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The research indicated that children given birth to to teens aged below 15 are twice as probably an mentioned case of child neglect or child mistreatment in the initial five numerous years of their lives as compared to the children who happen to be born to mothers between your ages of 20 and 21 Fergusson Woodward, 2000()

Another separate study located that the living standards and the situation in the home for the teenage mothers was the the majority of predictive varying for maltreatment of the kids. Teenage moms who live with a grown-up are less more likely to neglect or abuse their children as compared to those who are bringing up youngsters on their own.

Kids of teenage mothers have reached a higher risk of getting problems that influence regulation including both aggression and flattened affect. Your children who happen to be born to teenage mothers also experience poor cognitive development. This is shown by a study which will showed that children delivered to teen mothers won poorly in tests of their cognitive capacity as compared to children of elderly parents. Your children of teen parents were not likely to be seen as their instructors as having improved inside their performance by the time they reach high school level Brien, Loya, Pepper, 2002.

This indicates a powerful need to counsel teenage parents in order to make an effort to avert these kinds of problems of cognitive development for their children which can be found to be lasting.

At the high school level, it was found out that children born to teen mothers were more likely to drop out of high institution as compared to children born to older parents Adler, Bates, Merdinger, 1985.

The study identified that only 77% of the kids who will be born to teenage mothers complete all their high school education as compared to 89% for your children of moms aged among 20 and 21 years Fergusson Woodward, 2000()

Looking at the incarceration rates of kids of young mothers, the research revealed that 10. 3% of sons born to moms aged listed below 17 years were incarcerated during their young years when compared with 3. 8% of the sons born to mothers who also are more aged than 17. This kind of shows that the sons of teenage mothers are three times more likely to get incarcerated than patients who will be born to teen-mothers Fergusson Woodward, 2000()


Taking a look at these numbers and stats, it is important that guidance of these adolescent mothers must be conducted to be able to help them guide away from the factors that may led to preterm births or low birth pounds babies as well as to be motivated to go for prenatal treatment and for these to know how to take care of the situation since parents rather than go for abortions. Counseling also helps them to discover rearing youngsters and how to fend for them. Counseling needs to be done in order to prevent the bad cycle that is certainly likely to develop as a result of teenage parenting. This vicious circuit stems from the intergenerational circuit of teen parenting and since the children of teenage father and mother they are usually more susceptible to monetary dependence than their moms and they are less likely to escape in the jaws of poverty. This is often attributed to these kinds of daughters lacking an early start in life and them getting brought up within a poor area with poor health and low levels of education.


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