I wish to thank my parents for their undivided support and interest who also inspired myself and motivated me to travel my own approach, without which I would be unable to complete my project. Eventually but not the very least I want to give thanks to my friends who also appreciated myself for my work and motivated me personally and finally to God who have made all the things possible¦ Zee Entertainment Corporations Ltd It’s the second-largest American indian media and entertainment firm based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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This can be a subsidiary of the Essel Group. The company’s Chairman, Managing Overseer and Founding fathers are Subhash Chandra as well as its Chief Executive Officer can be Puneet Goenka.

Through their strong occurrence worldwide, Zee entertains over 670+ , 000, 000 viewers around 168 countries. History The company was launched on 15 Dec 1991 and was previously called Zee Telefilms until 2006, when it was renamed plus the news and entertainment models were spun off into four more compact divisions. Zee currently functions over 12-15 different tv channels, a cable firm Siticable, a list label Zee Records, a production company and other businesses as well.

It has extended operations in foreign countries, with several of its stations available in the UK and U. S. s well as Africa and Asia. In 2002 Zee Entertainment Companies acquired a number stake (51%) in AND SO ON Networks. In 2006, they attained Integrated Customer Management Companies Limited in addition to November 06\, Zee acquired an interest (50%) in Taj television

TEN Sports. In February 2010 Zee Entertainment Enterprises acquired an additional risk (95%) in TEN athletics. As Zee Telefilms, the business formed element of BSE Sensex from 2000-2005. The news and regional entertainment channel organization was spun off into another company 5 years ago under the corporate and business banner Zee News Ltd. 982 The corporation was included on 25th November, and it attained the Certificate of Commencement of Organization on fifth January 1983 as Empire Holdings Ltd. in the condition of Maharashtra. It was promoted by the Essel group of businesses, comprising Sanjay Badgamia, Vasant Parekh and Ashok Kothari. The main target of the organization business was of entertainment software. 1992 It entered into the business of entertainment software and consequently the identity was converted to ZEE Telefilms Ltd. The Company co-promoted Essel Packaging Ltd. the partnership company from the Essel group in 1982.

The organization produces/develops Hindi films, serials, game shows, children programmes etc . The business would likewise commission serials, game displays etc ., through directors/producers in contract basis, purchase legal rights of Hindi films, serials and other programs from the producers for a established period. 1993 ASSPL started to be a wholly owned or operated subsidiary with the Company. During the year, the Company entered into an agreement with all the Mauritius Transmitting Corporation for supply of program software to ZEE TELEVISION.

During Aug, the Company granted 89, twenty-eight, 000 privileges equity shares of Rs 10 each at reduced of Rs 20 per share in proportion 12: 1 ) Another 90, 00, 1000 shares had been offered at a premium of Rs 20 per share through prospectus as follows: 9, 00, 000 stocks and shares and twenty seven, 00, 500 shares available to allotment to FIIs and NRIs (repatriation basis) respectively. Only 21 years old, 90, three hundred, shares had been taken up simply by NRIs. Of the balance 15, 000 shares reserved for interest on helpful basis to employees (only 4, 100 shares used up).

Outstanding 45, 80, 000 stocks and shares along with 5, 15, 600 stocks not taken on were released to the public (of these types of 4, 98, 000 stocks and shares taken up by simply FIIs and 17, six-hundred shares simply by public). 1994 The Company marketed Siti Wire Venture for provision of integrated cable connection network facility to specific cable workers on a metropolis by metropolis basis and function as a town TV train station. The Company as well proposed to produce Pay TV industry and with this in view is usually jointly advertising Zee Cinema, the 1st Hindi video Pay TELEVISION Channel along with the News Corp 995 The organization along with NewsCorp’s promoted another company viz. Programme Asia Trading Company Personal Ltd. (PATCO) for programme supplies to EL TELEVISION SET and Zee Cinema Channel. Asia Today Ltd. and Zee Telefilms Ltd. entered into a sale and buy agreement to get production, purchase and supply of Hindustani entertainment application from India and export the same to Hong kong for transmitting this sort of software upon ZEE TELEVISION SET Channel. mil novecentos e noventa e seis Pref. shares redeemed throughout this year. 1997 3, 00, 000 pref. shares had been issued.

