Part A

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What is moral practice in counseling? How is this mirrored in the abilities, competencies and qualities of an effective counselor?

Ethical practice within guidance is practice that adheres to a rigid set of recommendations created for the objective of ensuring affected person and client safety as well as maximizing the entire outcome from the therapy classes.

These suggestions are essential perhaps the counselling going on is within professional derestriction or among friends and acquaintances.

This essay should outline the value of these honest guidelines and the boundaries they will create.

It will likewise take a look at the abilities and methods that counsellor’s use and develop to maintain theses restrictions safely and reasonably.

The honest framework t aim and purpose is always to shape the practice of counselling to a safe, watched and effective treatment. Because of the trust in place between client and doctor, as well as the vulnerability of those looking for therapy, extra care should be taken to shield their mental and physically well-being.

The framework is also utilized to help with the clients appreciate of the treatment involved and enable the counselor to discuss period times and costs effortlessly.

‘Ownership and responsibility to train ethically is definitely an individual process’ British Affiliation for Coaching and Psychotherapy (2013). Meaning that, although the moral framework is important to all coaching and therapy, the practices and abilities used by the pros within these types of sessions will be put in place and used in their own discretion depending on the person clients requirements.

The first part of this kind of essay will focus on some of the main points inside the British Connection of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s ethical structure and how they can be maintained applying particular procedures and attributes.


One of the many ways that ethical counseling may be maintained can be through the appropriate use of customer counsellor boundaries. This practice can be relevant in specialist and friendly counselling periods. It is very important the counsellor makes clear the boundaries between themselves and their client and also exactly what they will entail. This can be session instances and costs as well as their aims to get the treatment experience. This can be essential to steer clear of confusion and upset afterwards in remedy. McLeod, M (2008) These types of boundaries are often discussed and outlined throughout the first counseling session, even though may need to become discussed and adjusted at a later time. It is important to notice that these limitations are and can be different for each and every client. Such as some may well benefit from having the additional support of learning they can get in touch with their therapist outside of coaching sessions, although in some circumstances this may enhance the individual in becoming simply too reliant on the therapist and therefore prohibit them from making positive measures.

Another important border to clarified is that of precisely what is being offered. This may be especially important if the counseling is happening between friends and nothing higher than a listening ear is being offered. It is therefore required and prevalent for a mental agreement to take place to protect these concerned and to form a base for a trusting relationship to start with. McLeod, M (2008) Through time these kinds of boundaries will probably be pushed and stretched since the client depends and connects more with the therapist. It is therefore important that the therapist is not only kind and reassuring, although is personal aware for both a personal and specialist level because they will be required to recognise the moment boundaries are being overstepped and ensure that relationships usually do not occur or perhaps change as a result of personal interests.

In line with boundaries, at the end of every session a counsellor may well request a press release of logic from the consumer. This and also summarizing can help confirm the end of program boundary and also ensure the consumer that the counsellor is trying to comprehend the situation as best they can.

Staying Trustworthy/Confidentiality

Much like boundaries, getting trustworthy and therefore confidentiality is vital to create as well as the client counsellor relationship whether or not it is happening professionally or as friends.

Without the trust associated with confidentiality, successful remedy cannot occur, as a customer will not talk freely regarding personal issues without that reassurance.

Based on the framework presented by United kingdom Association to get Counselling and Psychotherapy (2013), all information shared in a counselling situation, needs to be kept firmly confidential constantly, except when the counsellor has evidence to create them think that the customers or another person’s safety are at risk. The acting specialist must even so discuss the knowledge with the person to try and resolve the issue with out breaking trust. The writing of information can be therefore a final call motive to prevent harm when all other attempts in reason have been unsuccessful. It is crucial to note the fact that client/patient must be informed in advance that their information can be being/will be disclosed to the relevant folks.

Confidentiality is essential for creating integrity between the client and counsellor and in buy for trust to develop at its maximum potential, it is vital that the counsellor appears to be trust worthy and snacks the client with the upmost respect. One way which a counsellor might encourage their patient to trust in these people and feel comfortable is through the common spoken communication known as paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is a method used generally amongst counselors that require the counsellor to briefly duplicate the consumers issue to get verification, reaffirm trust and also to allow the therapist to confirm tot the consumer that they are listening and trying to understand completely.


