This naturally occurring plant is considered to have originated in the Himalayan Mountains. Today, Medical Weed is regulated to an magnitude and provides helped various people affected by symptoms of numerous medical ailments. B. Rapport (Show the group how they can correspond with your topic): Raise your hand if you have employed marijuana and they are familiar with it is effects. [PAUSE] So , we can all find it conceivable that there can be some medical use for doing it, right? Pot is a medical option for anyone who has cannabinoid receptors in their mind.

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Who may have cannabinoid receptors in their mind? Good issue; The truth is, many of us do. Inside all of our minds are pain that make it conceivable to effectively receive and process cannabis. These receptors are ideally located in the basal ganglia, the hippocampus, and the cerebellum. The places of these pain are interesting because they are situated in the areas of the brain which might be responsible for creating feelings of euphoria, leisure, and being hungry, the same emotions that THC produces.

And so the receptors will be almost there in order to “Receive help in the event that those regions of the brain want it. Which should be really nice to get the other areas of the head to see mainly because like, they’re the only kinds with a back-up-plan. (THC and cannabinoid properties are mentioned in even more detail in your body of my speech) Credibility (Establish and briefly describe how you happen to be credible to give information on this topic): I had been raised simply by doctors.

Therefore , as you can imagine, my home is filled with medicalbooks. I have been in a position to access the most cutting-edge medical data with this topic. Therefore take me seriously! Is actually not as basically went to “imapothead. com or something. The majority of the information We am giving you is through the following resources: My 1st source originates from Dr . Daniele Poimelli’s “Cannabinoids article from your ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) conference on Neurorestoration. My personal 2nd resource comes from ” Gerald Gianutsos and his document, “Medical Cannabis: Therapeutic Uses and Legal Status.  on Uspharmacist. com.

My personal 3rd way to obtain information can be from a peice I found about rxmarijuana. com: “Marijuana and Epilepsy by simply Tim and Pattie Shellman.  The rest of my personal sources will be listed in my personal bibliography. Bridge (Transition in the body of your topic): Today, I will talk about the five main factors to understanding marijuana’s function in remedies: 1) Review of Marijuana 2) Symptoms Remedied. 3) Specific modes of administration. 4) Benefits of use. 5) Risks to use.

II. Body:

Transition: In order to become knowledgeable about the medical impact of marijuana, we have to first offer an overview of the rose and its psychoactive ingredient

A. Overview of Marijuana and it’s substance actions:

Human beings initially grown and utilized the marijuana plant to create different kinds of fabric for years. The psychoactive homes remained unfamiliar until Napoleon’s troops went back from Egypt and reported of peculiar psychotropic experiences. Following this discovery, various insights for the plant began to unravel and it was rapidly introduced to the medical community.

After a extremely time-consuming analysis process, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinoil (THC) was isolated from your Cannabis flower much just like Morphine was isolated from your Poppy. The psychoactive houses of THC were quickly recognized, yet , because of the drug’s unique substance structure, it is mechanism of action was obviously a mystery.

More research was done. Since it turns out, THC has a very surprising device of action: THC-sensitive sites in the mind! This means that THC and these kinds of receptors bind together such as the last two components of a dilemna. The process of THC being approved by cannabinoidreceptors is a TWO KEY SYSTEM: At each radio terminal, you will find 2 cannabinoid receptors. A few call all of them CB1 and CB2. CB1 is (in summary) the receptor that creates the “high linked to the drug. However CB2 is a receptor that could ultimately release THC’s medical benefits.

The barrier is this: CB2 is locked up inside of the cell. CB1 is sitting down on the cell wall. Therefore in order to reach CB2, we all first have to unlock CB1. So , each goes hand-in-hand, like a package deal. At this time, scientists happen to be researching and trying to find a way to uncover CB2 without unlocking CB1, this would have the ability to feel the medical advantage of marijuana, without sense that inebriating high.

That research is a work in progress and may hopefully succeed someday. Until then, THC binds with cannabinoid receptors and triggers neurons. This creates intellectual changes in the human brain and physical changes in the body. These changes are helpful when the brain/body experience issues to the natural stream.

Transition: Now that we are knowledgeable about the plant and its medical homes, let’s have a look at the specific symptoms it can be used to take care of

B. Symptoms treated

1 ) Pain Managing

2 . Nausea

3. Appetite Stimulant

4. Epileptic Seizures

Transition: Given that we have a concept of what disease therapies marijuana will help with, we can now check out the different possibilities for taking the medication.

C. Specific settings of operations.

a. Smoke cigarettes inhalation

b. Water vapor inhalation

c. Tincture/Topical Oils

d. Tonic/Drinkable Liquids

e. Mouth ingestion/Food & Pill Varieties

Transition: Now that we have an over-all understanding of the plant’s medical potential and delivery methods, we can always the facts of the drug.

D. Benefits associated with use

1 ) Pain connected with carpel-tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis, and other health conditions that induce persistent pain

2 . Sleep problems associated with sleep disorders

several. Panic Attacks associated with anxiety disorders

4. Nausea and Lack of Appetite connected with Cancer and Chemotherapy 5. Seizures connected with Epilepsy

Move: Now that were familiar with the medical benefits of marijuana, we can take a look at the hazards associated with use.


1 . Increased Threshold

2 . Psychological Dependence

a few. Respiratory Disturbances

4. Adverse Effects

5. Drug Interactions


After this brief introduction to marijuana’s medical properties, uses, and methods of government, along with the rewards and dangers of its use, you should have a better understanding of the significance of marijuana for diseases and managing symptoms. So , next time you hear discussion posts involving the “evils of medical marijuana, you may want to ask yourself how evil the use of a naturally occurring plant in an effort to combat human suffering is really.


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