Cunard Line Ltd. is a cruise ship that signifies luxury and class providing four to five superstar cruise ship choices. Their overall target market can be mature adults with mid to quite high income-levels. A lot of the marketing initiatives put forth by Cunard had been going to tactical efforts and the promo of person ships as opposed to the promotion of the entire company. Although the majority of the ads pictured the same appearance and had a great individually personalized paragraph and/or photo.

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Set backside caused by the worldwide downturn as well as the Korea War provides caused Cunard the situation of risking their exclusive company picture to provide buyers with bigger discounts or develop additional marketing strategies that will seek to preserve their 90% occupancy rate without decreasing their good quality position. That created more pressure intended for the creation of “sales oriented promoting, which could jeopardize their very own high-class graphic. With rivals such as Carnival who are able to provide large special discounts, it makes it difficult pertaining to Cunard to avoid using the same approach to be able to compete.

Segmentation Strategy Cunard seems to have used a Centered Marketing method to segmentation. Generally, they focus on one target market ” the top class. Even though this can be seen as an disadvantage within an economy suffering from a recession, by segmenting based on this kind of niche salary and life-style, Cunard can tailor their particular services specifically for them rather than targeting multiple market but not providing the very best service conceivable. Not only do their advertisements and brand notion demonstrate this segmentation however they make work to communicate personally using their clients.

This is certainly demonstrated through through letters that they mail with individualized marketing messages, tailored specifically to the demands of their consumers. Price/Quality Romantic relationship The concept of price/quality relationship is usually heavily incorporated into the target industry that Cunard has chosen. Along with their manufacturer image, the high price with their services gives off a perceived high quality. Although services are usually intangible, services such as featuring reservations to get an entire nourishment in their five-star cruise ship is just one example of how Cunard tries to maintain this kind of price/quality relationship.

With the cost that buyers pay, they come to expect the best service for dollar. Generally those who pay out these high amounts think that money is no object as long as they will receive a wonderful quality services or products. Satisfaction would mean that they come to or surpass the anticipations consumers got of the support. Cunard tries not to represent prices in their advertising and have constantly promoted sales to remain the price/quality relationship excessive and retain customers whom respect this aspect of their company. Alternate Strategies

There are multiple tactics that Cunard may take in order to maintain all their high-class company image whilst bringing in enough consumers off their target market. One of these alternatives should be to create relationships with major brands and provide these a vacation bundle. An example of this is creating a romance with a huge insurance company that is then able to create a contest for self-employed insurance experts. As self-employed individuals they have the potential of gaining high earnings and by using a contest they will be motivated in order to meet certain output requirements.

Simply those who define will be able to carry on the trip and will consequently meet the excessive standards of the Cunard manufacturer. This method would possibly be more effective for the four superstar ships whom cater fewer to those by or near to the retired grow older and concentrate on a little bit of a lower income than the five star ships. Another option strategy is always to create a devotion program for existing Cunard customers. This technique can be used can be of the about star delivers.

This loyalty program presents occasional direct offers to customers who have already have experience with Cunard and therefore will not view the deals being a lowering of standards. One of a deal that could be provided is a selling deal that is best for a year or two. This package could outline a discounted price to get a set sum of people going on a certain cruise ship. Doing this, there is plenty of time for a buyer to reasonably plan out an outing while featuring an incentive for them and motivate more actions as opposed to a normal priced advertising.

Lastly, another solution that can be used is to build relationships with assorted large corporations with personnel who make an income inside the target range and produce offers to company professionals. This method will not downplay the corporation image because Cunard would be communicating immediately with high-income executives and furthermore will not be producing any community sales or perhaps advertisements. This method would produce new customers who happen to be directly inside the target market of choice using the method of relationship building. This may likewise result in extra customer preservation.

This method can be utilised for both the 4 – 5 star boats. In order to entice the target market of the elegant ships, Cunard can make an arrangement having a company to offer a deal with their very own luxury delivers as part of a retirement strategy. Recommendations Like a general suggestion, Cunard will need to focus on manufacturer loyalty and relationships. Marketing efforts should go towards the promoting of the total brand rather than individual delivers while the rest of the company’s efforts should go towards relationship building.

These relationships will then consequently target selected customers to certain ships through Cunard’s arrangements with companies. Taking into consideration the situation regarding the recession and war, Cunard should target heavily on the strategy to build relationships with companies that can create vacation contest plans for their employees. During the time of a recession, any individual would value an incentive to make more money and the opportunity to gain something via it.

By winning a thing so renowned, consumers gain confidence as well as social benefits, which can in the beginning be their motivation. If it is a sizable company, there is potential for various qualifiers who can turn into loyal customers whether it is through the continuation of the match yearly, or perhaps by their personal desire to continue their romantic relationship with Cunard. These tournaments will not endanger the premium quality image of the company because through negotiation, Cunard can insure that the certification requirements have reached a level exactly where when accomplished, it will be considered as prestigious.

If this tournament continues annually, Cunard may maintain their very own customer value, satisfaction and trust and for that reason have consumer retention. This will result in significantly less price tenderness, positive word of mouth, returning clients and an enduring relationship. In the event that Cunard continually use advertising to market their very own entire company while taking their services directly to their desired market, they can assure a 90% occupancy plus the continuation of the high-class cruise liner operation.


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