Let us suppose i was all created in the United States. We were raised and schooled as a typical American citizen. What would in that case be different from our life today? Indeed, we might be ingesting the same meals, wearing a similar clothes even as do right now. We would notice the exact music, party similar and around live in the same manner. So how close is today’s Lebanese culture through the American or perhaps western tradition? In fact , each of our traditions and cultures are completely different.

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Yet , the influence of the western on us as Lebanese is tremendous and out of anyone’s control towards the extent our culture had become so comparable to that of western countries particularly the American.

I am just a Lebanese like you fellas, and I’ve been indulged in this culture pertaining to 20 years. Like most of you here, We am component to this Lebanese culture and in addition contributing at the same time of the westernization of our wealthy culture that is leading us to remove from our aged traditions and values.

Preserving our heritage and traditions is vital to me thus i did comprehensive researches, analyzed experts’ studies and discovered credible figures so I will share with you this kind of important theme that we will need to care about since we are leaving from our heritage and traditions by westernizing it and should know exactly what the traditional western influences in us since Lebanese and so we can action accordingly. By the end of my own speech, the audience will be able to illustrate the effect of the western world on Lebanon concerning the Lebanese culture, interpersonal life in addition to values and attitudes.

Central Idea The western world has influenced us because Lebanese substantially by disturbing our culture and heritage moreover to transforming our way of life and adjusting our attitude and values. Preview We must understand the method of western influences on the people and country to be able to limit the adverse effects and benefit from very good prosperities. Physique Outline I actually. The most powerful influence from the west in Lebanon is the influence within the Lebanese traditions in terms of architecture, food and clothes. A. Urbanism and Architecture have already been renovated simply by western impacts.

1 . As a result of World Wars and the dominance of remarkable countries in smaller kinds and because of the French require in 1926, the Lebanese architecture and urbanism counted on what the international and specially the French intruders constructed and built.

2 . After the self-reliance, Lebanese migrants started rebounding from the foreign countries, having with them some areas of the foreign world like construction and european architecture. The Lebanese government declared the usage of either the American code or Euro code only in construction.

3. Because of this, the traditional Lebanese houses which were constructed from high walls at times hollowed with bended arcs bellow ceilings covered with rectangular lemon bricks or perhaps domes intended for larger structures in particular, had been replaced with enormous buildings with several stories that were affected by western architecture and design just like those we come across now in the cities yet rare inside the Lebanese neighborhoods.

B. Via Breakfast to dinner, the food and the Lebanese cuisine that our ancestors daily consumed have changed over time into a more western menu.

1 . The normal Lebanese started his day time with a healthful breakfast of labneh or perhaps mankouche. Even if this is even now practiced today, however; a lot of people now start with a western influenced breakfast of a donut and caffeine or a France croissant. 2 . The your meal for a classic Lebanese includes the abundant and healthful Lebanese mezza. But the attack of european fast food and the relatively affordable and easy prep made junk food the main food for many people Lebanese. three or more. The number of Take out restaurants today exceeds the quantity of Lebanese eating places. The total number of MacDonalds, White castle, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Dominos French fries, Dunkin Doughnuts branches in Lebanon is 176. If we add to it the number of all the other fast food restaurants that are not mentioned previously, there would be enough restaurants to fill out 20 km2 equivalent to occupying the complete area of Beirut city.

C. Influenced by the western vogue and designers, the Lebanese daily clothes today contains the typical western jeans or perhaps trousers together with a shirt or perhaps polo intended for both men and women. While the almost extinct traditional Lebanese outfit contains the “sherwal or sagging shorts and “tarbouch for a man while the could traditional costume consisted of the “abbaya or perhaps the long outfit with the “tantour which is a coned shape hairdresser. These classic costumes which were once our ancestors’ daily outfit started to be so unusual to the extent that we can easily find it in very certain and limited places inside our country. Direction post: In addition to the ethnical influences referred to a while ago, the western world altered the Lebanese social life in several means.

II. The Lebanese social life is highly influenced by what we see and watch in the media to the stage that we usually copy what the west perform, how they live and what they listen to and watch.

A. The Lebanese mass media have become a replication of what the western produces.

1 ) Mansour Este Rehbani that is one of the superb producers, composers and esteemed figures once said ahead of he died in 2009 which a time may come when anything the Lebanese media shows is a replicate or a imitation of the west. His eye-sight was happy. Today, the media’s most significant investments are Arabic types of traditional western based TELEVISION programs. This TV shows: X-Factor, Arab Idol, The Voice, Star Schools, Arabs acquired talent and many other are just precise copies of western production translated to Arabic.

installment payments on your A Study made by “France Press this year on one particular, 000 at random picked Lebanese citizens regarding his or her best movie or perhaps series revealed that 94% answered with a name of a foreign video or series while only 6% declared a certain Lebanese movie is their favorite.

several. The tendency from the Lebanese to watching european programs can be influenced by the fact that our media is indirectly stimulating those western productions. Typically, out of 20 videos presented inside the Lebanese cinemas, only 1 nearby produced movie is shown in our movies. In fact , Theatre in Lebanon has been in existence considering that the early1920s, and our nation has developed over 500 films. But we tend to favor foreign movies today especially American productions.

