In this project, students will read and analyze an instance study. Reacting to the example, students will write an analysis in operation memo format, addressed towards the Board of Directors pertaining to the company. The memo is usually written by students acting as a hired specialist for the corporation.

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The case research to be reviewed, The Case of Plant Moving, is attached.

By completing this kind of assignment, pupils will satisfy the outcome(s):

identify ethical problems that arise in domestic and global business environments applying an understanding of ethical principles and of legal and organization principles; develop and assess alternatives to, and advise solutions pertaining to, ethical issues, taking into account honest and legal requirements and the essential mission with the business enterprise successfully communicate to internal and external business stakeholders the complexities of ethical concerns, suggesting and analyzing numerous solutions in order to ensure suitable business procedures and answerability Requirements of Case Memo #2:

Draft memo making use of the prescribe format (subheadings/sections) recommended below; Every sections must be comprehensive, in-depth and totally justified; Assets from previously assigned course materials or perhaps from your own exploration may be used to warrant and support rationale; Every in-text details and assets must be in APA design;

Submit the completed circumstance in the Assignment Folder.

Nota Format:





Include all the pursuing subheadings/sections inside the memo:

INTRODUCTION: Brief guide to subject of idiota.

FACTS SYNOPSIS: Summarize and explain the important points that are straight significant and relevant to the ethical problem in this case.

MORAL DILEMMA: Discuss either/or ethical dilemma facing the company.

ETHICAL ISSUES: Go over two (2) of the most significant ethical issues related to, and arising from, the ethical dilemma and then, explain each moral issue and why costly ethical/moral concern, etc .

ALTERNATIVES: List, explain and rationalize one (1) possible alternative/solution for EACH honest issue to deal with and handle the moral dilemma and each ethical issue discussed over.

Alternatives ought to be feasible, rational, directly related to resolving the ethical situation and addressing the ethical issues in case.

Alternatives will be expressed by means of propositions or perhaps prescriptive statements suggesting actions and are framed by requesting the ordre question, might or should the company do? Consider implications. Identify relevant stakeholders and the effects on them, pros and cons, etc . of each option. Apply honest theories in context of the evaluations, yet don’t over-do this element. For example , teleological or consequentialist theorists will examine whom the stakeholders are, equally internal and external for the company, as well as the positive and negative outcomes for each group, etc .

RECOMMENDATION: Recommend only one (1) alternative through the two (2) alternatives recommended above. Warrant and explain your choice speaking about:

why you recommend this alternative;

how, specifically, the recommendation will address the moral dilemma and ethical problems; how the advice will likely impact relevant stakeholders; pros and cons of the recommendation;

feasibility of your recommendation;

how the suggestion will be applied;

Apply ethical hypotheses, resources coming from previously designated course materials, or assets from your own exploration to justify and support your recommendation.

FUTURE RAMIFICATIONS for ADVICE: Discuss potential implications arising from your advice for:

the company

different businesses in the industry

other sectors

CONCLUSION: Summarize the situation and its moral issues, implications, etc .

The truth of the Grow Relocation

You are the leader of Electrocorp, an electronics company, making the onboard computer parts for autos. In your production plants, sophisticated hydrocarbon solvents are used to brush your chips and also other parts that go into the laptop components. A number of the solvents applied are cancer causing agents and must be handled with extreme care. Until recently, all your production vegetation were situated in the United States. Yet , the cost of creation has grown, causing revenue to drop.

A number of factors have elevated production costs. First, the union symbolizing the workers in your plant fought a successful affect resulting in improved salary and benefits. The pay and benefits package deal for starting employees is about $15/hour. A second factor continues to be stringent basic safety regulations. These types of safety methods, which apply inside the flower, have been pricey in both equally time and money. Finally, environmental restrictions

have made Electrocorp’s functions more costly. Electrocorp is required to put its waste materials through an pricey process ahead of depositing this at an exclusive disposal center.

Shareholders have been completely complaining to you personally about the declining fortunes of the organization. Many of Electrocorp’s competitors possess moved their particular operations to less-developed countries, where their operating costs are less as compared to the United States, in addition to begun to consider whether to relocate a number of plants to just offshore sites. Electrocorp is a major employer in each of the U. S. towns where it can be located, and you simply know that a plant seal will cause financial dislocation during these communities. Solutions the employees that will be let go because of plant closures could have difficulty locating equivalent positions and that increased unemployment, having its attendant cultural costs, will certainly result. Yet , you know about many other businesses, including your rivals, that have turn off their U. S. businesses, and it is something that you are willing to consider.

You have hired a consultant, Martha Smith, to look at the sites to get possible herb relocation. Ms. Smith offers years of knowledge working with corporations that have moved their businesses to less-developed countries to lessen their operating costs. Based on your own exploration, you have asked Ms. Johnson to completely investigate the possibility of operations in Mexico, the Philippines, and South Africa. An index of her survey and advice for each nation follows:


A number of boundary cities in Mexico would be cost-efficient new house purchase sites based on labor and health and safety/environmental factors. Staff in development plants comparable to Electrocorp’s make about $3 per day, which can be the applicable wage. There exists frequent worker turnover because employees protest that they are not able to live on $3/day, and they head north to work intend to in the United States. Yet , a ready supply of workers requires their place.

Mexican health insurance and environmental regulations are also good to production. Exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace is definitely permitted at higher levels than in america, allowing companies to distribute to some degree with costly types of procedures and products. Mexico’s environmental laws are less strict than patients of the United States, and a solvent recovery system, used to reduce the toxicity with the waste ahead of dumping, can be not required.

The sole identifiable business risk may be possible bad publicity. The rate of birth defects has become high in many Mexican boundary towns exactly where similar crops are functioning. Citizen overall health groups have got begun protests, accusing the businesses of contamination leading to disease.


Conditions in the Israel are more advantageous than those in Mexico regarding labor and health and safety/environmental factors.

The prevailing salary in the Korea is about $1/day, and youthful workers (under 16) may be paid actually less. Just as Mexico, the employees complain the fact that rate of pay is not a living wage, but it really is the present market price.

The health and safety and environmental rules are equal to those in Mexico, yet there have been zero public complaints or opposition regarding birth abnormalities, cancers, or other ailments.

South Africa

Conditions in S. africa are positive in some values, but not as favorable in economic conditions as in South america or the Thailand. The existing wage in South Africa is around $10/day. Furthermore, there is a good union movements, meaning that there could be future requirements for improves in wages and rewards.

The assemblage and the government have been working together on health insurance and safety issues and environmental rights. Exposure to toxic compounds in theworkplace is certainly not permitted at as excessive a level as with Mexico as well as the Philippines. Although the equipment important to reduce toxic chemicals to an suitable level is usually not as high priced as in the usa, this expense would not be incurred in the other two countries. Furthermore, there are requirements for a solvent recovery system, which also increases operation expenses.

You have to decide how you would like to proceed. Your options are to choose an international site intended for relocation or to simply continue all operations within the Usa.

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