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Annotated Bibliography

Campbell, K. Watts. (2010). Patient Confidentiality Encourages Safety and Dignity. Diary of the Missouri Bar, 69(2), pp. 76-83.

Being the president with the Missouri Sufferer Assistance Network (MOVA), Campbell, the author of this particular document, is an authority within the topic currently happening. In the past, this wounderful woman has actively been associated with various aspects of victim assistance, including, but is not limited to, presenting a workshops touching on the void of victims and confidentiality. She actually is a University of Missouri-Colombia School of Law graduate.

In this particular piece, Campbell concerns herself with the relevance of victim confidentiality as much as the safety and well-being from the victim is involved. The article, in basic terms, highlights “the legal specialist in place providing you with for victim confidentiality with regard to nondisclosure of identity, site and selected confidential communications” Further, the content puts a powerful case for the use of the laws and regulations governing victim confidentiality. Based on the author, you will find those who have, in the past, argued the fact that further enhancement of sufferer rights, specifically with regard to the different rules regulating the process of finding, could endanger the privileges of defendants. This, inside the opinion of the author, is a misplaced declaration. The disclosure of sufferer information provides, in the past, been proven to be detrimental to not only the victims’ protection but also the safety and well-being of their relatives.

It is crucial to note that based on the nature of this particular content and the goal for which it can be used (as described below), it does not actually compare with the other articles or blog posts selected.

So far as the development of the victim assistance program is involved, this article will come in handy in not simply demonstrating the necessity to keep victim info private, but likewise in discovering the legal framework set up; with the last mentioned being critical in aiming to ensure that all the subjects that get handled in of the victim assistance system are at similar with the relevant laws.

Jorge-Birol, A. G. (2011). Strengthening Victims of Human Trafficking: The Part of Support, Assistance and Protection Procedures. HUMSEC Log, 2, pp. 164-178.

Mcdougal of this particular article is experienced in matters criminology. A holder of your PhD in criminology, Jorge-Birol is qualified to expertly tackle any subject touching on victim assistance and recovery plans. She has in the past proved helpful for the European Training Center to get Human Rights and Democracy (ETC), as being a researcher.

This particular article “intends to show the value of appropriate help and protection for trafficked patients. ” Since it has already been mentioned in the title, the article typically concerns itself with a subset of those would you ordinarily end up being covered by the victim security program. In addition to delivering the basis of victim support policies, the article also will take into consideration different aspects of the said support programs – particularly with regard to the assistance of victims of individual trafficking. Just like Danis, the author of this particular article is usually of the opinion that the significance of sufferer assistance courses cannot be over-stated. In his view, support includes more than just improving the restoration of the victims to further enhancing their ability to actively engage in the felony lawsuit.

I selected this information due to its understanding on the predicament of patients of man trafficking. It is important to note that unlike other victims of crime, patients of human trafficking, usually, face one of a kind challenges and also have special requirements. In that consider, therefore , all their coping components are different. Inside the words with the author, “as a result of their very own special requirements, trafficked victims are more susceptible. ” This kind of, as the writer further remarks, is particularly the situation with regard to the mental overall health of the stated victims. Support, in such a case, is crucial in in search of “to boost victim’s recovery” An effective sufferer assistance system should take into consideration all possible scenarios to be able to properly composition the various rewards victims in order to receive. In the final analysis, consequently , the relevance of this particular article may not be overstated with regards to the recognition of the important practices and provisions meant to enhance the well being of victims of individual trafficking.

Danis, F. T. (2003). The Emerging Field of Criminal offense Victim Assistance: Are Social Workers Ready. Professional Advancement: The International Journal of continuous Social Operate Education, 6(3), pp. 13-19

The author on this particular document is a professor at the School of Missouri-Colombia, where he educates in the institution’s School of Social Operate. In addition to this article, the author features penned several other content articles touching on assault (particularly against women), lovemaking harassment, and social function. Some of the author’s most recent titles include, but they are not restricted to, Recovery: Resilience and Expansion in the Post occurences of Household Violence; Adult Daughters of Battered Ladies: Recovery and Posttraumatic Development Following Childhood Adversity.

This post seeks to spot and put in to perspective the role of social personnel in crime victim assistance. As per the findings of the study, social staff do, without a doubt, work carefully with victims. It is important to make note of that since the author points out, victims of violent criminal offense do, typically, suffer accidental injuries (with accidental injuries being labeled as possibly economic, cultural, psychological, or perhaps physical) that are often reliable. Each of the accidental injuries highlighted above ought to be treated differently. Moreover to talking about how the field of offense victim assistance has grown over time, this piece also illustrates how social work interlocks with sufferer assistance. Of key affinity for this case is usually how the interpersonal work occupation has, over time, responded to endeavours touching on patient assistance.

Just like the article I possess discussed anywhere else in this text, titled Empowering Victims of Human Trafficking: The Function of Support, Assistance and Protection Procedures, this particular document also elects to focus on a subset of people who would typically be included in the victim protection system, i. at the. victims of violent offense. Like Kilpatrick and Acierno, in Mental Health Needs of Criminal offenses Victims: Epidemiology and Final results, point out, Danis also contends that subjects of offense may also undergo mental health challenges, that might range from dread to despression symptoms and anger.

In aiming to develop, and later implement, the right victim assistance program, the relevance of bringing into the picture cultural workers may not be overstated. This can be particularly the circumstance “given that their continuing education choices are congruent together with the results associated with an expert panel of victim assistance practitioners” They should, therefore , be seen while important stakeholders in the implementation of the sufferer assistance system. As a matter of fact, mcdougal observes that “to make it through the post occurences of a criminal offense, individuals and the families might require a variety of interpersonal and mental health providers. ” This article will also support identify many of the most critical challenges faced simply by violent criminal offenses victims. This will come in handy as I seek to develop workable methods to be within the victim assistance program.

Also, it is important to be aware that the article features other agencies that offer support to criminal offense victims. One of the programs pointed out herein is the Crime Patients Compensation Software. These patient assistance courses could be used as style programs pertaining to purposes of developing my own victim assistance program. The article will also be of big utility in helping me understand the history and regarding victim assistance programs and initiatives.?nternet site have already pointed out, this particular piece dedicated a complete section towards the growth of patient assistance applications.

Simmonds, D. (2009). What Victims Wish! Victim Support, an Objective or perhaps Relative Approach to Victims Requirements. Social Community Policy Assessment, 3(2), pp. 11-29.

The writer of this particular article is a Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies lecturer at the University or college of Plymouth. Having attained a degree in Criminal Rights from this same university, Simmonds has carried out research on the wide range of problems revolving about criminal rights and sufferer welfare. As at present, she is a member of the British World of Criminology. She is, therefore , qualified to write down on the subject into consideration.

In basic terms, this kind of article will take into consideration the measure of will need used by patient support in the execution of its require, especially each time when there is an exhibit expectation that voluntary sector entities are the cause of all the monetary support they will receive. It is crucial to note that although discovering and addressing the various requires of victims is a problem that has been examined or taken into consideration in the past, the number of discussion on the measurement of the said needs has been nominal. Further, there has been little debate on the measure adopted by simply victim support.

On a further note, this paper requires into consideration the operationalization of victim requires by sufferer support. Although this particular content has Britain as its backdrop, the results it derives could be applied further afield, particularly inside the U. S. Of essential interest to get purposes of the discussion may be the employment of the objective way of measuring victim

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