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As Leopold Bloom goes thru the ordinary motions of a day, he attempts at times to incorporate excitement and mystery to his existence so that he might imagine himself as an extraordinary man with exceptional problems. Bloom performs this so as to eliminate the terrifying notion that he is only an ordinary person with comparatively commonplace issues. If they can imagine that he could be an extraordinary person in amazing circumstances, his tragedies gain a sense of importance, instead of being meaningless miseries that he or she must bear alone, in silence. Flowers affair with Martha is merely one of the ways that he attempts to add enjoyment to his life, so that he would not feel that much ordinary. The truth that this individual has a unacceptable secret lends excitement and mystery to Blooms life, as does you see, the act of keeping his affair hidden via everyone else. Blossom takes pointless pains in order to avoid having his communication with Martha learned, indulging his fantasy that somebody might care about his life. Additionally , Bloom seems, at times, nearly to revel in his unhappiness about Mollys affair, most probably because this allows him to imagine himself a tragic leading man valiantly bearing his hard life. Bloom is unquestionably a common man, although his affair with Martha and his marriage difficulties are hardly extraordinary circumstances that nobody else has experienced, Bloom finds a kind of comfort by setting up a fantasy with himself because the central tragic figure. He revels in the secrecy surrounding his affair fantastic sadness regarding his relationship problems since they permit him to feel significantly less like an ordinary man who may be like every different man under-going an ordinary day time which is as with any other working day.

This day in Leopold Blooms life is, while extraordinarily difficult as a result of funeral fantastic wifes approaching infidelity, not really entirely out-of-the-ordinary. Although the instances of the day on which Ulysses takes place are slightly extraordinary, it is clear that Bloom can be an ordinary guy dealing with a single day in his existence. Bloom is obviously an intelligent gentleman, as the reader may infer from his intellectual thoughts regarding many methods from physics to parallax, and he undoubtedly is aware of just how ordinary he can. His wish to be extraordinary to become an exciting, mystical man is exactly what causes him to start his affair with Martha. The affair, however , has thus far comprised solely of some only indirectly suggestive albhabets. This is certainly not any wild, excited romance the correspondence is definitely hardly actually incriminating. Bloom, however , features elevated the affair in his mind to heights considerably disproportionate for the reality with their communication. He takes pointless precautions in order to avoid being found: Corresponding under a pseudonym, utilizing a P. U. Box, shredding the cover his notification comes in and casting this into the water. The alias of Henry Flower as well as the phony treat serve to actually transform Bloom into another person a person, presumably, who will be able to carry out exciting issues, things that Leopold Blossom can only dream of doing. The shredding from the letter is nearly a traveler tactic, as though Bloom concerns that an individual is walking him, collecting evidence of virtually any subversive functions he might be engaging in. In addition , Bloom simply removes Marthas letter by his pocket when no one is around, most likely imagining that someone may be watching him. The reality, naturally , is that nobody would pay out any attention to a guy walking down the street reading a letter. Nobody would even wonder what was created on the web page. Yet to Bloom, the letter-writing is definitely thrilling in its surreptitiousness, and the possibilities the fact that correspondence appears to imply are really exciting, as a real affair is such a not allowed act. The relationship with Martha possesses wonderful importance to Bloom, as he can imagine himself a man in charge of his individual life, rather than an emasculated Poldy, and they can feel some excitement in his life at the possibility of getting caught. Go further the next occasion. Naughty son: punish (64). Bloom revels in the pleasure of doing something wrong, of being a naughty young man for perhaps the first time ever, even if his actions are only wrong in the own head.

In Chapter 11, Bloom includes a fantasy that he is becoming followed, his correspondence monitored, and so he must cover evidence of his communication with Martha. Through this imagination, he deepens excitement and importance about what is only, the truth is, a relatively tame psuedo-relationship. When sitting in the tavern and responding to Marthas letter, Blossom draws out your experience of undertaking something forbidden, taking the time to disguise his handwriting and blot over the impression for the blotting-pad. Zero, change that ee Sign H. They like unhappy tail in end Bare over the different so he cant go through. There. Correct. Idea reward titbit. Some thing detective browse off blottingpad (229-30). Once again, of course , the truth is that no-one would consider any see of an impression on a blotting-pad, take the time to comprehend it, or maybe care about the thing that was written if they could read that. However , by simply imagining in addition to that someone would make an effort to discover his secrets nevertheless that they might care about all of them, Bloom will be able to give him self a short lived sense penalized a secret, important gentleman.