Walt Disney movement films will probably be telecast daily for two hours on Zee TV via February you following an agreement reached among Buena Windows vista Television India and Zee. In order to bring the first of its kind `Zee Cine Awards’ to millions of TV viewers throughout the world, the Zee Network offers tied up with the 150-year outdated world review major, Value Waterhouse (which incidentally may be the auditing company for the Oscar honours also) plus the market research company Gallup MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION. 1999 Within its expansion plans, ZTL will increase their authorised capital from Rs 50 to Rs 75 crore.

Zee Telefilms Ltd (ZTL) investors approved an increase in the company’s authorized share capital from Rs 50 crore to Rs 75 crore to safeguard itself from any fund shortfall required for the ambitious assignments envisaged when confronted with technological convergence. Subhash Chandra-promoted Zee Telefilms Ltd (ZTL) has involved in French main Canal As well as for its proposed digital TV service, a precursor to a KU-band direct-to-home (DTH) services. ZEE TV SET will release three new channels in Europe and commence broadcasts in eight regional languages in India during an action-packed six months enlargement programme.

Zee Telefilms Limited (ZTL) will eventually launch three English dialect channels, including a news channel called the Asian Media Network, thus taking head-on its partner-turned-competitor Star TELEVISION SET. Zee TV SET up to 99 has been functioning four channels, three that were being performed out of STAR TELEVISION SET facility in Hong Kong on lease basis. With the growth of the network into 11 channels, the launch in the DTO bridal bouquet and the Alpha channels such as English channels, a decision was taken to install a fully owned facility in Singapore that may play-out ten channels.

This facility was set up in a list time of 90 days and has become fully functional since middle of March 2000. In September 99, ZTL acquired Zee Multimedia system Worldwide Limited (ZMWL). Following this acquisition, all of the international functions including the broadcasting business of ZMWL received ZTL’s control. ZTL obtained NewsCorp’s fifty percent stake in Asia Today Limited (ATL), Siticable, and Programme Asia Trading Business Ltd. and after this owns completely of these businesses. The account paid for the acquisition was USD 296. 51 mil 2000

Zeenext. com, the net portal site of the firm subsidiary EConnect India Ltd, and portable Internet organization Unimobile. com that they got tied up to provide zee up coming portal contents to wifi communication devices. Zee Telefilms has come about as the brand new market emocionar on Dalal Street. Zee Telefilms fixed a Moelleux with Asia net Conversation Ltd. to get consolidating Zee’s entry in the South American indian regional programs. Zee Telefilms will set up 500 Internet kiosks, called eZee organisations, across the country as part of its e-commerce initiatives, mature company.

Zee Telefilms have been awarded the prestigious Surface Breaker merit as the most notable national coder by the US-based trade newsletter, Multichannel Information International. Mass media and entertainment major Zee Telefilms features acquired dua puluh enam per cent share in Aplab Ltd, an electronic equipment industry. Zee Telefilms will release Basic Education Support Television in Apr 2001 ” a project geared towards educating the agricultural India through the television moderate. Zee Telefilms Ltd’s American Depository Receipts/American Depository Stocks issue really worth. billion. Zee Telefilms Ltd aims at a one: 1 debt-equity ratio for its Rs. 2, 400 crore outlay to create a fibre-optic and coaxial network across 26 cities in the country. ” The Company and TransWorld International have became a member of their prices for bids for the telecast privileges for the cricket Community cup competitions for 2003 and 2007. Zee Telefilms subsidiary Zee Publishing have been hived away as a distinct company. Zee Telefilms Limited will be introducing its sports channel, tentatively christened, zee Sports, in 1st March.

