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Character has gone through major expansion processes and changes in the previous six years. The company’s short-term goals consisted of transiting to electronic automobile via creativity and operation, raising buyer awareness through marketing, committing to stable economical statements and indicators, and usually increasing the general satisfaction with the company. The manufacturing industrial facilities of Character are mostly located in Asia, Europe, and America. The business was always concerned about the coffee quality and technology innovation, thus making you’re able to send products advanced and environmentally friendly. The part of the government cannot be underestimated in this case government support for eco-friendly goods is a chance for the organization to improve usana products to satisfy or perhaps exceed environmental expectations. One other external element which creates an opportunity pertaining to Avatar to grow is a high development rate of developing marketplaces. For example , the company can expand the Character dealership network in expanding markets just like India and Indonesia and will also anticipate minimal economic issues in major marketplaces, based on their particular relative stableness.

Nevertheless , despite expansion opportunities in developing marketplaces, the company need to make sure competence to cope with rising competition with local and local or perhaps domestic vehicle firms.


In order for a good to gain a competitive benefits on the market, it must use their lower costs as the strategy because the company which will produces with lower costs likes best income. The firm can achieve low costs simply by either two ways: first, it can better control the goals in the string of creating beliefs than the competitors and second, is to revamp the firms’ actions altogether (Thompson and Strickland, 1998). Avatar chose to follow a cost leadership strategy as well as the product differentiation strategy. The strategy of the cost-leadership is always to lower the expenses, and therefore, rates of products or perhaps services under competitors’ prices and aim a broad market. (Williams Kinicki, 2009). Consequently , all sources of cost benefit must be found and developed. If a business can achieve and preserve an overall cost management, it can established the prices near the automotive industry normal. Simply learning to be a cost leader is too little because the company creates a risk of being pressed out of its dominating position by simply other rivals undercutting their particular prices and blocks the chance to increase business. Therefore , the corporation must be self-confident in maintaining a respected position on the market before applying a cost leadership strategy. Relating to Porter (1998), corporations who accomplished success with cost-leadership approach usually have three common factors:

  • access to the administrative centre needed to be in a position to invest in technology in order to lower the costs
  • very effective logistics
  • a general low-cost base, including time and establishments, and a stable way of budget cuts below the prices held by simply competitors.
  • Discussing the options of differentiation, Avatar may distinguish between touchable and intangible sizes of differentiation. The differentiation in the tangible portion is related to the observed characteristics of a product or service that are highly relevant to customer preferences and assortment processes (Porter, 2015). For instance , size, shape, design, materials, and technology. This differentiation also includes service or product performance when it comes to reliability, consistency, durability, and safety. One of such differentiation in Character is the two electro category models the only vehicles on the market E Air, which usually required an investment of 710 million pounds and is inside the growth level, and Elizabeth Biz, which will required 600 million euros to release and is currently in the introduction stage. It is vital to note that every Avatar designs have a battery energy capacity of 180 kWh, which is greater than competitors’ the place that the maximum battery pack energy is definitely 140 kWh found on two models of Company C. The intangible component to differentiation, alternatively, includes very good research, advancement and innovation. Avatar have been actively purchasing RD as a part of innovation which in turn had an considerable positive impact for the firm. This will likely be reviewed more closely in section three of the report.

    The target band of Avatar happen to be young to middle age adults situated in Asia, The european union, and the UNITED STATES. The company’s potential clients are expected being financially old-fashioned and also environmentally conscious. As we may observe around the figure below, the chosen strategy and a explained target group fall in the first and second class of Porter’s general competitive strategies. The company’s goal is, therefore , to capture a wider consumer range and generate sales by offering a large number of advantages to the customers. A big benefit involves a low-cost item offers inside the automotive industry. The other preeminence is the mix of highly successful and distinctively made autos in terms of technology progression, security, and reliability. Certain opportunities are inevitably required in order to achieve this competitive advantage. In accordance to Burns (1987), item differentiation companies tend to invest heavily in research and development in order to enhance their impressive capabilities and increase their capacity to keep up with the innovations of their competitors (Jermias, 2008). A good example of this would be the Avatar Electronic Lux style which needed an investment of 840 mil euros and produces a revenue of 1127 , 000, 000 euros although being in the growth stage.

    Avatar’s market research demonstrated that the with regard to inexpensive, financial and environmentally friendly vehicles has increased and also based on the announcement from the UK authorities, the sale of conventional, petrol and diesel-powered cars should be ended simply by 2040. Simply by 2023 Avatar invested ¬7, 970 billion dollars in electrical cars via 2018 to adhere to the CO2 emission criteria and become an industry leader for producing the safest and socially dependable cars. The idea behind these types of investments was going to create a solid brand within its specific niche market and also hold a cost management position. However , for the cost leadership technique to be enjoyed, the company need to have a high business and in circumstance of Avatar the market discuss is 41, 9% in america, 39, 1% in Europe, and 23, 5% in Asia simply by 2023. Activity mapping exhibited below, or perhaps positioning map, can give approximately position of Avatar among competitors in terms of four useful directions to visually illustrate the products in the company.

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