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Vacationing worldwide, Rogers participated in negotiating sessions involving differences between Protestants and Catholics, religious, ethnic, and cultural differences in South Africa, racial differences in the United States, and consumers and health care specialists in several jurisdictions. He was widely recognized as being successful at resolving serious differences in most of these big difference scenarios.

Carl Rogers was developed and elevated in the United States although Carl Jung was born and raised in Switzerland. When Rogers was an vibrant, personable individual, Carl Jung was a extremely introverted person that preferred 1 life. By simply his own admission, Jung was most happy when he was left exclusively with his thoughts (Wehr, 2001).

Jung educational background started in the field of treatments. While participating medical school, Jung developed an interest in spirituality and it was this interest that eventually resulted in his turning into interested in psychiatry as a niche. As part of his graduation requirements Jung released his important dissertation which has been entitled, “On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Tendency. “

During his career Jung loved a long companionship and professional relationship with Sigmund Freud. Jung’s relationship with Freud influenced considerably Jung’s internal theories and precipitated his interest in the subconscious head. Jung put in many years learning the human mind based on dreams, myth, art and viewpoint (Jung, 1968). Eventually, yet , Freud and Jung started to part techniques both since friends so that as professional acquaintances as Jung’s theories began to diverge coming from Freud’s landscapes. The primary source of difference between two psychiatrists centered circular Freud’s strict reliance after sex since the sole method to obtain behavior inspiration.

Jung, like Freud, looked at the human psyche as existing in three parts but Jung categorized these 3 parts very much differently. Jung described the three parts while the ego (the mindful mind), the personal unconscious, plus the collective unconscious. For Jung, the communautaire unconscious was your cumulative knowledge and understanding of the human species.

The importance of Jung’s theory was that every individual need to go through a process of individuation in order to fully develop as being a human being. The individuation process involves the conscious and unconscious areas of a person becoming totally integrated. When this has took place the person turns into his or her true self.

Jung’s theory of psychology is more complex and hard to understand than is Rogers. Breaking by Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, Jung formed his own theory called Deductive Psychology which has been not very well received by Freud and Freud’s enthusiasts all of to whom were once good friends of Jung. For several years Jung found himself outside the popular psychological community.

In time, yet , Jung and his theory started to enjoy acknowledgement with his ideas of introversion and extraversion receiving considerable praise. In Jung’s look at, introverts are those individuals who also are concerned simply with themselves while extroverts are concerned with everything surrounding them. Interestingly, his theory utilized by one particular his sufferers for the organization of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Jung’s theories are believed both various and varied. This has allowed his theories to be used by many different fields of study which include philosophy, skill, literature, music, anthropology, medication and comparative religion. This kind of diversity, nevertheless , has made his theories hard to define and evaluate. His reliance about spiritualism has additionally made him popular among these in religious circles and has brought on problems for all those attempting to evaluation his theories empirically.

Jung and Rogers were undoubtedly pioneers in the area of psychology. They will offered fresh approaches to the examination of human being personalities and exactly how such personas were damaged. Although their very own theories were diverse and unique, that they both paved the way for personality studies that are still becoming actively employed by therapists and academic today. In solitude, no one theory has all of the answers nevertheless considered collectively their ideas make understanding human individuality more understandable.


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