Reveals from my own Aunts in Pakistan and Hurricane visits England are extremely similar. In other words that they both reflect how a poet feels about their ethnicities. In Presents the girl marvels at how very clothes by Pakistan are describing all of them vibrantly with colours such as peacock blue. The reader has got the impression which the girl is usually uncomfortable with her new home in britain yet seems she wasn’t able to be comfortable residing in Pakistan possibly, describing their self as having no fixed nationality. Suggesting that she’s very confused and are not able to see exactly where she is supposed to be.

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Similarly, in Hurricane Visitors England, someone can see that the poet is definitely not sense at home in the uk either, and says that It took a hurricane to get her nearer to the surroundings, this suggests that the poet person is used to hurricanes striking her homeland. Which therefore make her feel fewer homesick when one visitors England because she experience she can easily relate to it. Internal conflict is present through Presents, showing the complexness of how the girl is feeling. Candy-striped a glass bangles clicked, drew blood. The lovely picture the candy-striped a glass bangles produces leaves a positive view on your brain as the lady describes presents she has received from her aunt. Yet , following that with the disbelief that they snapped and received blood shows the audience that she are able to see there are items wrong with Pakistan. Over the poem your woman gives a incredibly positive perspective of the presents she has received, as they had been radiant in wardrobe. The lady contrasts that bright Pakistan culture by simply comparing the clothes to that particular of Marks and Spencers.

She is summing up Great britain with this kind of, showing her bad view from it as Signifies and Spencers creates a extremely dull photo. In Hurricane Hits Britain, the poets discomfort with England is definitely apparent since it takes something as good as a hurricane to break the frozen pond in her, meaning that her heart can be not so frosty and your woman can begin to relish life. The structure of Hurricane visitors England is very important. It begins written inside the third person, but at the conclusion is in the first-person, this displaying how close she feels to the hurricane and creating an impact.

This is also displayed as the lady describes it as capturing, back-home aunty suggesting that she feels therefore familiar with the hurricane that she is willing to call it family. Oxymorons just like fearful and reassuring double in Typhoon Hits England. These show the confusion in the poet while although she feels soothed by hurricane the lady still will not quite understand it. Free verse is used in Shows meaning that the poet has a lot of flexibility with the syllables.

The reader provides the impression that in Shows the girl allongé to seem like she belongs, she tries denim and corduroy nevertheless they dont think right, yet she are not able to wear Pakistani clothes either as could never become as beautiful as these clothes. This can be another example of internal conflict. It also suggests that the tone is sad as your woman puts himself down. Various techniques had been used in equally Presents and Hurricane to create a tone of confusion. The poets manage to neither like or hate England, but cannot feel at ease wherever they are really.

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