All the little dreams and dramatics that Full bloom engages in will be ways pertaining to him to feel that he is important, unique more human being. Another way that Bloom has the capacity to make his life (in his head, anyway) even more exciting and out-of-the-ordinary than it really is is by reveling in the tragedy that his marriage has become. Whilst his relationship difficulties are not fantasies, because his affair with Martha is, they have a similar influence on Bloom. How he sees the affair with Martha and how this individual feels about Mollys affair with Boylan equally serve to boost Blooms sense of being crucial, being surviving. The affair with Martha makes Full bloom feel like mare like a man, wonderful sadness over Mollys affair makes Blossom feel like mare like a human. His sadness above Molly is real, a true emotion that Bloom clings to so as not to shed his humanity. He can feel that he offers chosen to not take action, just like he can even now make selections and is nearly noble for selecting not to deal with Boylan. Undoubtedly, Bloom is a nonconfrontational person, but probably he decides to ignore the affair and let it go on because the despair makes him feel really, genuinely human being. Mollys affair with Boylan adds a sort of perverse enjoyment to Blossoms life by causing him the center of precisely what is really a prevalent mans tragedy. Bloom will feel profound sadness, and almost begins to take pleasure in the feeling, since it makes him feel to some degree extraordinary. Profound sadness will make one feel special, important, as though no one can understand the suffering, and Bloom usually takes what seems, at times, to be a kind of pleasure in his misery. The thoughts which he feels anytime he considers of Molly make him feel more alive, and thus important.

Although he makes an attempt to banish any thoughts of Boylan that get into his mind, Bloom is usually, subconsciously or not, pushing the affair to some extent. Not only does he not really make any kind of effort to stop Molly, nevertheless he as well buys her romance books and corset. When Molly hides the letter from Boylan beneath her cushion, Bloom notices yet makes no review about her secretiveness. Mollys attempt to conceal the notice, however , is certainly much like Blossoms secretiveness regarding his communication with Martha. Perhaps Bloom enjoys, in many ways, the degree of puzzle that all their respective affairs impart for their lives. Additionally , Bloom stimulates Molly by not going home at the time when he understands Boylan will probably be visiting. Even though he spends the day seeking to keep the considered Mollys affair out of his mind, he likewise does next to nothing to stop it. Clearly, their marriage is actually not going well seeing that Rudys loss of life, so most likely Bloom feels that he can not losing anything simply by Mollys affair, as he had not been sleeping with her anyways, but is only gaining a degree of excitement in his life. Despite the fact that this enjoyment manifests by itself, in Full bloom, as agony, misery is preferable to absence of feeling.

At times, misery may even feel better than happiness. Misery has a unique quality it has the ability to make the sufferer experience real in a way that not even pleasure can match. Misery is a accurate emotion unquestionable, incapacitating in the strength. In Chapter eleven, right after thinking about Molly, Bloom thinks [y]ou too much completely happy bores (228). Although it seems bizarre, too much happiness can easily feel practically unreal, as if one is simply waiting for anything to go incorrect. The advantage to misery is the fact there is always the certainty that one can experience no even worse. Too much delight can be monotonous misery is far more exciting, for it is a great emotion much deeper than happiness may ever become. Bloom despair about Mollys affair makes him which he keeps having the ability to think great sentiment. Perhaps this is the most feeling he has felt toward her in years, wonderful sadness regarding her supportive another guy is a way for him to reassert his passion that this individual still has on her. Blooms agony about Molly allows him to truly feel a kind of excitement of sense that affirms his humanity and his capacity to experience profound emotions, in fact it is for that reason that he would not take action to place an end for the affair.

In Ulysses, Leopold Bloom is up against the greatest tragedy of the common man: being common. Even though Blooms circumstance is scarcely what you might consider ideal, or even appealing, he is doing the best that he can to impart a few shred of excitement or sentiment into his otherwise common life. Intended for Bloom, the fantasy associated with an affair is preferable to having nothing to dream about, and unhappiness is superior to no sense at all. The tragedy implicit in Ulysses comes from the readers ability to recognize so carefully with Blossom, and the following realization we are all common men. Each of us must contend, alone, with the everyday tragedies of life, and each of us persists, in our very own way, in the futile search to find a lot of meaning inside the hardships of life.

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