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Fast Food Country

Effects of technology on personal, national, and global levels in “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser

Joshua Schlosser, in the expose entitled, “Fast Foodstuff Nation: The dark side of the all- American meal, inches had revealed to the general public information about the fast food market, practices and facts that illustrated just how, with the advent of new solutions, negative effects abound that threatened the well being of human society, who also are consumers as well. This kind of discovery was implicitly reviewed in the book, using the context from the fast food sector as an example by which technology had proved to be more harmful to humanity than the purported rewards.

The effects of technology are immediately linked with the emergence and development of the fast food sector; its result surpasses the private and national to include the global level too. With the advancement machinery that made possible making, more products are made daily, with surplus that led to the creation of other industrial sectors that utilized the excess companies merchandise developed.

One of these successful industries is the fast food market, which applied food production, packaging, and service companies in order to run daily. The interdependence of these industries had been increased with further developments in technology, wherein a fresh technology significant to one industry affects the performance of the other industries dependent upon it. Thus, the take out industry benefited from technology as advancements in manufacturing, farming, and services increased.

However , through the years, while Schlosser mentioned, technology acquired given more negative than positive effects to society plus the consumers. In his book, this individual outlined the different sectors in the society that were affected by unhealthy practices tolerated in the fast food industry. These bad procedures happen on the personal, countrywide, and global levels, bad practices caused by the usage of fresh technologies in the market.

At the personal level, technology had influenced the take out industry by introducing fresh chemicals that improved the ‘flavors’ of food products available in fast food establishments. Schlosser mentioned how the “lack of general public disclosure” about the chemicals contained within foods that provide these people their ‘delicious’ flavor demonstrated reflected just how technology caused it to be possible for substance production end up being regarded as safe individually, though harmful to the health when put together to produce these food chemicals and flavours. As stated in the book, “… Following dosing my own eyes, I suddenly smelled a grilled hamburger. The aroma was uncanny, almost amazing. It smelled like an individual in the room was flipping burgers on a

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