personal facility, and at precisely the same tile augmenting the quality of existence of the folks.

Companys exclusive features

One of the unique highlights of Homely Proper care is that unlike other companies in the commercial, we focus on providing personalized care to any or all residents in the facility. Particularly, Homely Care will ensure that every resident will get the highest quality of care constantly and will be manufactured to satisfy these people based on individual needs. Basically, Homely Care will make sure that if an individual requires physical therapy or perhaps companionship, supply of medication , or self-actualization, such needs shall be tackled and satisfied. In addition , Homely Care guarantees that all of their personnel operating within the center have been vetted, trained and educated about all important issues regarding helped living. This will likely guarantee the protection of all residents and also surety that they are well taken care of.

Legal form of control

The legal form of control of Comfortable Care will take up a restricted Liability Company (LLC) structure. The main reason for choosing this legal form is the fact there is defense against personal liability and therefore, exclusively the amount of money put by the shareholders into the firm will be in danger. In addition , in case Homely Proper care opens up distinct facilities in the foreseeable future, they will be proven as separate LLCs in every of their spots. In addition , with this kind of legal structure, it will be possible to charm to trader with conceivably a greater portion of the profits compared to all their initial investment. Therefore , this will likely make it possible to get greater money during organization expansion.

Location of administrative office

The administrative office for Homely Cares facility will be situated in the community of Roseville in the state of California. It is expected that due to the more and more senior persons in the condition, Homely Care will be able to include filled potential in terms of residents throughout the year.

Administration and Business

The administration team of Homely Care is defined as follows in a hierarchical manner starting from the most notable. This section is going to outline their roles and responsibilities in the organization.


1 . Creating, conveying and executing the organizations perspective, mission and general way. That is, shepherding the development and execution with the organizations technique as a whole.

installment payments on your Responsible for providing direction intended for the business

several. Facilitating supervision efficacy through incessant recruitment, selection, schooling, coaching, counseling, and castigating managers

some. Communicating approaches, goals and objectives with the company

your five. Assigning responsibilities, planning, and critiquing work outcomes

6th. Responsible for the determination with the prices intended for the services delivered and putting your signature on business discounts

7. Responsible for signing and checks and documents in the best interests in the company

eight. Assessing the achievements of the company

on the lookout for. Providing likely and complete reports towards the board of directors

Assisted Living Officer (Administration and Human Resources Manager)

1 . In charge of supervising the free-flowing operating of human resources and administrative undertakings intended for the company.

installment payments on your The designing of task descriptions and responsibilities with key overall performance indicators (KPIs) to assist in performance management

3. Carry out meetings while using various stakeholders to ascertain the efficacy of human resource procedures, practices and processes.

four. Accountable for teaching, assessing and appraising of personnel

your five. Delineating work positions within the company for recruitment and overseeing the interviewing method

6. Starting induction in the company personnel for the newest members

six. Accountable for the arrangement of employee movements, meetings and appointments

almost eight. Administering the graceful running from the everyday business office activities

Potential Manager

1 . Responsible for identifying, prioritizing and pursuing new business and business prospects

2 . Ascertaining creation prospects and conducting client follow-ups

three or more. Outlining powerful proposal paperwork, partaking in fee arbitration that are in tandem with the organizations policy

four. Accountable for dealing with business research

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