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Maltreatment refers to mental and physical abuse against humans. While child misuse is often by means of an action, additionally, there are examples of inaction that trigger harm. Child abuse is not a new issue in Malaysia that has possibly become a problem that piteuxs all the people in our region. From the paper, we will see that the number of instances of child maltreatment in Malaysia continues to increase. Indeed, children are Gods important gifts to every couple. However they don’t actually gratefully to God , nor appreciate what they got right now even they already know child is their fittings of their friends and family. According to a report produced by Utusan Malaysia recently, 70 percent of kid abuse situations were executed by their own parents while 30 percent had been carried out by maids. This bad temperament scenario should be addressed as soon as possible. There are several factors that individuals can relate with child mistreatment cases which are parents pressured by the employer at work, financial pressured element and parents not enough religious education.

The first major factor that always we discovered child maltreatment is from parents. Mom and dad are too stressful when they at work. Stress at the office is one of the factors for kid abuse cases. For operating parents, they need to deal with with many things that can generate they are actually stressed in the workplace. Parents who also cannot control their thoughts will make their children as a location to release their anger and pressure. Father and mother who will not think in advance and think twisted is somewhat more dangerous because the possibility to they to do almost anything to their kids such as jogging, beat or perhaps something else is high. Will need to these innocent children become treated just like animals?. Clearly that out of control emotional will certainly result kids to become patients of maltreatment.

Therefore , the next case of child misuse is also maintained the economic pressures encountered by father and mother. The cost of living is increasing at this time, thus they need to make better money and they are forced to work hard to aid their families. Financial problems often occur as parents think overwhelmed. A lot of parents also force their children to function to earn income for self support. All of this was released towards the little one who have at that time necessary love coming from both these noblemen. This situation will probably be sad to anyone who hears this maltreatment case. Children who are supposed to be protected and protected by mom and dad are now defeated because their parents are burdened about earning income and money. It can be clear that economic problems in increasing children can lead to kid abuse circumstances.

Additionally, the lack of faith based education between parents is usually closely related to the problem of kid abuse. Faith based knowledge is actually a major cause that guarantees the joy and calm of a family members. religious knowledge will cause a family to be guided in the right way with religious education or father and mother will be duped in doing a thing inappropriate to her child. This has led a few parents to punish youngsters for the consequences of lesions, craters and possibly bleeding in the brain. Some parents also might abuse their child by emotional abuse, physical maltreatment, nor sexual abuse. So that we can see just how educated the religion plays an important position in our daily lives. As being a parent, we should be grateful to acquire children rather than abusing all of them. Perfect spiritual education is essential in addressing this problem.

To sum up, abusing a child in Malaysia that affecting children from beginning to 18 years old is raising. There are various kinds of child abuse which is mental abuse, physical abuse, and sexual misuse. There are three main causes of child misuse which are parents too pressure at work, economic pressure and religious education problem. I am hoping that there already simply no abusing among the children in the future. All children supposed to receive full cared and full attention by their parents.

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