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Prevent Another 911

What to Do to stop Another 9/11 and How to Deal with the War on Terror

Upon September 14, 2001, al-Qaeda caught many Americans off safeguard. With the exception of a few intelligence officers and political figures who had entry to classified details, no one dreamed of that a international terrorist corporation could strike the United States with such an accurate and lethal strike. The attack still left around a few, 000 Us citizens dead, numerous others crippled and scarred (both physically and psychologically) induced billions of us dollars worth harm to American persons and the condition, and essentially affected the American society. In response to 9/11, the U. H. government removed a battle with terror to prevent another assault and defeat terrorism once and forever. The effort ended up being partly powerful – simply no attack have been carried out against America upon its garden soil since then – and partly a failure since al-Qaeda still exists plus the threat of terrorism against America has not disappeared. Consequently , much must be done to defeat terrorism. With this paper, Let me delve into certain policies the fact that U. T. government must pursue to achieve success in these initiatives.

What to do in order to avoid another 9/11 and how to deal with the battle with terror? This is certainly a question that will bother the majority of Americans yet unfortunately that. As Tanker Coaty (2009) writes in his book Understanding the War on Fear, most Americans respond to the question of war on terror using a mixture of ignorance and apathy. This is not the particular fault of individuals. The government often wants residents to be basically busy using their daily activities. Some days after 9/11, Chief executive George Watts. Bush informed the American people “to go home and go shopping. inches This has triggered a number of problems. Many Americans through years remained ignorant of war on dread and when time came for a few sacrifices, metric scale system began to balk at federal government out of ignorance the fact that United States was fighting a “fictitious” battle with terror (to mention a single out of any long list of outlandish conspiratorial theories). Community apathy as well led to lessening of the focus on war on fear. Many politicians, public intellectuals, and the multimedia commentators downplay the importance of fighting against terror. As an example, during the primary stage of war on dread, at the time when there was bipartisan consensus on most of the concerns and the planet’s sympathy with all the United States, Chief executive Bush made a decision to talk about issues of lesser significance just like Social Protection, letting “the country re-focus off the War on Terror” (Coaty 140).

If I were in charge, I would make the war on dread a number one goal again. It is crucial for the federal government and the public to appreciate that we have reached war and it is real. The threat emanating from al-Qaeda is of huge proportions, unmatched, calculated. You cannot find any room intended for failure and inaction right here. Al-Qaeda is not timid of employing every cunning method at their disposal to deteriorate and injure America. Whilst suicide problems are dangerous enough, al-Qaeda has which may have many other options the operators could resort to. Osama bin Laden’s first employees were not players but substance scientists in the former Soviet Union. Trash can Laden utilized them to generate the most fatal type of heroine with three purposes at heart: earn convenient money, weaken societies in Western The european union and The united states, and to prove that the West was tainted, thus justifying “attacks against the West and particularly the Combined States” (Coaty 98). A lot more dangerous is definitely the threat of nuclear terrorism al-Qaeda might use to get rid of as many people as possible. By looking into making the battle with terror the number one priority, We would encourage the law enforcement organizations continue their struggle against prevention and defeat of terrorist organizations. I also would inspire the public to become socially and intellectually vested in the war on terror. If the public understands the magnitude of the risk and the actions of the law enforcement agencies, uncertainty over detrimental liberties as well as the questions of security between American government and the American people will be minimized.

In order to avoid another 9/11, I would set aside more resources for intelligence. Without right and successful intelligence, the U. S. military plus the law enforcement companies are more likely to dedicate errors. It can be clear given that there was intelligence failure at the rear of America’s decision to go to conflict against Korea in the year 2003. Saddam Hussein was a bring in of fear against Israel and he once acquired weapons of mass damage, but it been found there were not one at the time of attack. The warfare in War damaged America’s reputation around the globe and we also have shifted our focus off Afghanistan-Pakistan location where key al-Qaeda operatives were located. Without proper cleverness, the CIA and the FBI might mistakenly target and punish average voices amongst Muslims, impressive them in the act and further harmful America’s credibility. And finally, brains was crucial for finding Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts and liquidating him on May two, 2011.

Avoiding another 9/11 also needs granting police agencies with greater electricity. In times of conflict, the need to present citizens with civil liberties may clash with the ought to provide national security. I would personally prioritize nationwide security above civil liberties. As Coaty argues, the American Metabolic rate is “not a suicide pact. inch It assures civil liberties but , since terrorists have got proven to employ vulnerabilities in the American political system, it is essential to allow the law enforcement officials agencies do their job. This is not to talk about that I would disregard privacy and civil liberty concerns. Citizens’ privacy worries are validated. But nationwide security issues are undoubtedly more important. Times of war and crises may necessitate certain police intrusions in citizen privateness as a non permanent measure. Residents must be willing to give up many of these rights for the greater great – that is, security and safety in the nation plus the protection of democratic beliefs in the long run.

Regarding carrying out the war on dread, I would recommend a series of policies to make the use of the power and resources successful. I would spend more helpful Predator rhyme programs, Particular Forces operations, and targeted killings. These kinds of tactics are more efficient and effective compared to the full-scale use of the U. S. army. I would encourage the Our elected representatives and the public to pursue courses that would reduce our reliance on oil. Since support to get terrorist organizations come from Gulf States abundant with essential oil, decreasing the price of oil will cut the funds of al-Qaeda and also other terrorist companies. I would likewise implement functions intended to interrupt drug cartels that support al-Qaeda. Criminalizing and imposing high taxation on medicines might be one of many effective ways of decreasing the price tag on drugs and thus cutting options for funding intended for terrorist organizations that take advantage of illegal medication trading (Coaty, 139).

I might also re-evaluate our policy of support for Midsection Eastern authoritarian governments. Traditionally, the United States features supported repressive governments in the centre East that had been against Communism during the Chilly War. In the post-Cold War era, the U. H. has recognized repressive government authorities that conducted al-Qaeda. As the logic lurking behind such procedures is understandable, there is also a repercussion against these kinds of policies that will be detrimental to war on terror. For example , overthrowing the Iranian Prime Minister and installing the Shah of Iran in 1953 was obviously a deep “strategic mistake” (Coaty, 1974). The Shah’s clampdown, dominance of its population although receiving American aid generated resentments against America. Anti-American radicals always exploit these kinds of historical blunders in their promoción campaigns. Continuing to blindly support Middle section Eastern dictators will make it much more difficult for the United States to win the “hearts

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