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Excerpt by Case Study:

Behavior Management

Lee Canter’s theory on classroom discipline is designed to attain two primary objectives: 1) Increase teachers’ efficiency the moment dealing with scholar disruption, and 2) to lower incidences of unacceptable habit by learners by providing aggressive instruction about expected scholar behavior (Burden, 2003). Canter recommends a three-step circuit of habit management to increase the positive patterns of students and ensure a productive learning environment. The three-steps in the positive tendencies management circuit are as follows: 1) Pre-teach the positive behaviors that college students are to carry out; 2) Use positive duplication to reinforce the incidence of desirable actions; and, 3) If undesirable behavior do occur, following implementation of steps 1) and 2) above, the negative implications outline in students’ Self-control Plan can be used. Underlying this kind of three-step routine is a perception that children learn to make good choices through clear followup with ideal and comprehended positive and negative outcomes (Arthur-Kelly ain al., 2006).

First Quality Student – Disruptive Behavior

Bernard is known as a new college student in the initial grade classroom in which Ms. Woods instructs. This is Ms. Woods second year since an elementary school teacher and, although she actually is still producing her educating and willpower styles, she implements Assertive Discipline in her classroom – it’s the official discipline program in the district.

General, Bernard can be an acceptable and friendly child, but he is apparently quite hyperactive and have a lot of attention challenges. Ms. Timber has referenced him pertaining to special services assessment, nevertheless she is determined that all children in her classroom can benefit from modeling and reinforcing positive behavior. For children who apparently need the most support to engage in desirable behaviours, Ms. Timber has found that a specific prepare individually geared to each kid, is very useful with expedient positive behavior change.

Bernard exhibits this problem actions in the classroom: Difficulty staying in his seat for long, even though happily involved in activities; cultural talking when ever in a group setting, highly distracted during transitions coming from setting to setting and through task alterations, and lack of attention when guidance are being given.

Bernard has a propensity to engage inside the following positive behaviors: Sharing (information

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