In each and every person’s life, facing difficulty and defeating it is one of the greatest challenges that there is. People have trouble with different types of adversities and while there some people who also manage to conquer them, others are not thus lucky and discover themselves interlaced in a internet of concerns for their whole lifetime. Yet , as painful and problematic as they are, adversities are important for the reason that if a person successfully triumphs over them, they turn to be stronger in character so that as a human being as well.

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This paper is a exploration of the adversities I have experienced as a overseas student having relocated from Saudi Arabia for the United States. The paper may also address family members, cultural and personal tradition that are meaningful to my region of origins.

Specific adversities I have faced and exactly how these experience have made me a better person

One of the major challenges faced by virtually any international pupil would be the issue of relocating to another country to further one’s studies (Long, 2005).

Within my case, it had been not any distinct since I’ve faced numerous adversities some of which I still struggle to defeat. My region of beginning is Saudi Arabia, which means that the main language of communication is usually Arabic. However , with the moving to America, this meant that I had to find out English as a second language which can be the main terminology spoken by American citizens. In the beginning, learning one other language was very tough since the dialect is not even closely associated with Arabic. Communicating with other students in class was very challenging since I can not understand very well what some of them had been saying. On the other hand, I would find it difficult to shop for a lot of the items on the shelves are called in English. Another significant adversity We faced may be the culture impact of being from an environment and people I had become used to interact with on a daily basis.

The culture of Saudi Arabia is certainly much different from what I have experienced here in the United States. The roles of religion, gender, as well as education almost all differ when I compare those to that of the American traditions. In Arab saudi, our culture dictates that people should certainly live with each other in balance as a relatives, but in America, this is totally different. I discovered it extremely tough to adjust to this kind of life since it is not what I was accustomed. Yet , I have managed to overcome a large number of adversities and so they have contributed to making me a better person. For instance, i can speak another language besides Arabic and I have experienced a different lifestyle besides the particular one of my own country.

A family, ethnical or personal tradition that may be meaningful in my opinion

In Saudi Arabia, the region, mainly comprises of an Islamic culture with almost every citizen being a Muslim (Ham and Madden, 2004). In this regard, there are numerous families, social or personal traditions that we uphold and believe contribute a lot in defining whom we are like a nation (Long, 2005). One of the most significant tradition to us is that women are generally not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. The reason for this can be that the Islamic establishment dominated that it is a regulation that every female should have a male guardian accompanying them wherever each goes (Ham and Madden, 2004). To us, this tradition is important as it gives the guy control over her wife and family. If a woman really wants to drive, the girl can only accomplish that with the authorization of her husband whom instead likes to drive her. This way, the Saudi Arabian culture makes certain that men would be the head of the home while the woman is their very own helper and has to listen to what ever he says.

The person I want to spend per day with (living, deceased or perhaps imaginary) and why

One of the people I would really prefer to spend each day with must be my grandmother who regrettably passed on five years ago. Your woman was one of my favorite family member and person who I found interesting to spend period with. The lady always gave me a lot of advice about life and exactly how I should carry out myself inside the presence of other people. In addition , my granny guided myself to stay solid in my beliefs in Islam and to always remember to say my usual praying every day. In addition, my grandmother was a incredibly good prepare food who cherished preparing delightful meals when I visited visit her. After the meals was all set, I would support her provide it and would both equally enjoy it while she offered me stories regarding our culture and just how it originated. The girl was a incredibly wise woman who knew a lot of things regarding life in both the present and the past. If she was in today, I know I would be enjoying her company a lot.

In conclusion, unable to get over adversities is usually not very convenient but each person makes to conquer them, they become a much more powerful person. During my case, I use learnt to overcome adversities related to relocating to the United States alone, that has made me a far greater person. In fact , I have even more friends who also are not via my region of beginning. Furthermore, I possess explained so why the traditions of women is important to Saudi Arabian people since it is one of the ways that guys are able to assume total control over their females. I have also cited that my granny was among the people that I would personally desire to spend more time with, were the girl alive today. All in all, it is these incidences that have contributed to shaping the individual I are today.


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