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This may likely have got resulted in an extended delay in raising suitable support to those health care specialists already on the disaster site.

Duties in the DMAT

The initial duties in the DMAT would have been to assist the nursing crew at Charlotte now Regional Medical Centre because so many nurses there had been on duty for around forty five hours. It was due to the complications which pain relief staff had in getting to the facility as well as the problems which usually had been caused at the medical center due to the power failures plus the structural damage that had been caused on the clinic (Cohen and Mulvaney). This initial aid that the DMAT provided was invaluable, as if they had not really been perfectly prepared and arrived so early there would have been far greater pressure on the personnel at the clinic, which may have greatly reduced the caliber of care that this patients received.

By six. 30am the DMAT got established a triage hub outside the clinic, where patients were designated to possibly an serious care tent or a crucial care tent. This allowed the SER at the medical centre to shut for repairs to the structure which were so that it is a dangerous working environment at that time. Overall, on the 1st day, 26 patients had been transferred by the DMAT through the Charlotte Local Medical Center to establishments outside of Charlotte County where they can receive ideal care. This included the transport of 2 critically sick patients to other hospitals (Cohen and Mulvaney).

To the south FL DMAT-5 constructed their particular functional clinic in the form of tents and tarpaulins, which was powered by power generators from their own equipment items. The hospital was fully furnished with emergency medical equipment including defibrillators and ventilators, once again from the DMAT’s own materials. The certification of the staff involved in the DMAT also ascertained that they were equipped to manage emergency medical procedures which may occur without the need pertaining to outside expertise. The DMAT’s stores as well allowed a fully functional and stocked chemist to be create at the web page, staffed simply by pharmacists who were members of the DMAT. The pharmacy as well served as a point where radiographs, ultrasound and lab testing could possibly be performed (Young). The ability of the DMAT to be able to construct their particular independent clinic was critical to the care which seriously ill individuals received with the disaster web page. If the DMAT had not been offered, the damage that has been caused for the hospital by hurricane resulted in it would have been completely unlikely the hospital could have been able to keep to deliver quality treatment to prospects who were vitally ill. This could have triggered larger numbers of fatalities, since both distance and the thunder or wind storms would have eliminated critically unwell patients by being able to access healthcare outside of the disaster area. The use of their own equipment as well ensured that they can did not create extra pressure on the everlasting healthcare center by driving spreading of resources.

Overall South FLORIDA DMAT-5 remained at the disaster site for 11 days and nights. During this time they will treated 1016 patients, which were a mixture of medical problems as a result of the conditions associated with the hurricane, or trauma triggered directly by the hurricane. Many of the trauma patients’ problems were associated with holds off in in search of care which will had arisen from death due to the typhoon. The majority of the individuals which were found were dismissed with advice to return for follow-up proper care at a later stage. Patients showing with acute problems were stabilized during a call hospital and transferred to suitable facilities.

Hurricane Katrina

The South FL DMAT-5 was also active in the response to Storm Katrina in 2005, which in turn saw the participation of countless DMATs by across the country. The DMATs which will attended the scene at Hurricane Katrina treated more than 10, 500 people. Southern region Fl DMAT-5 provided a triage hub and emergency treatment beyond the Crosby Funeral Medical Centre which experienced damage by Katrina which usually made it inoperable. In particular the pharmacists which usually came within the various DMATs were recognized as playing key roles in the aid procedure (Young).


Disaster Managing Assistance Clubs such as the South Florida DMAT FL-5 will be invaluable in providing medical assistance at the web page of various types of tragedy. The application of a DMAT to the field ensures that there is a speedy supply of relief supplied to the community healthcare services within the place. This is often particularly important when ever dealing with all-natural disasters, as it is likely the medical establishments in the area will preserve significant harm from these disasters. The South Sarasota DMAT FL-5 is particularly effective in catastrophe response due to the ability to create and work a fully functional hospital in the form of tents and tarpaulins. They can fully personnel this center and have resources and competence available to deal with critical accidents. This is important as it ensures that the resources of the neighborhood facilities are certainly not stretched. Additionally, it ensures that the top numbers of casualties which would likely be involved together with the disaster receive higher quality of care than would be possible if the community medical features were required to deal with these kinds of increased sufferer numbers only.


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