To maximize the results from therapy, counsellors will be deterred from givingtheir consumers advice. The British Connection for Guidance and Psychiatric therapy (2013) framework states it is rarely ideal or a good idea as a counsellor to give suggestions during beneficial sessions and that it is a lot more advisable to encourage individuals to develop their particular advise or perhaps plans. This links within another ethical principle within counselling that states the fact that clients needs to be encouraged to produce and make use of their own project and intuition. By pushing this behavior, over time, the counsellor will find that the customer’s confidence and rationality can rise.

Counsellors may use a number of verbal and nonverbal connection skills to help their client/patient build after their project and progress with their treatment.

One way that a therapist may encourage their patient to develop their own guidance and arrive to their individual confusion is usually through the requesting of open questions. Though it is important to remember that concerns should be kept to a minimum through sessions, wide open questions may be necessary to nudge a client in exploring worries and specific activities additional. McLeod, T (2008).

To be successful with requesting the correct open up questions, the counsellor would have to be very strong willed and honest to stop them via asking inquiries to satisfy their own personal curiosity.

Non-maleficence/ Emotional and Mental Safety.

All the ethical tutorials mentioned combined ensure the protection of the consumer and counsellor whilst preserving their pride. Client protection is extremely important and it is important that the customer feel they can full communicate their mental needs and feelings without fear of common sense, betrayal or ridicule. Two practices have been completely mentioned which can help build the relationship and trust between the client and counsellor. It is important during counselling classes that the counsellor has some sort of input, whether verbal (Paraphrasing) or nonverbal aspects of listening such as eye contact orhead actions. However , counsellors must consider great attention to adapt these methods and abilities to suit every single clients style as every single person’s requirements are different, such as a window blind client will require more verbal s acknowledgements, although some people prevent direct eye contact. Therefore the counsellor should act with and encourage sincerity.

To see how important all of these honest principles and practices are it is necessary to view the detrimental effect that awful unethical coaching may include on an specific. From the D171 Developing Counselling Skills DVD AND BLU-RAY it is evident to see the damage that the counsellors bad practice is having. From showing deficiencies in empathy, fascination and sincerity, the counsellor is eliminating patients’ self confidence and self-pride whilst mistreating all trust. The effect around the patient is definitely immediate and shows how even only the common courtesy of acknowledgement or reassurance can definitely make a difference for the mental balance of someone struggling. D171 Expanding Counselling DVD (2008)

To conclude, by being conscious of the adverse impact that counselling can easily so easily have upon the patient through negligence, it is necessary for ethics being reflected and maintained inside procedure to allow the successful treatment and practice of therapy. Also, it is important that counsellors skills and qualities echo these values and are utilized in according together with the guides to maximize the treatment specifications.


United kingdom Association intended for Counselling and Psychotherapy (2013). Ethical Platform for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, (Accessed 14/01/14).

McLeod, J (2008) Introduction to Counselling [Ed. D. Langdridge], Maidenhead/Milton Keynes, Open University or college Press/The Open University

The Open School (2008) D171 Developing Guidance Skills DVD, Milton

Keynes, The Open College or university.

Part B

Briefly decide how your own ethical beliefs, behaviors and principles have developed and why they are important.

I believe my patterns towards boundaries may have got changed. Completely never occurred to me how important limitations are within counselling and psychotherapy and realistically I often find myself staying ‘friends’ with people who have desired my help, when I may not have automatically wanted to.

I will definitely aim to make my own boundaries more clear down the road to minimize the risk of mixed signals. I think this can be definitely important, as it is unjust to allow anyone to believe they may have closeness with an individual whenever they may actually not. It is hard however to take care of that length when relaxing someone who is clearly troubled and disappointed and in want of affection and ease and comfort.

Self Evaluation

1) We definitely feel like I got to grips with the use of some of the counsellors practices, ie paraphrasing and open concerns and I truly feel I can very easily recognise when ever these are being used and when it might be suitable to work with them. 2) I quite definitely struggled together with the main textbook. I am an avid visitor and even though I was used to browsing very sophisticated material, I found that the method the textbook was written did not agree with me in any way. I found this very difficult to absorb and remove the content and located that it made me enjoy this kind of module a lot less than I think I would.


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