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Excerpt from Thesis:

Acid solution Rain

Should Acid Rain Be Made a Political Issue?

After learning several researches on how acid solution rain could cause economic loss, I chose a thesis proposal. I accumulated information coming from researches carried out in different countries and assessed data applying Microsoft Surpass.

Acid rain is a trouble that does not respect political barriers, thus, making it a global issue.

The world’s population is currently around 7 billion and is still significantly increasing. This increase can be accompanied with a rise in land consumption, deforestation and industrialization, contributing to environmental air pollution. A major environmental hazard is definitely sulphur dioxide. Urban areas are major members to this particularly harmful pollutant. It is produced as a result of poorly controlled combustion, which probably from production facilities, coal electric power plants or perhaps from domestic use of sulphur containing gas. Volcanoes will be the natural source of increased sulphur content in the environment. (Acid Rain, 2011)

Sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions as well as its presence in air causes acid rainwater. Wind can hold these chemical substances for miles, which are at some point converted to sulphuric acid and nitric acid solution when blended in drinking water. Wet deposition occurs the moment these chemical substances fall in rainfall, hail or perhaps snow, nevertheless , detrimental effects to one’s health and the ecosystem in particular can occur with these chemicals in any state of matter. (Acid Rain, 2011)

The comparatively more humid coastal areas are in a greater risk of acid rain’s more detrimental affects. Deforested lands have thin surface area soils, higher run off and lesser buffering capacity. Deforestation occurring side-by-side with industrialization is also one more contributing aspect to the intensity of acid rain. Countries with lower forested areas can also be at high risk of chemical p rain. Asia is major contributor of sulphur dioxide in the air. This may not surprising since eighty percent of Asia’s energy consumption is derived from non-renewable fuels, particularly coal. Global emissions of sulphur dioxide peaked in 1970s, using a decrease until the year 2000. (Shah et al., 2000) The latest increase has been attributed to Asia (mainly the developing countries) and worldwide shipping. Under is a representation of the contribution to sulphur dioxide release by 10 countries, in micrograms every cubic m. (Acid Rain, 2011)

(Smith, S. J., et al., 2010)

The question that normally arises is that, is acid rain a great ethical issue? And should this be made a political one or not? Following analyzing many researches, I’ve come to summarize that certainly, acid rain should be a political concern. The problem develops because chemical p rain would not respect political boundaries, resulting in widespread destruction on property and human being health. The Journal of yankee Medical Affiliation has found an association between sulphur dioxide levels in the atmosphere and enhanced mortality prices. Acid rain has also proven to indirectly have an effect on humans simply by affecting the ecosystem. When ever human life is in danger, an ethical trouble tends to happen. With two major wars since the 12 months 2000 and volcanic eruptions, global degrees of sulphur dioxide have grown. Laws should be passed and this increase has to be bought into check.

With an increasing degree of poverty in Africa in addition to most regions of Asia, this matter has had little matter to the a significant these countries. Researches demonstrate that if perhaps current styles in Asia continue, the emissions may equal those of North America as well as the whole of Europe put together. (Shah ou al., 2000) An international regulating body, just like the WHO, needs to be formed that ought to maintain updated statistics around the matter and should motivate countries to a whole lot a portion from the country’s price range to increase forestation and decrease sulphur dioxide focus from the environment.

In a research conducted by the WHO, Serbia, India, Pakistan and the capital of Mongolia rank the worst throughout the world

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