My project is referred to as Bank of recent York. Contact form is incorporated into my design by the outside the box staying designed with attractions in Ny, and the inside of the box is actually a high security bank. Function is also incorporated into my design and style by using many aspects from a bank in to the inside of this kind of box. I used a vital pad coming from a mobile phone to act as a key mat that links to the alarm inside the safe of the financial institution. The reddish wire is usually part of the alarm, the red wire should be to act as the laser to safeguard motion. I actually used a large number of design elements in my task.

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Starting with the exterior of the box, the most notable and proper side of the box is designed to be Central Area. I employed real lawn that is adhered to the box to show symbolize the playground. Also I used dirt, to represent the walk-ways through out the area. The Figurine of Liberty is in the core grass to represent freedom during New York and the most of the world. Within the front with the box is a United States banner which presents diversity, since New York is one of the most diverse places on the globe. New York features all types of persons, which makes it so attractive.

Likewise on the the front of the container is the title of the bank named Financial institution of New York in the design of the twenty dollar bill. I chose to help make the letters in the design of the twenty dollars bill mainly because New York is a major market bourse with obtaining the NY stock market and the community bank. On the left of the container I have the setting painting of the basketball, during your time on st. kitts are two pictures of Madison Sq . Garden. Madison Square Garden is a key arena in New York that folks through out the world come to find out.

Now the lining of the box I started out by art work the background dark because the majority of safes and banks wall space are black or gray. I employed a cellphone key cushion to act as the alert to the secure. The reddish wire are being used as a design of lasers that may detect movement inside the safe. The money in the bottom of the safe is blended all together. You will discover all different types of gold coins and bills inside the safe. My make up and buildings choices started out by locating a cardboard container. I then minimize the box to make it one particular foot sq.

I employed five pieces and taped them all collectively until it manufactured a container. My most difficult decision inside the construction of the box was going to figure which will side I used to be to keep open. I could to the conclusion of departing the back from the box available because it was your easiest way to work inside the box and also see within the box. Then i figured out each of the materials that I needed by making a list. I applied paint, grass, dirt, pictures, flags, cash, statues, and many more objects. Through the construction with this project a hard part was figuring out the way i was going to place everything on the box.

My problem was figuring out learning to make the turf and dirt stay on the sides from the box. Then i found super glue that I was able to smear all over the areas that the lawn and dirt and grime was going to proceed. The stuff was able to carry my supplies and made this easier to complete the 3D box. I learned that it is hard to create 3D fine art. I found that it takes a large amount of time setting up what you want to do. It is difficult to take whatever you have on paper and in your thoughts and actually be successful in a task.

The THREE DIMENSIONAL art job allowed me personally to make skill out of your design that just originated from my mind to paper then an actual skill piece. This kind of project was extremely thrilling at the same time impossible. One of the toughest parts of this kind of project was to make a list of all things you want to work with and then actually be able to utilize them. For example the container is only 1 foot simply by 1 feet, I was not able to use a actual size American Flag because it would not in shape, so I was required to find a smaller flag that was able to in shape the proportions of the container.

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