Zee Telefilms Ltd. can float a fresh joint venture business with the Artist studio, Metro Gold-wyn Mayer Inc (MGM) to operate aco-branded movie channel exclusively pertaining to the Southern Asian industry 2001 In May, 2001, Zee Telefilms features decided to induct a strategic partner, preferably an international media main to strengthen its financial and technical talents to achieve large growth in the field of convergence. ZTL has modified its range topping Zee TV into a shell out channel with effect via 10 June 2001. 2002

Zee Telefilms has come out with Open up offer to obtain 23, 39, 900 fully paid-up equity shares of Rs 10/- each of ETC Sites. It signifies 20% of the voting fairness share capital at a price of Rs 31. 52/- per completely paid up equity talk about. The issue clears on third Apr. 2002 and closes on 3rd May 2002. Zee Telefilms Ltd offers informed that Zee TV SET Partners Toon Network, Click Ties with Nickelodeon. Zee Telefilms required a managing stake in ETC Systems in June 2002, following a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the two businesses in March this year.

In accordance with the MoU, Zee was to get 57 per cent in AND MANY OTHERS in two stages to get Rs 25 crore. the year 2003 Zee Information is looking to give a complete perspective with the stories by using them to the cores. Regarding this, it has created a new plan, known as Zee Follow Up. The new programme will certainly pick up the loose thread of numerous stories that once built headlines but somewhere down the line lost all their steam. Zee News is attempting to retrace history keeping the visitors abreast of what had took place since, the report explained.

Decides to persist having its plan of showing Thursday Bollywood blockbusters Hits upon a new profits stream to enhance revenues by simply permitting other international reports channels to beam its exclusive video clip and programs for a charge. Delgrada, a great overseas company body possessed by the promoters of ZEE Telefilms, promises an additional a few. 1 crore shares or perhaps 7. 6% of the equity capital of Zee Telefilms held by it in favour of Credit Suisse Initial Boston, Singapore Mumbai Large Court keeps Zee TV’s daily and Sunday lotto draws Share price slumps to 4 year low of Rs 70. 5 upon 01/04/2003 Zee News starts new program ‘Zee Stick to up’ whereby it is looking to retrace background by keeping the viewers up to date with what acquired occurred seeing that Zee, Turner International increase partnership with 3 new channels wherein Turner would be the advertising sales agent for Zee’s English entertainment and lifestyle channels, Zee English, Zee MGM plus the recently unveiled Trendz channel Announces its la planisphère price list for bundling channels Government cancels Zee Telefilms request for bundling its programs

Promoters’ risk in Zee comes down to beneath 51-pc, stands at 50. % Zee News roll-outs a new brand and a new marketing campaign with the base ‘Haqeeqat Jaisi, Khabar Waisi’ Foreign shareholdings in Zee Telefilms spike to 58% Promoters of Zee offload 3% stocks to FIIs Zee becomes first to get Letter of purpose for DTH operation in India 2005? Zee makes announcement launch of new religious channel ‘Jagran’? Churu Trading Co. Pvt. Limited, has bought 3415518 fairness shares with the Company by Livewire System Trading Company. Pvt. Limited. Zee Telefilms announced the launch of the separate protected beam pertaining to Singapore? BT Broadcast, ASCEL join hands to offer teleport services to Zee june 2006? Zee Telefilms Ltd commences separate sporting activities channel.? Zee Tele teams up with IBM Global.? Zee Network in alliance with Pan Global TV.? Zee join hands with Malaysia’s Astro to launch Hindi channel.?

Zee TV provides announced the launch of an interactive video game show Kamgi Ya Zyaada. 2006? Zee Telefilms acquires 50% share in Ten Sports.? Zee Network launches new funnel in Philippines. Zee to buy 60 personal computer stakes in Venus Films. 2007 Zee Telefilms Limited has up to date that accompanying to all mortgage approvals having been received the name of the Firm, effective coming from January 12, 2007, is promoting to Zee Entertainment Companies Ltd. Zee Entertainment Businesses Ltd features informed which the Board of Directors, vide a resolution exceeded by blood circulation on Dec 29, 3 years ago, has authorized the scheduled appointment of Mr. R Vaidyanathan, Professor of Finance and Control in the Indian Commence of Managing, 2009


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