Topman and Nandos application form Differences: They were set up very differently Topman had a number of rhetorical questions which in turn underneath it, these were answered for you whereas Nandos did not employ any questions the teacher asks the class just information about the restaurant. Nandos have added a bit of colour to their form whereas Topman have not. Topman’s application form was much more thorough as it notifys you how to apply, there top level supervisors, visual promoting assistants etc… In contrast to Nandos which is not packed with all these factors and information about their business.

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Comparisons: equally application forms offer information about the business such as what will be expected from you when you start working there and what you will study from the job. Person specification Dissimilarities: Again around the Person requirements form much more colour and images have been used in Nandos kind whereas Topman have not added any images or shade. On Topmans form the data is given out in bullet details in contrast to Nandos were not any bullet items are used. Topman have gave all there information a heading which is more obvious to people, Nandos have just provided out different types of information with no no heading. Nandos include stated the age they anticipate the employee being in contrast to Topman.

Comparisons: Equally forms thought what they anticipate from the staff.

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