Syrian Civil War

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Spain and Turkey’s Ownership of Syria


The Syrian Civil war continues to be an ongoing battle between authorities, civilians, and terrorist agencies dating to March 15, 2011. Because of the overwhelming loss of lives on all three fields we have seen various countries join in to help they side they believe is right. A number of these countries that decide to become a member of actually position the civilians by greater risk as they plan to help the Syrian government who’ve been known to position the war initially and innocent casualties second. Through the use of chemical weapons, airstrikes, and selected and planted landmines Syrian refugees include found that harder to be safe in their homeland. Though Spain and Turkey are both helping to reclaim Syria, their efforts are affecting the lives of civilians.

Syrian War

There are many reasons as to why the Syrian City war is now what is is definitely today, but also for the most component it has started due to the deficiency of freedom within a democratic country. “Unemployment, widespread corruption, deficiencies in political flexibility and condition repression” (“Why is there a battle in Syria? “, LABELLISÉ BASSE CONSOMMATION NEWS). This summer there was demonstration by the people to have 1 of 2 things happen a better prospect on what freedom really is or a new President to acquire the country. Came from here everything began to go down hill as Director Bashar al-Assad treated these kinds of protestors since terrorist and used whatever means were necessary to squash their motion. Protesters certainly did not back down, only applying this excessive push as ammunition for their trigger and now simply giving a single option to the president, step down. In the governments eyes anyone who doesn’t believe them is a terrorist.

Russian and Turkey Involvement

Russia and Turkey have experienced a rugged relationship for the past few years beginning ever since Chicken shot straight down an SU-24 attack airplane back in 2015. Since that incident Russia has created charges on the import and foreign trade of Turkish products, leaving Turkey which has a horrible economical flux. Whilst all of this occurred they continue to found time for you to eventually generate amends and work together to complete a prevalent goal.

These two countries do have disagreements, but they hide these people beneath a genial exterior in order to get what they want. Russian federation wants to support Syria for any variety of causes from a greater sales of Russian biceps and triceps to additional nations to keeping strategic resources just like their airbase located around Latakia. Get back Turkey desires Russia’s support for merely one reason, getting scared of failing. One of the first forces into Syria by European soldiers result in disappointment as they were forced to run and hide because of the strength of ISIS in Al-Bab. The Turkish Leader Erdogan is never able to cure that embarrassment so instead of trying yet again he instead joined pushes.

Spain and Poultry working together is known as the first joint airstrike of the time as we have a And. A. T. O member working with a N. A. T. O rejecter. In order to remove terrorist organizations those two nations have already been using a great age old motto “Go big or go back home. ” Through this joint partnership we have seen one of many largest airstrike raids going to Syria with 17 large bombers getting into Syrian airspace. The use of 18 aircrafts appears to be effective such as two weeks of they were capable to destroy thirty eight targets.

These two countries working together will of course create a stronger relationship, but it also makes other countries scared of the near future. Turkey is looking to leave N. A. T. Um as it was disregarded and rejected help by simply other members in the Syrian problem. The reason for concern with this kind of entire great is that Turkey was our ally, however it is slowly getting manipulated by Spain. Russia helped Turkey industry of require and give up hope, we failed to so in President Erdogan eyes the enemy is somewhat more faithful and trustworthy than us.

Terrorist Organizations

Even though lots of the civilians are terrorists inside the eyes in the government you will discover actual terrorist organizations preventing to take more than Syria. Isis is the significant group found in Syria, overtaking as much property as they can easily in order to increase their empire. Isis began as a small western hate group, but slowly grew to consume half of Syria and Iraq. The leaders with this group noticed that the more quickly they could grow their very own owned terrain the quicker they can gain members as well as the less of the chance all their is for their particular cause to die away. The group has modified enough to work in the larger cities of Syria, surrounding themselves with civilians help to make it more difficult for nations to come in and remove them. A lot more innocents within a city the better mainly because it allows Isis to take hostages and increasing their survivability.

The break down of Syria

The airstrikes, although they may include helped break the rules Isis in a few encampments, has also killed many innocent civilians. “A total of 206, 923 civilians were wiped out in this conflict. 190, 723 of which had been killed by Syrian forces and four, 102 by simply Russian troops” (Syrian Network for Man Rights). That will put that in perspective every one of the believed terrorist organizations have killed an overall total of 8, 279 civilians. That means the Syrian govt has killed 23 instances more blameless citizens after that all four terrorist orgs assembled. These civilians are getting the short end of the keep as even the things that are suppose to get helping are still hurting all of them. Russia eliminates about 9, 364 civilians annually as a result of airstrikes exclusively (“Syrias battle: Russian surroundings raids eliminate 9, four hundred in one year”, Aljazeera).

Civilian Life

Life in Syria has become more chaotic and hostile within the numerous years of war. No one has had that harder compared to the civilians stuck in their tiny towns between terrorist orgs and the government authorities army. Almost daily these faithful people need to maneuver out with their homes into fields to settle safe while army containers roam metropolis. Even through this walk many of the persons aren’t secure, at least 10 people have died as a result of placed landmines. The casualties and insufficient funding offers forced almost all medical workers to evacuate Syria, and therefore anyone that can be sick or perhaps injured will need to visit among 13 overcrowded, makeshift treatment centers.

Also through this all they have faith in God and wish for the future, often praying to him in hopes not to end up being killed. Even though this is naturally not the case while an estimated 18, 000 civilians have passed away due to airstrike bombs alone. In Aleppo the citizens have to stay vigilant his or her own authorities drops shrapnel-packed barrel bombs that have taken 450 lives this month exclusively. They are captured in a never ending battle generally as the Syrian Federal government has created blockades to leave or enter the city which means that the civilians had to create tunnels simply to smuggle in supplies. Even the tunnels tend to be found and folks are forced away with the use of several forms of chemical substance weapons thrown in. Ultimately through these kinds of tunnels the chemical seeps out and into the town, sickening or killing any person in the vicinity as it escapes.


Though we have countries prepared to fight for liberty and combat terrorism, that they seem to neglect that there are likewise innocents on the battlefield. Persons tend to utilize excuse “Their lives intended for the lives of many more” too liberally and don’t stop to think about how 1 airstrike could wipe out an entire city well worth of people. Syrian civilians know this all too well as they have resided through the endless cycle of war, coming around just about every corner simply to make it by. Even now as we see more of what our actions are creating we don’t seem to take in the complete effect and in turn minimize the growing atrocity that we carry on and face. Day-to-day Syrian people are forced away of their homes and into abandoned regions of town to be able to try and live another day. The constant movement of the individuals means that they will hardly ever know everything with safety and security, that they only regarded what life is like when not even the country cares about you.

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