Take a look at Inspector Gooles and Mr Birlings attitudes to world and specifically their behaviour to Avoi Smith. Consider Priestleys message.  Inspector Gooles and Mr Birlings perceptions to society contrast hugely. Their different way of life and specially the different manner in which they view the life and death of Eva Johnson is central to the takes on theme. The goal of the play is to communicate an important communication about interpersonal responsibility for the audience in fact it is the different attitudes of Inspector Goole and the older members with the Birling family members particularly Mr Birling which will bring home this message.

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Mister Birling is not concerned with about any person except him self and his family members. He will not really face up to the result of his own actions on other people even when they have tragic implications as in the truth of Avoi Smiths suicide. Inspector Goole on the other hand includes a high consider for individuals wherever they come coming from in culture and firmly believes cultural responsibility individuals goes hand in hand with advantage.

Early in the play we see Mr Birlings capitalist rules based on a process where exclusive individuals run businesses for private income. He looks forward to a time when ever Croft and Birling are working together pertaining to lower costs and higher prices. He sees himself like a hard went practical man of business and considers that moments ahead will be good since we companies are coming together to determine that our interests and the interests of Capital are properly protected. He’s opposed to employees having their say or striking pertaining to better circumstances or pay.

Mr Birling supports a really hierarchical society a class program and views himself tightly in the middle course and rising. He features married somebody who is socially superior. He’s pleased that his girl Sheila is marrying in old region family which has a title and comments to Gerald that he hopes to receive a knighthood soon demonstrating that he and his family are rising up the cultural scale. He can always talking about his very own status as being a successful entrepreneur, as a great Alderman, since former God Mayor and as a magistrate.

These all imply a lot to him as status symbols. On the other hand although Mr Birling provides reached positions of power in his organization life in addition to public lifestyle he will not show virtually any sign of social responsibility to go with them. He simply cannot see other points of look at, and has a very home satisfied and selfish watch of life. He remarks to Gerald and Eric: A man needs to make his own method and to take care of himselfthe way some of these cranks talk and write at this point, youd believe everyone has to look after everybody else as if we were almost all mixed up together like bees in a hive community and all that nonsense. He is resistant to change.

A couple of times during the enjoy we see examples of Mr Birling having twice standards. He could be quick to condemn Evas behavior, but can be willing to have some understanding when Gerald has an affair. When he understands that Richard has been robbing money in the firm his main fascination is to play down scandal: Ive have to cover this up as rapidly as I can Mr Birlings attitude to women is old fashioned. He will not seem to feel that they may have views of their own. When Andrea comes in while the Inspector is in the dining room this individual tells her to run along and accused the Inspector of distressing the child once she acknowledges the photography of Avoi Smith. He also attempts to shield his wife from any involvement with the Inspector and the truth about his sons involvement with Eva Smith.

Every one of Mr Birlings attitudes to society come together in his take care of Eva Smith. She was a spokeswoman by a lower course of society asking for a tiny pay go up at the factory so Mister Birling sacked her though she was a good employee. At no time may he notice that his action contributed to Evas suicide. He shows no remorse and distances him self from exactly what happens to her. As incidents unfold his only matter is to hide any public scandal and ensure that his chance of a knighthood is definitely not ruined.  Inspector Goole is a socialist that is convinced that everyone has individual responsibility for others in the neighborhood. He plainly has sympathy with lowly paid workers like Eva and supports their moderate approach in trying to get an affordable wage. He comments, it is better to ask for the entire world than to adopt it this means that he’s moderate, certainly not revolutionary.

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