According to the American History Dictionary a poet can be someone who produces poems. Easily were to offer my own definition of a poet it would declare a poet is somebody who can take a team of words and set a hundred different emotions and meanings in them. It’s this that Dave Mathews does along with his lyrics, this individual takes his emotions and puts all of them into words. This is what makes him a poet and a grasp of words and phrases.

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From the first of his first project Remember 2 things, Mathews features instructed the listener to complete everything from want to relax and revel in the day. This individual does this through his words, taking his experiences and emotions putting them to words and passing his know-how to us. It is very unusual to find an individual in todays music sector that can inspire in this way. Money and MTV have taken aside what music is supposed to carry out, create emotions. A very unhappy and obvious example is definitely the current graphs topper Your back Street Boys. What is the world coming to every time a group of children are making millions because a bunch of 12-year-old women have mashes? This is the cue for the prophet Mathews, he will take his skillsets and does a thing that people may relate as well. He motivates and pushes the limits from the imagination.

To have the reader a taste in the event what Dave Mathews poems is like Internet marketing going to offer some examples over the next section. The cases that precede derive from several of his albums so as to give the total spectrum of his talents. The 1st exert is Proudest Monkey from the record Crash, it is a song with regards to a person who were living a very simple lifestyle but makes a decision to make a alter:

Swing from this tree

Wow I i am bounce around so well

Branch to department, limb to limb the truth is

All in a days dream

Im caught up

Like the other monkeys right here

I was a modest monkey

Sitting up in right here again

Then again came your day

I climbed out of these safe braches

Ventured aside

Walking extra tall, head high up and singing

I went to the city

Car horns, sides and the gritty

Now I i am the proudest monkey youve ever viewed

This shows that though these are generally lyrics from a music, if go through without music to come with them what have a power all of their own much like a composition. The next case in point is from the album Prior to these Packed Streets, the tract can be Pig. This kind of song explains to the listener that we are in a world that is certainly full of natural beauty and magic and that we need to stop and smell the roses:

Wow, isnt that strange

How we move existence for another working day?

Like skipping a beat

What if a fantastic wave should wash us all away?

Only thinking aloud

Dont suggest to dwell on this perishing thing

Nevertheless look at my personal blood

The alive right now

And deep and fairly sweet within

Pouringthrough our blood vessels

Intoxicate shifting wine to tears

And drinking this deep

Then simply an evening put in dancing

Their you and me

This kind of love can open our world

From the dark side we can see a glow of something dazzling

Oh, there is much more than we see below

Dont burn the day away

Is this too few?

This blessed sip of life

Is it not enough?

Looking down in the ground

Oh yea, then complain and hope for more previously mentioned

You greedy little this halloween

Stop, merely watch your globe trickle apart

Oh, it is your problem right now

Itll become dead and gone in a few short years

Again Mathews uses the potency of words to send a message to the masses.

In todays world of money and power persons tend to reduce sight in the things which have been important. People forget there are more important points in life when compared to a big savings account and a fresh car. Through his words of the tune Mathews displays us things that are evident to the man spirit tend to be often times forgotten. It takes a genuine poet to create us open our sight and see precisely what is all around us, these are the things that generate David Mathews a true specialist.

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