B. Currently, for the Lebanese and especially for the younger generation, the favorite music gender and music pioneers have not do while using Arabic music or any Lebanese artist. Many of us Lebanese possess shifted the musical passions towards the , the burkha. 1 . If listening to the radio, or shuffling on the ipod device, the majority of the Lebanese tune in western music especially pop or ordinary music. Another survey on what Lebanese listen to confirmed that 73% of the young generation between age of 10 and 30 are much more into western music than Arabic music while simply 30% of the older generation prefers the european music. This shows the result of the american media and internet that promotes this kind of western music, on the small generation especially.

2 . Whom are the audio pioneers for all of us Lebanese? If this problem was asked 10 ” 15 years, the answer will be: Ragheb alameh, najwa karam, fayrouz, etc¦ Today, when this issue is asked, a few answers might most probably be: Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Pitbull, Coldplay¦ The media and Internet’s regular promotion of such artists and their productions built the Lebanese captives of that music sector which is imposed on us in nightclubs, on the the airwaves and almost exactly where we move.

3. Mix Fm, one of the main radio stations in Lebanon provides organized the greatest concerts in the centre East by simply featuring leading icons such as Shakira this year, 50 dollar in 2010, Pitbull, The pussycat dolls, David Guetta and many other. On average, these concerts experienced record breaking attendees in Lebanon which range around 60, 000 person exceeding by much the number of attendees any Lebanese artist had ever have the ability to assemble.

Direction post: Talking about music and discos, how do the traditional Lebanese spend his nightlife and exactly how did this social activity changed today due to the west’s influences? C. Traditionally, the Lebanese loved partying in the customary means of forming groups of zajjal in which poets obstacle each other folks on the best free sentirse; In addition to dancing the standard dabke that goes along with the well-known Lebanese music as the dal3oona or mijana. At present the Lebanese party in nightclubs or perhaps pubs often jammed with people dancing about universally known pop, rnb or hypnotic trance music inspired by the western world.

Signpost: Given that we have reviewed two ways of influence from the west in Lebanon regarding culture and social your life, let us today examine the influence within the Lebanese ideals and thinking.

III. Inspired by the net, the mass media and technology, the Lebanese mentality and attitude have been modulated and went through innovation. Even the manner of how we while Lebanese communicate with each other has changed eventually.

A. Meaning Values and principles just like civil marital life, homosexuality, child killingilligal baby killing, and sex before marriage, regardless of whether they are right or wrong had been never a suitable or even a discussable matter in our society and religion. Nevertheless , the european moral values which generally oppose the moral principles have been capable to change our perception towards these debatable subjects through the effect of the media specifically. People inside our nation are starting to accept these kinds of ideas that have been prohibited and considered as taboos not a long time ago. M. The Lebanese are additional detaching off their traditions also by leaving from identifying their kids with Arabic names and using instead western-based names including: Johnny, Eileen, Andew, adam and my name such as; Marven because names to get boys, although: Jennifer, Stephanie, Ashley, and so forth. for girls.

C. The Lebanese is known by his patience to new technology and his various utility in the internet. However , this is impacting on us in different manners. 1 . We all search on the internet, and probably every one of us has a facebook bank account and tweets. We use hours into it and observe the western pregnancy and tests on anything that happens. The web that is mainly based on the west influence our language, our mindset, the way we believe, and the approach we speak and exhibit ourselves. There is no escaping it. Over 60% of present population uses the internet often. We are bound to use the internet and what it provides. 2 . English is the major language on the Internet. Several 3. a few billion person have some acquaintance of this dialect. The available keyboards that we use include affected the language and just how we type and talk in writing. All of us, especially the young generation today type in Persia language employing English letters and quantities. Lets take some sentence in arabic; “Tale3 3al jem3a 2edros 3ande fa7es Which means I’m going to the university to examine I have an exam. Perhaps you have thought of why are we typing that way?! Definitely, this is due to the internet plus the existence of English keyboards on our computers and cell phones. Precisely funnier is definitely how the Lebanese welcome the other person; we use 3 dialects in you short sentence in your essay such as: Hellow Kifak foso?  An English word, with an Persia word served with a french In addition, when an individual greets all of us with the People from france word; “Bonjour. We Answer by what? You guessed this; “Bonjouren. Really rarely to identify anyone who communicates in that manner other than the Lebanese.


Today, we were able to describe the impact of the west on Lebanon concerning the Lebanese culture, social life additionally to our principles and attitudes. We realized how we happen to be departing from your own culture and heritage. We because the young generation must do something aid our inheritance because our company is the ones that are causing this detachment. Pertaining to my last point, I would recommend we really think about what have been discussed today and encourage ourselves to stick to our culture and history and to have the ability to limit the west’s negative effects and benefit from the good prosperities. I would like to finish this presentation with a offer for Nizar Qabani who have acknowledged the value and importance of our region; “Lebanon is an important Beauty Traditions Heritage for this region as well as the World, of course, if Lebanon failed to exist, then it is each of our duty to produce it. 

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