P1- describe the types of dementia

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In this job I am going to be describing a few different types of dementia. I will be looking at Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia and Lewy body dementia. I will be taking a look at what these kinds of dementias will be, what the symptoms are and what the symptoms are.

Dementia is a common state that influences 800, 1000 people in the UK, someone’s risk of developing dementia increases as you may get older plus the condition usually occurs in individuals over the age of 65 years old.

Dementia is a syndrome associated with on-going decline of the brain and its particular abilities. This can include problems with memory space loss, thinking, speed, mental agility, terminology, understanding and judgement. Individuals with dementia can be apathetic or perhaps uninterested in their usual initiates and have challenges controlling their emotions. They might also discover social situations challenging. Dementia develops when parts of the brain that are affiliated with learning, storage, descion making and vocabulary are affected by damage or disease.

(www.nhschoices/dementia.com) Alzheimer ‘s disease

This is the most popular cause of dementia. During the course of the disease, the biochemistry and biology and framework of the human brain changes ultimately causing death of brain cellsYoung, C. (2001) English Heritage position statement on the Valletta Convention, [Online], Available: http://www.archaeol.freeuk.com/EHPostionStatement.htm [24 August 2001]. ) Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia affecting about 496, 00 people in the united kingdom. Alzheimer’s disease was first referred to by a The german language neurologist Dr Alois Alzheimer. Alzheimer’s disease is a physical disease with the brain. During the disease plaques and tangles develop inside the brain leading to death with the brain cellular material. We likewise know that people who have Alzheimer’s disease have a shortage of several important chemicals which are linked to transmitting communications within the human brain. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition and symptoms become worse over time. (http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scripts/services_info.php?serviceID=7) People in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease may knowledge lapses ofmemory and have challenges finding the right terms. As the disease progresses they might become mixed up and frequently forget the names of folks, places and appointments and recent events. Elizabeth experience mood swings, feel sad or furious or frightened and annoyed by their raising memory damage.

They may become more withdrawn, thanks either into a loss of confidence or to conversation problems. They could have difficulty carrying out everyday actions, they may acquire muddled looking at their modify at the outlets or become unsure tips on how to work the television remote. As the disease advances people with Alzheimer’s will need more support from those who look after them. Ultimately they will helping you with all their particular daily activities (IBID). While there couple of common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, its important to remember that most people are unique, not any two people probably experience Alzheimer’s disease in the same manner. Alzheimer’s disease usually commences gradually with very minimal changes in the person’s abilities or behaviour. At the moment such sings are often incorrectly attributed to tension or bereavement or in older people to the normally technique of ageing.

It is only when looking back that people realise that these signs were probably the beginnings of dementia. Loss of memory for latest events is a common early signal. Someone with Alzheimer’s might forget about latest conversations, do it again themselves, turn into slower at grasping fresh ideas, drop the thread of precisely what is being stated, sometimes turn into confused, show poor reasoning or believe it is harder to make decisions. The person can also become troubled and agitated. They may experience distress more than their failing to manage and may need a few reassurance. If this sounds the case that they you might have to talk to them and provide them all the emotional support as you can. (http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scripts/services_info.php?serviceID=7) Some symptoms of Alzheimer’s Illnesses are:

¢Regularly forgetting the latest events, labels and confronts.

¢Regularly misplacing products or putting them in odd areas. ¢Confusion about the time of day.

¢Disorientation, especially from your normal surroundings. ¢Getting lost.

¢Problems finding the right words.

¢Reduced judgement, for example , getting unaware of threat. ¢Mood or behaviour problems such as apathy, irritability, or losing assurance.

(http://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org/dementia-types/10000/alzheimers-disease/#acc0/) There is continue to a lot to find out about what causes Alzheimer’s. Scientists be aware that during Alzheimer’s two irregular proteins build in the head. They discussion board clumps known as either plaques or troubles. These plaques and troubles interfere with how the brain cells work and communicate with each other. These plaques are generally first noticed in the area from the brain which enables new recollections. A lot of research is aimed at finding methods to stop these kinds of proteins inside their tracks and protect mind cells via harm. (http://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org/dementia-types/10000/alzheimers-disease/#acc0/) Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia is a common kind of dementia that affects more than 111, 00 people in britain. The term dementia describes a loss of mental ability connected with gradual death of head cells. Vascular dementia is definitely caused by reduced blood flow towards the brain since there is a problem with blood vessels that offer it. Elements of the brain become damaged and in the end die via lack of oxygen and nutrients. However contrary to other forms of dementia many cases of vascular dementia could be prevented. Many of vascular dementia get started with early warning signs that can be cured. This early on stage is called vascular intellectual impairment. If the disease is usually caught at this time, the brain degeneration can be halted and vascular dementia can be prevented. Individuals with vascular cognitive impairment can start to show dementia symptoms, such as slowness of thought, problems with planning, memory damage, trouble with language and mood or perhaps behavioural adjustments.

These symptoms indicate that some human brain damage has already occurred and desires to be cured immediately. (www.bbc/vasculardementia/symptoms.com) Once vascular cognitive disability progresses to vascular dementia the disease can only be slowed down, not stopped. At this stage the dementia symptoms will usually become much more clear and may become worse simply by depression. The exact symptoms depends on which areas of the brain have already been affected. The most typical causes of vascular dementia is usually narrowing and blockage with the small veins deep inside the brain. The medical name with this is subcortical vascular dementia or small vessel disease. Most cases of small vessels disease derive from inheriting certain genes from your parents, therefore it is often seen running in families. Persistent hypertension isthought to try out a role and many worsen the illness.

