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Excerpt from Marketing Plan:


IMC for the HP Record

In 2013 HP had a second attempt at entering the tablet market. In 2010 they will launched a tablet, which was competitive in terms of selling price and features, but failed to gain satisfactory market share up against the competitors and HP withdrew from the tablet market. At this point, in 2013 they have once more entered the tablet market, but to succeed they need to have got strong marketing, as well as a good product, particularly when the organization will be rivalling against varieties such as Google, Samsung and Amazon. The essence this demonstration is to present an outline intended for an integrated advertising campaign.

Before growing the integrated marketing campaign (IMC) it is necessary to review the product that it may support. The HP Record is a tablet computer. It truly is available in whether dark grey/black color or perhaps red, having a soft feel backing which makes the tablet comfortable to keep. The Standing is a smaller size tablet with a 7-inch screen and it is provided with the Android Jelly Bean os. A point of differentiation is definitely the integrated ‘Beats Audio” program and loudspeakers, which are integrated to give superior sound. The retail value in the U. S. is $169, yet there are generally offers which will bring this price straight down slightly, or offer a cash return. With the features offered and price range, it truly is competing immediately with the The samsung company Note, Yahoo Nexus and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

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The offer integrated marketing strategy will take place across many different mass media channels which includes, but not restricted to, television, journals and newspaper publishers, billboards, and the internet, which include You Conduit and social media, such as Facebook . com.

The focus from the IMC will probably be that of empowerment to support the consumers’ lifestyle. Kotler and Keller (2011) note that when consumers obtain products, the motivation may be the function with the benefit which the product can provide. For example , the moment purchasing a pickup bed the consumer is definitely buying the capability to have a goo nights sleep, and when buying a drill they are really purchasing the ability to make openings (Kotler and Keller, 2011). When they pick the Slate they are also purchasing the huge benefits it will present. The IMC will focus on those rewards by demonstrating users tips on how to gain the most from their tablets. This will help to support sales intended for the product along with enhance the manufacturer. This will be the idea on the TV adverts, wherever users are shown taking advantage of different features. This will be maintained tutorials on the HP website and You Pipe, showing Standing users how to perform

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