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Enola Gay Essay

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August 6, 1945 by Alison Chop down GLOSSARY ‘Enola Gay’: it was the identity given to (and painted on) the plane which will carried the bomb to Hiroshima. The pilot’s mom was referred to as Enola Gay. ‘Marilyn’s skirts’: there is a famous film clip/still photograph from the American superstar Marilyn Monroe, in which the girl walks over a pavement air vent as well as the warm air from it blows the full dress of her light-coloured outfit upwards above her head. ‘drizzle’: this implies ‘rain lightly’, but is used to stimulate the way the bees descend, humming, on to the bouquets. ‘salamanders’: a salamander is known as a lizard-like amphibian with a clean skin.

In ancient story salamanders had been supposed to be capable of live in flames. ‘ladybirds’: there are numerous versions (not all in English) of the gardening shop rhyme which usually begins, ‘Ladybird, ladybird, soar away house, Your house is on fire plus your children are gone’. There are numerous details for it, too. Ladybirds are quite difficult to dislodge, and the vocally mimic eachother, when recited, was typically supposed to generate them to fly off of their own conform.