Next line portrays that your woman must have did marry on the day that her hubby died in the event that she got ripped her wedding clothing from her body. This stanza offers the reader with physicality by using the words “ripped, “howled, “shrieked, “clawed, “retched etc . ” onomatopoeic ” portray a violent narrator. “howled, “clawed ” anthropomorphic. Repetition ” “over and over, “dead, dead. ” symbolise that she thought of him regularly. This stanza displays while her nearly hating him because he passed away. Sentence Structure ” Short sentence in your essay to start ” illustrates immediacy.

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Very long sentence uses ” symbolising how long this wounderful woman has grieved in the one the girl had dropped ” how much time the process of recovery had been. Dialect ” emotional, aggressive, threatening, chilling. General tone ” depressing, graphic/gruesome. Themes ” death, sadness, aftermath. Stanza 2 Remains to be in previous tense. “Gutted ” connected with gutting fish ” unpleasant ” symbolising destruction of her house. Colour vary from “white to “dark ” conveys “white as being prior to he died (symbol of purity, holiness), and “dark as the world she is in now that he’s gone (symbol of wicked, desperation)

Symbolism of remoteness ” “Single cot (relates to Mrs Quasimodo i actually.

at the. “Single silver precious metal fish), “widow, “one vacant glove, “half ” perception of her feeling imperfect. “White femur” bones ” “dust ” ashes ” relates to the simple fact that her husband is currently reduced to this because he can be dead. “Stuffed dark suits into dark bags ” implies a murder? May reveal her suicidal character ” her husband’s death had, undoubtedly, driven her to her very own death. “noosed the dual knot from the tie rounded my uncovered neck ” the only way she can dispel the seclusion is to eliminate herself. “double ” perception of being entire again. Perception that her grieving goes on. bare neck refers back in the 1st stanza where she had removed herself of her clothing. Sentence Structure ” Short, simplified, reflecting a child’s dialect i. electronic. “

Removed home Dialect ” unemotional ” can symbolise her method of recuperation Overall develop ” graphical, angry, vengeful, remorseful Styles ” neglect, isolation, suicide Stanza three or more Continues in from second stanza. Faith based reference ” “gaunt nun ” mention of the her enforced celibacy (duty to stay devoted to her deceased husband). “Stations of Bereavement ” relates to Stations from the Cross ” symbolising that she, just like Jesus, must struggle. icon of my face pertains to statues and figures in churches ” also means that her facial expression remains to be the same since the day of her partner’s death. “touching herself ” conveys that the only pleasure she is in a position to achieve would be by touching herself. Next lines imply that these were the only memories that she acquired of him i. e. he “dwindled away. Her only recollections of him were of his condition. “shrunk towards the size of a snapshot ” modernisation ” a picture remains only a memory, since had Mrs Lazarus’s husband. Sentence Structure ” Long ” broken with commas ” symbolises regular bereavement

Dialect ” faith based, frustrated but sorrowful, contemporary Overall develop ” disappointed, resentful Styles ” celibacy, religion Stanza 4 Continues from third stanza with repletion of “going ” displays the truth that she does not truly feel as though he is gone however. Tangible memories of Lazarus i. at the. the hair fallen from his head, his scent ” both disappearing ” “the last hair, “his aroma went. Imagery of their disappearing marriage ” no value, no which means. “ring ” supposed to symbolise eternal take pleasure in ” conventional meaning is diminished in this instance.

He is no more worth anything to her as he is now only a “small zero. Sentence Structure ” Turning into shorter since she begins to forget about him. She is beginning dismiss him from her life. Terminology ” dismissive, unemotional General tone ” guilt-free, ashamed Themes ” independence Stanza 5 “Then he was gone ” simplistic ” impression of immediacy, perhaps sudden ” this individual exists forget about. “legend ” forgotten ” he became just words and phrases ” “language. “schoolteacher ” perhaps he had taught her something in her life? “man’s strength ” security But I was faithful intended for as long as it took ” as long as what took? Probably premeditated killing? Religious reference “faithful ” to whom? Goodness? Lazarus? “Until he was a memory ” it took quite a while for her to come to terms with everything ” perhaps the lady was trying to remain celibate? Sentence Structure ” varied size ” symbolise the normality of her life now. Language ” settled (i. e. not any anger, simply no strong emotion) Overall sculpt ” shielding ” “But I was devoted for provided that it took Themes ” deceit Stanza 6 Environment of landscape ” “field, “moon ” night time Personification of ambiance ” “fine air

Seeing and admiring landscape. “shouting ” disruption of new “healed life. Had been the men arriving for her? Why were they shouting? Sentence Structure ” Lengthy, flows ” illustrate the calm tranquility of her current your life ” until the interruption of shouting guys. Language ” calm, descriptive Overall tone ” peaceful Themes ” admiration of the simple things in life Stanza 7 Carries on from stanza 6. Images of people going after her. Gathering of pressure ” replication of “I knew. Personification of light ” “sly ” even the lumination had betrayed her ” labelled her as the wife of the ill gentleman. shrill eyes ” spear like into her ” wicked ” unreasonable ” highlights that the community had a prejudice of her husband due to his disease. Overwhelmed by crowds of people ” feels used by the “hot tang plus the “hands bearing her. Sentence Structure ” various. Broken with commas to illustrate the break in her normality. Language ” stressed

Overall strengthen ” afraid Themes ” betrayal Stanza 8 Shows the resurrection of her husband. “He lived ” shock, disbelief. “the horror on his face ” actually he was terrified of her situation. Your woman cannot escape the memory of him, no matter how far he may seem to be. saw, “heard, “breathed ” use of the senses ” immediacy ” “rotting. This stanza could possibly be her head revisiting the memory of Lazarus’s dead man remains. This could symbolise her reuniting with him ” her escape coming from isolation. From beyond the grave, Lazarus maintains control over Mrs Lazarus ” she is unable to eliminate him via her head ” forever married to him ” so she must be dedicated. Does appreciate defy fatality? Sentence Structure ” Long ” symbolise the return of bereavement. Language ” graphic/gruesome ” to spell out disfigured body/their love Total tone ” depressing, horrific


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