Because of large influence an excellent source of blood pressure, vascular dementia can be partly avoidable. Managing heart disease, losing excessive fat and halting smoking may possibly reduce your likelihood of developing the disease or at least sluggish its advancement. Vascular dementia is more prevalent in males and usually starts before the associated with 75. It is additionally more common between Asian and black Caribbean people, most likely because equally groups are more prone to heart disease. (www.nhschoices/dementia/vasculardementia.com) Symptoms of vascular dementia

Vascular dementia affects differing people in different methods and the acceleration of the progression varies from individual to individual. Typically the indications of vascular dementia begin suddenly for example after a stroke. Vascular dementia typically followed a stepped progression, with the symptoms remaining for a constant level for a time then suddenly going down hill. Some symptoms may be a lot like those of various dementia just like Alzheimer’s disease. However people with vascular dementia may especially experience: (www.nhschoices/dementia/vascularsymptoms.com) Problems with acceleration of pondering, concentration and communication Major depression and stress accompanying the dementia

Indications of stroke, such as physical weakness or paralysis

Recollection problem


Periods of severe serious confusion

Other symptoms associated with vascular dementia may include: Visual faults and misperceptions for example discovering a rag as a pound Change in conduct such as trouble sleeping

Problems with walking and unsteadiness

Hallucinations and delusions

Problems with continence

Psychological symptoms including becoming more obsessive

It is crucial to note that some of these symptoms may not often be direct outcomes of the disease. Other factors also can play a part, such as visual misperceptions may be the result of poor fast or the particular

a way home continues to be decorated plus some behavioural changed may be a result of care demands not being completely met. (www.nhschoices/dementia/vasculardementa.com)

Dementia with lewy systems

Dementia with lewy bodies is a form of dementia that stocks and shares a attributes with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. This accounts for around ten percent of all instances of dementia in seniors and is commonly under clinically diagnosed. Dementia with lewy body is sometimes known by other names, including lewy body system dementia, lewy body version of Alzheimer’s disease, dissipate lewy body system disease, cortical lewy physique disease and senile dementia of lewy body type. All of these terms label the same disorder. Dementia with lewy physiques appears to influence men and women equally. As with every forms of dementia it is more widespread in people older than 65. Yet, in certain exceptional cases persons under 66 may develop lewy body. (www.nhschoices/lewybody.com) Lewy bodies are abnormal tiny protein deposit in the brain that disturb the brain’s normal performing causing it to little by little deteriorate. The results include a degradation of intellectual functioning, just like Alzheimer’s disease or a wreckage of electric motor control, just like Parkinson’s disease.

Lewy systems are named after Frederick Lewy who initial observed all their effects. Lewy body dementia can start in another way in people. Sometimes those with Lewy body dementia initially have a motion disorder that looks like Parkinson’s but later they also develop dementia symptoms. Other include memory disorder that appears like Alzheimer’s but they later develop hallucinations and other behaviour complications. Over time people who have Lewy body dementia create a spectrum of problems that consist of great variants in focus and alertness from day to day, recurrent visual hallucinations, shuffling running, tremors and blank expression along with assorted sleep disorders. (http://www.helpguide.org/elder/lewy_body_disease.htm) The symptoms of Lewy physique dementia is going to worsen overtime, however,. In general, Lewy body dementia progresses at about the same level as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Despite the terme conseillé, however , you will find symptoms that indicate the disorder is definitely Lewy human body dementia rather than other dementias and the big difference is important. A lot of signs of Lewy body dementia may include: Mental decline- Lewy bodypatients may possibly experience reduced alertness and lowered attention span. Persistent visual hallucinations or depression- hallucinations, generally related to people or animals, occur in many Lewy physique dementia patients.

Depression is also common. Raising problems managing the tasks of daily living- tasks that used to be simple can become difficult for a person with Lewy human body dementia. Repeated falls and sleep disturbances- this includes sleeping disorders and operating out dreams. Fluctuations in autonomic processes- this includes blood pressure, body temperature, urinary difficulties, obstipation, and problems swallowing. (www.helpguyid/lewybody/dementia.com) The progress of symptoms will depend to a extent within the person’s individuality and the health. Home based help will be needed and some persons will eventually need non commercial care in a nursing residence. The average your survival after moments of diagnosis is similar to that of Alzheimer’s about 8 years. However as with Alzheimer’s disease this can be highly variable in different people. (www.nhschoices/lewybody/dementia.com)

At the moment there is no get rid of for dementia with Lewy bodies. Symptoms such as hallucinations may minimize if questioned, but it can be quite unhelpful to try persuasive the person that there is nothing right now there. It is sometimes better to try to provide peace of mind and alternate distractions. (http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scripts/documents_info.php?documentID=113) In this task I have discovered that there are a number of forms of dementia all with different signs and symptoms, My spouse and i learnt that some indications can be misinterpret to other conditions and sometimes it can be hard to pick up dementia until it is actually late. I possess also learnt that some dementia can overlap with other types of dementia and with other conditions.


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